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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Alexander Gradsky and Andrei Makarevich commented on the award of the Nobel Bob Dylan

Unexpectedly: Nobel for literature, received the Bob Dylan. For “the creation of a new poetic expression in the great American song tradition.” That’s what people think it is competent.

Photo: Helen Hartley

Alexander Gradsky:

– Dylan is a wonderful songwriter. He is one of the pillars of American life and culture. Thus, one of the few who appreciated and revered all over the world. The solution is very unexpected, because, as you know, the Nobel Committee is not very fan of modern artists. Apparently, they, like me, consider Bob Dylan as one of the outstanding figures of musical and poetic art. I’m extremely happy that it happened.

Andrei Makarevich:

– Deservedly so. Able to give, but better late than never. Dylan changed the literary content of rock music, which to it by and large was not. This music used to dance to and listen to at best, like a boy loves a girl. But it turned out that you can sing about the problems of the world of non-standard poetic language. Dylan was impressed by great musicians, including John Lennon. I think Lennon was Lennon, if he hadn’t met in 1964, the year in America with Dylan.

The Deputy Head Of Rospechat Vladimir Grigoriev:

– Dylan blew up society anti-war pamphlets, in protest against the war in Vietnam. Today the world lives with a sense of impending war – surely, this was the main motivation for the Nobel Committee. In many countries the military are making, enhanced defense, NATO is approaching Russia’s borders. It’s time to remember the anti-war ballads of Dylan, written in very simple language and accessible to all social strata. They ignite the hearts and inspire the March.

Viktor Yerofeyev:

— Of course, this is ironic, because Bob Dylan is a man of protest, and suddenly receives a substantial premium! Sartre at the time it was abandoned, I think Dylan will not give up. But it looks somewhat mockingly, because the singer obviously never suspected that it would end the Nobel prize; it’s like being buried in the Novodevichy cemetery. Or, as Wysocki would give the Nobel prize. Dylan is wonderful, it’s beautiful, of course, from the point of view of Russian consciousness quite naive and irresponsible. Never smelled gunpowder, do not know that he knows every Russian man and I can never get the prison term, you can lose the home to all misery, his songs of protest on our street look pretty freshwater… the Nobel Committee at the same time demonstrated his personal this Swedish leftism, socialism, but he played even the fact that they’re all the same age as Bob Dylan. But still he’s cute, glad that gave the talent, and not some unknown people, as sometimes happens with Nobel laureates. And given American is like in contrast to Trump, proved that in America too, there are people.

Denis Matsuev:

— Of course, this sensation. Any prize, especially the Nobel, I think there must be something basic… But then gave the musician, which is very unusual; although it is now often given not for the profession, and for citizenship or social activities, is also a must. But in this case… Bob Dylan is an iconic figure in her time, but she somehow does not fit with the Nobel prize.

Dmitry Bykov:

— The logic of the Nobel Committee has always been the logic of expansion. Expansion in different areas of the literature which to some point not fulfilled enough. Here, for example, non-fiction: the expansion in non-fiction today seen worldwide, and now Svetlana Aleksievich, please, awarded. And Bob Dylan is another expansion into a new area. It was carried out in 60‑e years when Jim Morrison, Lennon and McCartney, and Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen have proposed a completely new concept songs, meaningful songs, songs lyric. In Russia this resulted in the bards, is worldwide noted. And also all argued, a poet or not a poet Okudzhava, poet or no poet Kim. Although Kim is a poet of this class, some give God his detractors to gain someday. A poet is one who gives us a formula to Express our secret feelings. And of course, that sooner or later the fact of transformation of the song text had someone to be observed and analyzed in detail. Bob Dylan is a first — class lyrical poet, suggested a perfect song — a long, pretty sophisticated in terms of imagery, richly instrumented sound. And I do not understand why he should refuse the Nobel prize, he fits into the Nobel principles in those traditions set up by Nobel, who said that it is necessary to award works bearing the spirit of Christian values. Dylan carries these values and grounds to reject it does not.

Watch the video on “Legendary singer and songwriter Bob Dylan became a Nobel laureate”


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