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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Geneva residents saw in the sky mysterious UFO

Several witnesses, located at various points, found in the skies over Geneva, unidentified flying object, something resembling a flying saucer aliens in the classic view — oval with three luminous dots on it. According to the authors of images of UFOs “hovering” next to the stadium in the industrial suburbs of La Pry.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Of the UFO reports and photos appeared on a number of personal pages in Facebook and the event attracted the attention of not only other social network users, and a number of local Newspapers. Eyewitnesses claim that the object appeared near the stadium at about 20:30 local time and hung in the air for about 20 seconds, and then abruptly flew away with a creaking sound. Thus in the Geneva police claim that their Central telephone station has not received a corresponding call. Also law enforcement contacted the supervisors international airport,which also assured them that in addition to the usual aviatrice in this sector there was no flying object

It is reported that recently a similar object was seen in Lausanne in the French city, located near Geneva.

According to some skeptics of the number of users of social networks, photographs or simply are fake, or captured only a drone and not something much more “mysterious”.

Although this case is somewhat more interesting than many people like him (mostly due to the fact that the object hit the lens several people located in different places), it is worth noting that experts in such cases every time call to resist the desire to write unusual incident to the visit of an alien civilization. This position is shared by even those who admit the existence of other planets in the Universe inhabited by intelligent beings, in their opinion, even if aliens exist and know about life on Earth they would chose a more simple, inexpensive and immediate way to connect with our planet than the “personal visit”.


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