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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Russian strategic bomber PAK YES can you imagine in 2018

Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov on Thursday, October 13, arrived with a inspection visit to Nizhny Novgorod. Here he visited the plant where upgraded fighter-interceptor MiG-31 and the output of the main assemblies for the MiG-29. In addition, Borisov held a meeting on the question of the reproduction of the strategic bomber Tu-160M and construction of aircraft Il-112V.

photo: militaryrussia.ru

First Deputy Minister visited the plant “Sokol”, where the repair and restoration of the MiG-31. As told Yuri Borisov, the factory, the Ministry of defence has prolonged the contract for restoration, repair restoration and life extension of MiG-31 to the level of MiG-31BM. Entire contract means the restoration of the 113 cars. This year it is planned to supply the armed forces with 22 cars.

Then, the motorcade of the Deputy Minister went to the enterprise engaged in the production of radio systems for aircraft of virtually all modification. Here Borisov held a meeting, the main topics which were the issues on the reproduction of the strategic bomber Tu-160 and the production of light transport aircraft Il-112.

Borisov admitted that the process of restarting the Tu-160, the unique “strategist” is very difficult, because in his time the whole Soviet Union worked to create this technology. So far no one has managed to create an aircraft that according to its specifications would be better than the Tu-160, was developed in the 70-ies of the last century.

– Now we essentially repeat the process, but on a completely different level. This year we will finalize the digital version of the entire working-design documentation. This is a completely different approach as now under manufacture of basic units is digital technology.

He noted that on this plane a very good rate and we can proceed directly to the machine manufacturer. The main elements of the aircraft, in particular the center section already under construction.

– We have to redesign the basic electronic equipment, as the old element base just yet. This has its advantages, since improved technical parameters, weight and size is different. Better thrust, the resource will be better and the range will be more, – said the Deputy Minister.

Borisov said that the aircraft will be manufactured in Kazan. Its serial production is scheduled to begin in 2020-21 year. While it is planned to produce 50 of these machines. However, Borisov noted that this figure may be adjusted, as now in parallel work on a promising aviation complex distant aviation (PAK DA). While the basic characteristics of this plane are kept secret. As said Borisov, they will be much improved compared to the existing “strategy”.

– The appearance of the PAK DA will be a completely different plane. I think in 2018 there is a real opportunity to see the PAK DA, which is called live.

In addition, the Deputy Minister said that the meeting dealt with another issue — the progress of the work on the light transport aircraft Il-112.

– The plane is to replace the fleet of An-26, which we have practically reproduced. There are difficulties with the renewal of its resource maintenance. The aircraft will be more efficient, with better performance parameters.

We have already discussed the issue of serial contract this plane. The aircraft a difficult fate, but he has still to see its first flight in July 2017.


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