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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The victory of Prince Vladimir in the Ukrainian survey is politically motivated

In Ukraine summed up the results of the voting, which lasted a month and was timed to the Day of defender of Ukraine. Citizens had to choose the most outstanding statesman, and he became the Prince of Vladimir, much ahead of Stepan Bandera. But the most interesting in the results is not even that.

In Kiev summed up the results of voting in the framework announced by the TV channel “112 Ukraine” the project “Outstanding statesman of Ukraine.” In the first place by a wide margin – of the Holy equal to the apostles Prince Vladimir, the Baptizer of Rus. Voted for him of 42.6%. On the second from 29.7% a terrorist and a collaborator Stepan Bandera. Almost twice less – 15.3 percent – scored Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the main initiator of the reunification of Ukraine with Russia.

“Various figures of the UNR, ZUNR and the OUN got 0,1–0,2%”

For Khmelnytsky follows the ancient Russian Prince Yaroslav the Wise is 3.9%. In fifth place is a Soviet dissident, the founder of the people’s movement Valery cascade from 2.8%. No more than one percent barrier is not overcome.

The traitor Ivan Mazepa gained 0.8 percent, the first President of independent Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk – 0,7%, Holy equal to the apostles Princess Olga – 0,6%. Various figures of the UNR, ZUNR and OUN* received 0,1% – 0,2%. In total, the voting list had 25 names.

In countries where open expression of opinion is dangerous (and Ukraine certainly belongs to this group), sociology traditionally does not work well. In interviews, people say that they feel safe or socially approved, and not what they really think. In addition, the credibility of Ukrainian sociology undermined – on the eve of elections of different sociological services were given conflicting predictions that made me think about the “bought” results.

In the absence of a balance of reliable answers to direct questions: “How do you feel about the restoration of friendly relations with Russia?”, “How do you feel about the fact that new historical figures trying to assign the all-Ukrainian?” and so on the particular importance are the surveys conducted by the media. They are poorly designed to identify the “average temperature on hospital”, but some picture can give.

Prince Vladimir are equally honored and in the Ukraine, and in Russia (and Yaroslav the Wise). So his victory is the victory of those who, despite the obsessive state propaganda to believe that Russia and Ukraine share the same roots. The leadership of the Baptist of Russia speaks to the increasing religiosity in Ukraine, in conditions of permanent economic crisis is quite logical. Finally, victory is so far removed from contemporary historical figure shows that the majority of Ukrainians do not see any among modern politicians, not even among the heroes of the new time, who would you like to call an outstanding statesman.

A third voted for a terrorist and a collaborator Bandera is difficult to assess without geo-referencing IP addresses from which there was a vote. However, hardly only Western regions of Ukraine, Bandera has provided noticeable results. It’s also those who have succumbed to the “Maidan” hysterics, and those who strongly believes that Russia since 1991, only thought about how to take away the Crimea, in the Donbas from the DNI and the LC there are no Ukrainian and only horse Buryats under the personal leadership of Vladimir Putin.

Second place Bandera – a sign of the split in Ukrainian society and direct evidence that the nationalist and revanchist propaganda still finds a grateful audience. Yes, they are in the minority, but, to paraphrase academician Afanasiev, aggressive-obedient minority, are ready to endorse the persecution of ideological opponents, and a military solution to any problems encountered.

A significant 15% of Bohdan Khmelnytsky is solid and a definite vote for immediate Union with Russia. If Saint Vladimir is the recognition of common roots and shared shrines, the Khmelnitsky – it is a symbol of unification and reunification. It is significant that on the website the survey Pro Hetman says that he “signed the March article, in which Ukraine was in fact the dependence on Moscow of the Kingdom.” That is, even in spite of such filings, every seventh citizen of Ukraine continues to believe that there was no “dependency”, and it was a reunion.

If you add up the votes for St. Vladimir, Yaroslav the Wise, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, turns out that for common historical path of Russia speak more than 62% of Ukrainians. Votes for Bandera and cascade, is 31.5%, which in General corresponds to the proportion of the population of Western Ukraine relative to the rest of the country (minus the Donbas and, of course, Crimea).

Thus, despite the civil war that is officially called “the Russian aggression”, despite the aggressive propaganda of each iron, the vast majority of the inhabitants of Central, southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine is ready to consider Russia an enemy. This is perhaps the main result of the survey.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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