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Friday, February 23, 2018

The government Medvedev was tripped by import substitution and counter-sanctions

Next year the village can receive 10 billion rubles. This amount is within the project budget for 2017 the Ministry of Finance proposed to reduce the program of financing of agrarian and industrial complex of 204.5 billion. In 2018 and 2019, the amount claimed even less 198 and 194 billion rubles. Although more recently, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the government decided the following year to retain the support of agriculture at the level of 2016, contributing some 215 billion. Experts believe that farmers will have these “extra” 10 billion or not, by and large is not so important – the financial position of most agricultural producers in any case is quite complicated. And announced with such fanfare a course on importozameshchenie likely again come down to the fact that most of the vegetables and fruit on our shelves are of Turkish origin.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The prospects for the domestic agricultural sector “MK” asked to comment on Deputy Chairman of the RF CCI Committee for the development of agriculture Pavel GRUDININA.

The main question which the Ministry of Finance intends to select a designated 10 billion? If, say, we will focus on subsidizing interest rates on loans, the farmers have nothing to lose. The current subsidies seriously flawed. Earmarked for that purpose more than half of the agricultural part of the budget. That is supported by the banking sector and not effective producers. If farmers received loans with a nominal rate of 1.5-2% per year, as is happening in Europe, the cost of expanding production would be distributed to tens of years and then the products would be competitive in price. But when the loan rate is more than 8-10% of the cost of production will have to add 20% to the loan can be repaid in a reasonable time. Again, if the state will cease to maintain beef production, and that is OK. Beef is a very expensive meat, now during the crisis, the majority of the population not able to afford it. But, say, if the state will be deprived socially important dairy sector, this is really a problem.

– We were promised that the restrictions on imports of European and then Turkish agricultural products will help Russian farmers will encourage its development, will start the process of import substitution and soon we will have quality, and most importantly — their products. But if the money on agriculture is allocated less, and then the process of import substitution stopped?

– Any import was not not not. If the products are competitive, and so it can squeeze out imports from the domestic market. Yet, alas, the same cannot be said about domestic production. And not because we work poorly, simply in Russia such economic conditions. In the West the population has sufficient income that allows to buy quality products. In our country many do not do, consumers still have no money for a trip to the store. And even if the buyers come, choose not milk, a milk beverage, cheese, and cheese product. Because they are cheaper. Investments were also unavailable. The state says about project financing, but does nothing. This year it promised to spend 4 billion on interventions in the dairy sector, but at first could not develop a procedure for allocation of funds. While pondering the season of big milk passed. As a result, penny was not spent. Same with the support for the construction of greenhouses. Who want to build a lot, but not enough money — need 9 billion, only 3 billion rubles. So, the financing will get only one of the three manufacturers. However, Russia has achieved a 100% availability of the meat. And you know how we did it? Began to eat less meat products. If in 2014 the population consumed meat 75 kg per year per person, now we eat only 68 kg, while the average consumption of meat in the world — 90 kg, and in USA — 120 kg. Similar story with Russian fruit and vegetables.

– Judging by the fact that Russia opened its borders for fruit from Turkey, soon we will have completely switched to products from this country?

– And in this respect nothing has changed. It is no secret that after the imposition of sanctions, Belarus has sharply increased supplies to Russia of lemons, tangerines, apples and everything else that Belarus is not irrelevant. That is, in return we received Russian goods and products the same in Poland and Turkey, under the brand name of a neighboring state.

– That is prospects of Russian agrarian sector is still not optimistic?

The situation will only get worse. People who find themselves below the poverty line, more. The government does not take any food programs that would allow the population there is a natural domestic products. What is the result? To increase the supply of palm oil and to further the fraud.

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