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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The money from the Russians less, and costs more

At first glance, the life of the Russians is changing for the better, and soon we’re all in full chocolate. According to Rosstat, inflation from the beginning of the year has accumulated a modest 4.2%. And the Sep demonstrated and does a sharp revival in consumer spending, our spending has increased by 4.8% (compared to August). Growth was observed in all regions, especially the Central led with the capital. And that would be to please, the middle class was replaced by months of austerity to increase spending. The people began to return to the hypermarkets. And the average bill hovering in the last six months at levels three years ago, added just 6% and now amounts to 528 rubles for one trip to the store. Those are the observations of the research holding “ROMIR”. However, our consumer recovery actually caused by the future and the total prices.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

So, bags backpacks from July to September rose by more than 6% textbooks textbooks and school supplies — 4.8–5.6 percent. At the beginning of the academic year accommodation in student dormitory has risen by 5.8%, higher and secondary education — 5.6% and 4.4%, respectively (from the beginning of 2016 and the pre-schoolers went up by 8%).

But naked, though with a knapsack, to learn not going. At the same time buy clothes and shoes, especially that the street is getting colder. For this reason in September, seasonal clothing and shoes for children and adults has risen by 1.6 and 2.5%. And gloves, knitted hats and umbrellas. However, as dry pet food. We would add. And cat litter economy has risen to 10 roubles.

Some will smile: say, think, some two percent or 10 rubles. However, from the beginning of cloth has risen almost 6%, clothing, linen and Jersey — more than 5%, shoes — by 6.6%. It is difficult to associate these figures with the official statistics of 4.2%.

Go on. Household chemicals since January, according to Rosstat, also did not stand on the spot: cleaning and maintenance products, has risen by 5.6%. However, this figure is highly questionable. Consider the example with the means for washing dishes popular brand. In February 2015, 500 ml cost 59.9 per ruble, and by January of 2016 — have the 89.9. The rise in price in less than a year amounted to more than 30%. Rosstat for the year also registered a record 22.4% of this group of products against the background of inflation at 12.9%.

Remember that the ruble in the beginning of this year stability did not differ. That announced in February, the producers of washing means and cosmetics on increasing prices by 10-20% (since the share of imported components is very big). And what we have for October? All the same dishwashing detergent at the beginning of the year were sold at a discount (the other options do not even consider, the base price is now around 100) at 49,90, and now at 64.9 per. That is, once again, we run into 30% growth. Then what’s even much the average up 5.6% from Rosstat? “Credit with debit” doesn’t make any sense.

But promotions in General this autumn, has ceased to be. Speaking in the slang of the experts, they have ceased to be very deep. That is, the percentage discount decreases on the background of increasing the base price.

Most likely, by the end of October and November we will have another recession consumer, you ought to accumulate some money for the New year. It is difficult to explain to the child that his letters to Grandfather frost, will remain unanswered, because mom and dad money for another gadget simply no. But for dessert with a toy and a positive “all will be well, just have to wait” — while there. Other nothing remains but to trust and wait.

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