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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The nationalization of the elites requires the return of the children of officials from abroad

The message that Russian officials encouraged to return to studying abroad children in Russia, of course, is not confirmed by the Kremlin. Of course – because officially, these orders can not be. However, passing Russia’s “nationalization of the elites” which required similar solutions, and talked about it even Vladimir Putin.

The information that “Russian officials recommended to return to the country of children studying abroad,” which distributed edition Znak.com have not received confirmation of the presidential administration.

“A year ago, Vladimir Putin publicly admitted that for him it is important, where children of officials

“I have not seen and not heard”, – said the press Secretary of the President. Though if the reading of the message the Internet-editions, it becomes clear that it isn’t talking about any particular circular – but the “informal request” of the Kremlin:

“The recommendation will affect everyone from employees of the administration as well as administrations of regions deputies of all levels. Will not escape the new duties, even employees of public corporations. Those who postpone fulfilling unspoken requests, let me remind you about the already known cases when to make the next of kin from among the younger or the older generation abroad has become a factor complicating further a career in the public sector, said one of the interlocutors. According to him, in recent months he has become aware of several such cases. “In this situation, requested time to address the issue, however, in the event of failure to do this employment, which is calculated on the applicant places in the civil service, not happening”.

That is, what is it? That officials are going to rise through the ranks or just go to the civil service, asking about where they live and their relatives. And if it turns out that children learn in London or Paris, and my parents live in the US, it becomes the occasion to clarify the reasons for this choice of loved ones.

Further it is possible to reconstruct independently. If “HR” there is good reason to believe that the candidate sees its future with another country, then it becomes a barrier to obtaining the coveted place. It is clear that in reality we are talking about personalization, not about a General recommendation and especially prohibition. There are always specific situations – for example, spouses in divorce, a wife emigrated, who left with her son, while retaining Russian citizenship, studying abroad.

But how to look at a person intending to become an officer, if his parents live in Switzerland, the son studying in London, and his wife hanging in the Paris apartment? As a person with a dual loyalty – because where your treasure (in this case family), there your heart will be. What’s strange about the existence of such a criterion in the approach to the formation of the managerial nomenklatura? Moreover, just more than a year ago, Vladimir Putin publicly admitted that it was important to him. Speaking at the forum of the popular front, the President said:

“As for officials who prefer to be treated abroad, it is in the same row problem, like to have an account abroad. If people do not trust the banking system, he has the right to be there. But for some officials, especially high-level officials, it says only that they don’t want to work…

The same applies to the education of children here or abroad. This is especially interesting in relation to the people occupying high posts. They should think about how to improve the health system here to be treated, to improve the education system here and to give the opportunity to obtain diplomas to their children. Of course, it’s a moral choice, but to ban force – I think that would be wrong, but encourage the person to use the services of the national health service or education, of course, possible. And, of course, need to look at the people who do that anyway. I assure you, I do.”

That is Putin eyeing – and every year will take into consideration when working with the staff more carefully. Not only the foreign factor, and in General, the behavior of the elite.

Over the past five years the item got a lot of limitations – accounts and property abroad, with the tightening of anti-corruption legislation, with a gradual introduction of declarations on major expenditures, with the introduction of the concept of “conflict of interest”. Changes concern not only the material sphere – the country needs a national government consisting of patriots is not in form but in spirit. Any orders that do not reach, but you can set the motion vector in this direction and introduce some explicit and implicit constraints contributing to change. That is, the formation in all senses of nationally-oriented elites. To modernize Russia, to develop and strengthen only those who really believes in her, loves her, knows her and connects with her not only her life but also the lives of their children.

Russia is not going to isolate itself from the world, to go into autarky, or to fall into megalomania. And study abroad, and where the teaching is necessary and useful, especially in those fields of knowledge where we really have a lot to learn. No one cancels and the right of personal choice of ordinary citizens. But if we really want to form a national elite, for the person who wants to work for the common good, there will be no problem to accept a limitation in the form of “local” education for his children.

While it is clear that we are not talking anything about the student exchange programmes (when, for example, MSU is changing with the Sorbonne), or talented kids though officials, though deputies who are studying in Western universities or graduate schools. Speech about the practice of family life in two houses. What the Chinese call a “naked official” – when the whole family had abroad, and he “works for the state.” Very often it turns out that only sticks until a later flight with the stolen millions. Or to arrest on suspicion of corruption.

Now Putin has two circumstances that force him to speed up the nationalization of the elite.

First, you need to set a new standard of a public servant, working with staff becoming more serious. This applies to both newly coming and existing employees. I want to make a career in the civil service – that is the official code of rules and informal spirit of “Corporation”. Now started, and will continue increasingly to go cleaning items and a change of generations in it. Leaves, including age, the generation of the first “Putin’s call”. In addition, the civil service and members were increasingly recruited new people from active citizens, and businesses. They also need to set limits. And, of course, the society itself should see that the item lives in the same country with the people.

Second, the conflict with the West bears the features of civilizational, strategic and long-term. The children of officials become their Achilles heel – and why the country risk to their foreign registration? Of course, this applies primarily to the higher UPS, but, for example, and regional level of government of interest to foreign “partners”.

And our liberals, and even more so in the West a few years ago often was the belief that the Russian elite is the flesh of the global elite. Well, that is, if not a full “club members”, applicants or those who imitate the great white people. In an extreme case – the colonial elite that considers itself national. In any case, they say, most of the Russian “elite”, focused on the West ideologically and financially, therefore, of no serious rebellion against the globalization of the question. So, playing hard to get, I want more respect.

But the whole course of events after the return of Putin to the Kremlin and especially after Crimea showed that it is not so. Putin began the nationalization of the elite as, for domestic political reasons, and because of the understanding of the inevitability of an open confrontation with the West – and even for several years, significantly advanced in new human resources policy. Yes, more work no end, but a considerable part of the managerial class cannot be called offshore aristocracy or semi-colonial elite.

The release items from the West is only one of the conditions of nationalization of the elite. Second, and equally important, is the course to attempt the item be withdrawn, the family and clan estate. The construction of a new class society is not in the interests of the Russian people – and built on the principles of the state system is not stable, that is not sustainable, and Russia. Putin has shown that he learns from the experience of Russian history. It will consider how those systematic errors that led to the collapse of that pre-revolutionary, Soviet managerial elite, and useful experience from the history of their formation. Learn, learn and learn again the lessons of our history – not only children, but also by the sovereign’s servants.


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