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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Why do we have a common destiny

Mr. President, you did not go to France, cancelled the major’s visit. On the same day there was a message that the Kremlin (that is you) decreed that all officials and deputies to immediately return to Russia of their children and parents. Coincidence?

Mr. President, do you believe in coincidences? Or are you hoping if someone believes?

A sharp order to return students not wait until the end of the school year, it seems, caused by annoyance. It is understandable. You go even on government business, and these — as if nothing had happened, continue to rest in the best countries. No sensitivity from them, no patriotism; there spend that sawed here and roll there.

Rich Russian splurge on the best resorts in the world, the yacht is already longer than the berths. And rich they become due to you. Isn’t it? Easy to call those people you made poor, and those who made very rich.

Between us speaking, just one of your words to people, for example, went to prison. Similarly, only one of your words to anyone instantly rich.

Only in Istanbul you said that Russia, they say, will reduce oil production. At the same moment the barrel went up by one dollar. Like penny. But you, Mr. President, know that the Earth mined 100 million barrels a day. And rose, after your words not single barrel, and all have much. Price of daily oil production grew by the minute for $ 150 million. And with reserves…

We believe, Mr. President, that your words about the production cuts were not off the cuff. Your speech was prepared by experienced people. They knew in advance what you will say in Istanbul, and, of course, understand how to instantly change the price. Really nobody guessed to use their knowledge?

And with all this, no risk. You’re nothing concrete has been promised. Here are your words.

PUTIN. In this situation, we believe that the freezing or even reduction of oil production is perhaps the only correct decision… Russia is ready to accede to joint measures to limit production.

See, the first sentence is just an opinion (“believe”). And the second phrase — the fog. “Ready to join” — does not guarantee accession. A “join take action to limit the production” generally do not have. Ever since all the world’s oil producers fail to agree on joint actions. When speculators around the world have a grasp, apprehend the exact meaning of your words, the price of oil fell again. And once someone has earned, right?


Soon there was a message about the order of the deputies and officials to return home in the Fatherland, fell excited and crazy comments.

Certain whether kremleva, or Duma member who understands how important it is to delight in, explained to the people the wisdom of the leader, saying that the decision to immediately return the bureaucratic children absolutely correct, because the cursed West could take them hostage and make them a human shield in case of nuclear war.

Shield? He mistook an atomic bomb or a spear or a Kalashnikov. Protects from radiation by a thick layer of lead. Head of the parliamentary children may lead (heredity), but certainly full of holes (for the same reason). Possible death of the hostages did not become an obstacle neither in the “Nord-OST” or Beslan — that is, at home. Who’s going to be with someone, it is likely gone for good.

Others shouted that it is a duck that no such order from the Kremlin has not expired. Where supposedly official paper?

Mr. President, can you imagine the level of stupidity? How would look like is this paper? How to formulate it? You are the guarantor of the Constitution: Article 27. Everyone may freely leave the Russian Federation. So officially you can not return, and behind the scenes — possible.

The third looked like your press Secretary something they have denied. No. On the return of children Peskov said: “I have not seen and not heard”. Where is there a denial? What is not seen — that does not exist? is solipsism.


The return of parliamentary-bureaucratic Rodney is not only fulfilling people’s dreams (because people have long wanted to the chiefs and their children were treated by the same medications and would lie in the same hospitals and subjects; traveled on the same roads). If you have given such an order, it means that fulfilled our promise. 4 years ago from the pages of “MK” (18 December 2012), when the law banning the adoption in the United States , even sick children, were not yet adopted, in the article “Rage power” issued a threat:

“We will publish a list of MPs who voted for the ban on adoptions. Then, using the international journalistic solidarity, we will do everything to the wives, children, grandchildren, nephews these deputies were forbidden to be treated and to study in the United States. Once the Americans are such monsters and villains, whom it is impossible to allow the adoption of useless, almost doomed orphans — how you can trust them, Americans, education, treatment and training of children of our elite?.. Reading this note, let the MPs think about their own children and grandchildren. All leave to learn and to be treated here in a very inefficient and defective institutions.”

I must admit, Mr. President, that dreams of journalistic solidarity dispelled quickly. Shouted and forgotten.

But the result is important. Let’s not under media pressure, but solely by your will children, wives and parents of our “leaders” will begin at least to some extent, to live as we do. There they will, of course, another meal, but at least the air we breathe one.

The question remains: whether all will comply? Some will bring family here, but others do go out West to the family. Who has looted — I mean, excuse me, earned for the rest of my life and myself and children and grandchildren may leave in a warm region where you can walk without protection. And those who are in the enrichment process — will remain. And will always be the greedy who and one hundred billion dollars is not enough.

…The people rejoice at the thought that the families of the officials will be under our conditions. The joy of the people is clear. It seems that you have fulfilled people’s dream. But gloating and vindictive feelings is a bad adviser. When I think…

Why do we have them? For Russia it would be better if the thieves left their families, scientists, doctors and engineers back Home.


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