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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The French President denounced as a racist

The French left is trying to prevent françois Hollande to a presidential race. Another blow to the unpopular President – a collection of his statements, representing the head of state is minded and politically incorrect xenophobia, which humiliate black players. Goes to the fact that the winner of this fight, the socialists will be marine Le Pen.

In France, a book entitled Le Monde journalists Gerard Dave and Fabrice Lomma with the significant title “I wish the President didn’t say that… Secrets of the presidential term”. In fact, this is a compilation of quotes of the President Francois Hollande. “Hollande has not yet received our book – said on the eve of its authors live on one of the radio stations. – However, he has already called us and was very worried”.

“After the victory of the French team at the world Cup 1998, all of Paris, waving flags, shouting “Zidane – the President!”

Hollande has a reason to worry. Lomme and Dave collected his sayings in seven years, made in the 61 interview them personally, and the world opened up completely new French President. Not progressive politically correct eurosocialist fighting for freedom of oppressed minorities and ordinary little bourgeois with a full set of racist and xenophobic stereotypes. Carefully selected announcements quotes show that Hollande, in fact, indistinguishable from their political opponents from the right-wing parties.

In particular, Hollande said that “France has a problem with Islam”, and predicts that the symbol of the country will soon become Marianne in a burqa. The President openly said that the country attracts too many migrants. And after all encroach on the sacred – the French team in football, accusing it of being “fragmented and Anisimovna”. According to the President, said immediately after winning the election in 2012, the national team in large numbers “guys who have no roots, no value system, which too soon came to France, they are all poorly educated and are not psychologically ready to understand the difference between good and evil”.

The only book that somehow reminds the political left selection Hollande, is a pretty tasteless attack on his main rival, Nicolas Sarkozy. The latter he calls “little Napoleon” and “rabbit battery”. All the rest – a set of racist clichés that would hesitate to publicly announce and supporter of the National front of marine Le Pen.

The book has provoked an outcry in social networks. Indignant and football fans – black French footballers do not deserve such vicious criticism and honestly work out their nationality. No wonder, after the victory of the French team at the world Cup 1998, all of Paris, waving flags, shouting “Zidane – the President!” (his parents are from Africa, specifically from Algeria). Outraged, of course, all minorities – the traditional electorate of the socialists.

So the left-wing politics got the chance to disown betrayed their ideals of the President. A right – an opportunity to demonstrate that the President is constantly cheating their country.

At first glance, it is strange that the story of the exposure of Hollande started the newspaper Le Monderecognized mouthpiece of the left-wing liberals and socialists. However, if you look closely to the situation that prevailed in the country before the presidential election, much becomes clear.

Socialist Hollande was elected President of France in 2012. Its separation from the right holliste Nicolas Sarkozy made a slight 3.5 per cent. Voters Hollande promised to end unemployment and to achieve economic growth. During the four years of his presidency, GDP growth was observed within the statistical error of 0.4% in 2013, 0.2% in 2014 and 1.2% in 2015. Unemployment has broken a negative record for twenty years, and amounted to 10.5%, and for young people under 25 years of age is 24.6%. Worse is that in Spain and Greece. By April 2016 the number of unemployed in France (including overseas territories) exceeded 5.2 million.

At the same time in the Fifth Republic swept a series of terrible terrorist attacks, from shooting editorial Charlie Hebdo massacre and ending in nice. Public opinion blames the growth of the terrorist threat migration policy of the socialists, but the socialist President is not going to change this policy. The only “successes” of his government can be considered the invasion of the French army in Mali, the Central African Republic and Syria. As well as the legalization of gay marriage that caused mass protests.

It is not surprising that during these four years, Francois Hollande became the most unpopular President of the Fifth Republic. Today they are dissatisfied with 85 percent of the French.

At the end of this year, the most unpopular French President must announce whether he will participate in the presidential elections of 2017. Surveys of voters indicate that if Hollande tries to get re-elected, you’re out in the first round. As a losing candidate can only take away votes from other left-wing politicians. And the situation of leftist parties in France now, and so worse than ever.

The immigration crisis, terrorist attacks and rising ethnic tensions – all of this deterred the French from the left parties with their preaching of multiculturalism and political correctness. Left economic program of the socialist President also failed miserably. Everything goes to the fact that in the first round of the parliamentary elections the socialists and the green ones will suffer a crushing defeat, and the second will fight each other right and extreme right. Most likely, in the presidential nomination we are talking about Nicolas Sarkozy (“Republicans”) and marine Le Pen (national front).

In anticipation of the defeat of leftist candidates focused on how to prevent Hollande for the presidential election. His former Ministers, one after another put forward their own candidates from a variety of leftist parties and unrestrained critical of the President. According to Le Monde, the President is trying to “make do to abandon the idea” to nominate his candidacy.

Damaging Hollande’s campaign launched the same Le Monde, working on left wing candidates, allowing them to score points on the criticism of the President. Ledger political columnist – a kind of “friendly fire”, hinting to the President that he should not interfere with the fellow party members to fight for his post. However, intra-disassembly of the left candidates will clearly not solve the major problems of France. Rather, they will finally discredit the socialists and work on the rise of right-wing parties. The true beneficiaries of the release of the book “I wish the President didn’t say that…” everything has become Sarkozy and Le Pen.


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