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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Russian defense industry made by the military experts of radio-electronic puzzle

The Russian defense industry may have managed to create a electronic gun that shoots far and with high accuracy. According to “United instrument manufacturing Corporation”, the weapon has no analogues in the world. Among experts there was a dispute – some believe the “battle of the microwave” fantasies of publicists of the Corporation, other do not exclude that indeed created a new generator of microwave pulses.

The first samples of electronic weapons based on new physical principles, which have no analogues in the world, created and successfully tested in Russia, said on Thursday the representative of the company-developer of these complexes – the “United instrument manufacturing Corporation” (OPK).

“It is a particularly powerful radiation generators operating in the microwave range, which physically destroy the electronics”

“You have already created real samples of such weapons, and they have proved their effectiveness. This is a completely new type of weapon, which has no analogues in the country, and not afraid to say it, and in the world”, – quotes RIA “news” representative who spoke during the exhibition of arms “Architec-2016”.

Representatives of the defense industry announced the creation of the first samples of weapons based on new physical principles. According to experts, the Corporation tested the system by providing targeted energy impact on avionics of aircraft, drones and precision weapons. “The peculiarity of these weapons is that they can neutralize enemy vehicles, without the use of conventional shells,” – quoted representatives of the MIC announced “Tape.ru”.

First samples of electronic weapons based on new physical principles was demonstrated last month at a private screening for the Ministry of defence in the fields of military-technical forum “Army-2016”. Recall that in March, Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov reported that the development of weapons based on new physical principles must be included in the new state armaments program for the years 2018-2025.

“I suspect this is the weapon of PR service”

As you know, weapons on new physical principles (ONFP) – weapons, the creation of which is based on physical processes and phenomena not previously used in conventional weapons (cold, fire) or weapon of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, bacteriological). The term is conditional, as in most cases in the samples used ONFP known physical principles, and new is their application to weapons. Depending on principle of action there are the following types of OPP: laser, radiofrequency, beam, kinetic weapons, and other weapons.

Chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski in an interview with NSN in a very harsh tone rejected the possibility of the presence of Russia’s radio-electronic weapons based on “new physical principles”. “I’m going to quote foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: “Morons,***,” – said murakhovski, Recalling that the world of science over the last 50 years no new physical principles were not discovered. “I suspect that the weapon – the weapon of the PR service of the United instrument manufacturing Corporation, a title which will be forced to take the rap technical specialists,” – said the expert.

Murakhovsky said that the basis of any modern arms is the principle of operation of electromagnetic transducer. He suggested that even if the emitter is connected to a nuclear power plant, it will operate at a distance of several tens of kilometers. “And if you are connected to some mobile station on the chassis, in the car, I think the next 10-15 miles, he can not work, as physical principles say that the power drops inversely proportional to the square of the distance,” – said murakhovski.

The expert recalled the history of the development of modern weapons, which works on the principle of electromagnetic influence. The most powerful impetus to give a nuclear explosion. Then was invented the explosion generators with conventional explosives, which typically act at a distance up to several kilometers. Then was invented the emitters to focus the electromagnetic radiation in a particular sector”. Development of DIC is the kind of emitter, which, depending on power, can influence people and electronics at certain distances.

Adventure electronics

However, the expert of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies (the AST-Centre), a specialist in the field of electronic warfare (EW) Sergey Enisence was not rejecting the statement of the defence industry. However, he said, representatives of the Corporation in fact stated only that has developed something secret and not having analogues in the world.

“A while ago MIC announced that are working on microwave weapons, creating a new generation of the Russian microwave electronics. Including, the microwave can be used in weapons systems. Let me remind you that UHF systems have previously used weapons to disperse the crowds when the directional impulse that makes people panic or pain. In this case, apparently, the generator of powerful microwave pulses will be used to disable electronic components of the weapons of the enemy” – suggested the expert.

Deniance also notes that news about the domestic microwave gun that can shoot down aircraft and UAVs, by the way, appeared in the press last year, but then out came scraps of information. “In this case confuses Frank “sensationalism” supply of information coupled with its brevity” – he said the newspaper VIEW.

First Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov also believes that it is likely to deal with a system of violent suppression of the REB. “It is a particularly powerful radiation generators operating in the microwave range, which physically destroy the electronics”, – said the newspaper VIEW Sivkov. The expert noted that Americans have long used an electromagnetic bomb, and Russia also had such weapons, but non-directional operation, – its application is disabling all electronics within a radius of two kilometers, did not have the required accuracy. “A similar development took place long ago, before coming to the position of defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and even his predecessor Anatoly Serdyukov, but only now scientists were able to create directed energy weapons” – suggested Sivkov.

“It seems that our engineers managed to create an electromagnetic cannon that is on a mobile platform. I think that this “gun” at the time of fighting application converts the energy in the microwave pulse and sends it to the target. Of course, the power of such a pulse depends on the power supply,” – said “Komsomolskaya Pravda” chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko.

By the way, before electronic gun proposed to establish on the fighter of the sixth generation Director of the Directorate of military aviation programs “United aircraft Corporation” Vladimir Mikhailov. This was stated in his publication in the departmental journal of the KLA “Horizons”. Microwave weapons are planned, in particular, to equip Russian unmanned fighter sixth generation.


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