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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The British foreign office stepped through the Vienna Convention

The call of the head of the foreign Office of Boris Johnson to picket the Russian Embassy ignores one of the basic documents that govern international diplomacy, the Vienna Convention. It stands out even against the backdrop of endless hypocrisy and double standards exhibited by the West. In the long term poses a serious threat.

The British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson seems to have finally stabilized and now delights us with rhetoric almost on a daily basis. However, as a Minister his performance look not as fun as on a post of the mayor of London, and can lead to serious consequences – not only diplomatic.

“Just imagine how outraged would the public, if the Kremlin urged Russians to protest at the British Embassy in Moscow”

For example, call Johnson to organize pickets and rallies near the Russian Embassy is a direct violation of the Vienna Convention, according to which the UK is obliged to be directly responsible for the security of the Russian dipuchrezhdeny on its territory. It is significant that when youth activists in Russia protesting at the embassies of Western countries, references to the Vienna Convention appear constantly, despite the fact that there is no threat to the security of diplomats was not. And imagine a situation in which Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov or any of his predecessors urged to picket anybody’s Embassy, is simply impossible.

Usually people come to foreign embassies to Express solidarity (for example, in cases of terrorist attacks), or, conversely, to protest in the case of improper behaviour of a country which is represented by particular diplomats. But in both cases this happens without direct instructions from the government representatives. Only Johnson came to mind to publicly incite political activists on the Russian diplomatic mission.

Revealing, by the way that the public play off, and supplies would not. The organization Stop the War – the one that the head of the foreign Office called to protest near the Russian Embassy in London said that will not do. “The protest near the Embassy of Russia in fact will only increase the hysteria and chauvinism, fuelled at the moment against Russia, – said the Deputy Chairman of the coalition Chris Ninham. We mean that organized politicians and the media hysteria against Russia intended to show that Russia – the only problem in Syria.”

Thus, the appeal of Johnson in Britain has collapsed into the void. And the reaction of Russian officials was expectedly tough.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said Johnson about the same Vienna Convention. However, it is possible that the head of the foreign Office simply do not read. Apparently, this was referring to the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, when she said “Boris Johnson has moved from words to action and used the weapon that threatened Russia, the shame.” “We really ashamed of him”, she said.

Indeed, professional diplomats hardly can feel anything but shame, when a person is formally recognized as their colleague, calls for picketing of a foreign Embassy.

The representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov drew attention to another part of the speech of Johnson, in which he accused Russia in the attack on a humanitarian convoy in the area of Aleppo. “No Russian planes in the area to find the convoy in Aleppo was not. It is a fact”, – said Konashenkov. As recalled by the BBC, the head of the foreign Office accused Russia in the attack on the convoy “after examining some in the “free” satellite photos”. “Mr. Johnson, can you open this “open access” and will show these pictures to anyone else?” suggested Konashenkov. In his opinion, all of these reasons the British Minister evidence “will not cost a penny, if someone really open access”.

Later, the Russian President Vladimir Putin said that both Russia and USA know very well who in reality attacked a humanitarian convoy. “We see that happening is absolutely baseless to accuse Russia of all mortal sins, of all crimes. The impact of this humanitarian convoy. But we know who attacked the humanitarian convoy. This is one of the terrorist organizations. And we know that, say, the Americans know it, but I prefer to take a different position, to engage in baseless accusations against Russia. It will not help,” – said the Russian leader.

In the state Duma also condemned the behavior of the head of British diplomacy. “Expressing surprise at the fact that the Embassy in London, British activists are not satisfied with protest the actions of Russia in Aleppo, Boris Johnson showed ignorance of the international situation and showed their mismatch position”, – considers the Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Svetlana Zhurova.

Note that not only the British anti-war activists, but also the media reacted negatively to the suggestion of Johnson. Columnist for The Guardian Mary Dejevsky notes that Johnson forgot about the old diplomatic rule – action equals reaction. “Just imagine how outraged would the public, if the Kremlin urged Russians to protest at the British Embassy in Moscow. We have already seen a few official protests from the British Embassy in Tehran. It was not the most pleasant sight, and more importantly it ruined the relationship for a long time,” she writes.

Dejevsky also drew attention to the fact that the threat of Johnson to accuse Russia of war crimes in Syria sound ambiguous, given the plans of the Prime Minister Theresa may to withdraw the British military from the application of the European Convention for the protection of human rights. This ambiguity is designed to disguise the rhetoric of failure or refusal to act, concludes columnist for the Guardian.

Indeed, Johnson has opened a new page in diplomacy, when called upon the public to picket the Russian Embassy, but in General his statement fits in the General direction of policy of the USA and their satellites, does not mince words in the address of Russia and do not bother to find proof, even when proposing the most terrible accusations.

Perhaps after the US elections this Russophobic wave will come to naught. Perhaps, on the contrary, will increase. And the question is how long the West is willing to do with words?


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