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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The West tried to take away the veto power of Russia in the UN security Council

Russia has rejected Western attempts to reform the Security Council of the world organization

September 26, 2014, 14:55

Text: Marina Baltachevo,
Arthur Priymak


Moscow has opposed changes of an order of use of the veto in the UN security Council, reminding that she has saved the Council from “doubtful solutions”. Earlier, NATO countries urged to deprive it of the veto. States will need to transform the UN security Council stamp of decision on where they would not interfere with neither Russia nor China, but it is unlikely they will succeed, experts believe.

Russian diplomacy on Friday categorically rejected the idea of changing the procedure for the use of the veto in the UN security Council: “the Negotiations about security Council reform must continue. We are against any changes in the veto,” – said Russia’s permanent representative at the world organization Vitaly Churkin.

Recall that in the framework of the 69th session of the UN General Assembly held a high-level meeting on the question of the veto in the Security Council. Its members have long supported the proposal of Paris that the country is a permanent member of the UN security Council voluntarily refrained from using the veto to block action aimed at preventing or ending violence.

“Were shielded from questionable decisions”

As stated at the high-level meeting, the foreign Minister of France Laurent Fabius, “veto should not and cannot be a privilege… It’s a matter of responsibility to resolve the conflict, not to paralyze him,” said Fabius. However, said Deputy Churkin, Alexander Pankin, veto power “not once was protected by the Security Council from making questionable decisions.” “On what basis the Secretary-General (UN) will determine which crimes are massive, and are not, and how it will use the mechanism of restricting the use of the veto by permanent members?” asked Pankin participants.

Previously to reform the UN security Council called for from the podium of the UN General Assembly President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski. “The Security Council – the body responsible for the world – proved ineffective in the face of conflicts in Ukraine and in other regions of the world,” he said. According to the Polish leader, this is “due to the rules of its functioning… Without adjustment of these rules we are threatened by further plunging into powerlessness” – he added.

“We had hoped that the beneficence is complete, the division of Europe and the logic of Imperial spheres of influence will cover other countries and peoples that they will be able to decide their destiny in accordance with the rules of democracy and build their lives in peace and prosperity. We also hoped for a democratic modernization of Russia”, – said Komorowski.

“However, what happened in Eastern Europe six months ago, smashed these hopes and posed a threat to security on our European continent. In our part of Europe, people are once again wondering how long the war as a method of achieving political goals become a reality in Europe. We can not agree on the cruelty and brutality in international life,” he said.

On the sidelines Komorowski explained that “Poland is interested in launching at least a gradual reform of the UN.” In addition, “Poland has the ambition to try to obtain non-permanent membership in the security Council, possibly in 2017-2018,” said the Polish leader.

“There is a legitimate opportunity deprivation”

Note that the talk about security Council reform have been going on for 20 years. Recently persistently were heard demands on deprivation particularly recalcitrant members of the security Council veto. Called Italy, Saudi Arabia, international human rights organization Amnesty International, a Nicaraguan diplomat Miguel d’escoto, Brockmann, a Senator from Arizona John McCain, as well as Venezuela and Iran.

So back in March was actively discussed efforts to steal nuclear power the ability to veto. Vitaly Churkin then categorically rejected the proposal.

“The veto is not only one of the most important components of the UN system of checks and balances, but also the pivotal element of the mechanism of collective decision-making element that encourages the members of the Council on the compromise – said Churkin. – Veto power is a cornerstone of the entire architecture of the UN. Without it would lose the stability of the whole structure. Without the veto, the Security Council could become a body stamping decisions.”

The permanent representative of Moldova Vlad Lupan at the meeting of the General Assembly said, there is a legal possibility to deprive Russia of the right to veto decisions of the security Council. “There is a normative document according to which a country that is a party to the conflict may not participate in voting” – quoted then Lupan, Moldovan portal NBN.

Angered the Lupan that March 15, Russia rejected a draft UN resolution on Ukraine recognizing the inviolability of the territorial integrity of the country and the illegal referendum in Crimea. It is not excluded that the statement of the Lupan reflected the will of the United States, which focuses on the current leadership of Moldova.

We will remind that now in the security Council’s 15 members, five of which are Russia, USA, China, UK and France – are permanent. The main contenders for the status of permanent member of the Council, four are Germany, Japan, India and Brazil, about 10 years ago, these countries agreed to jointly lobby for reform. The argument of the supporters of the reform – the world has changed, and the modern security Council can no longer proceed from the principle of participation of a particular country in the Second world war, is an anachronism.

There is always opposition from someone against someone

“The Russian position is to strengthen the role of the Security Council and the UN in General. While the US and its allies are interested in weakening it to strengthen opportunities in their random aggression, like Iraq, Ukraine and so on,” – said the newspaper VIEW, political analyst, Public chamber member Sergei Markov. He stressed that both sides are interested in expanding the member countries, but with different goals.

“Our country is interested in expanding the permanent members to give more opportunities for such a powerful, influential countries like India, Brazil, Germany, they would help and strengthen the role of the security Council. At the same time Russia intends to retain the right of veto for the initiators of the creation of the UN,” – said the expert. In addition, he recalled, with delight from the American diktat not experience many countries. In addition to Brazil and India, it is also Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic and so on, the expert added.

“For US it is important, based on the majority, seek the approval of their military action. To do this, they want to take away the right of veto primarily Russia and China. However, this they did not succeed, and the reform is likely to restrict the level of specialized agencies such as the IAEA and others, in order to give them more money and opportunity,” – said the source.

“Talking about reforms of the UN security Council is its main structure, which reflects certain realities of the postwar world, but not of the modern world, – said the newspaper VIEW and state Duma Deputy, political scientist Vyacheslav Nikonov. – Therefore constantly under discussion, as you can expand it and so on. But their minds are not here, always someone has objections against someone. Therefore, any real reform here should not expect to make any changes require the consent of the members of the security Council.”

It is impossible to get a veto from Russia, reminded the Italian political scientist Giulietto Chiesa: “Deprivation of Russia the right of veto in the UN Security Council is unrealistic neither legally nor in fact”, he told the newspaper VIEW. As explained Chiesa, calls for reform of the UN show that Barack Obama is a direct confrontation with the Organization. “This is unheard of precedent in recent history – said Chiesa. – It seems that Obama, in terms of the ability to manage the situation was much worse than George Bush”.


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