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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Scientists announced the most objective people in the world of autism

Due to certain features of thinking, people with autism sometimes are better able to think logically than people who are not suffering from this disorder. As explained by British experts from the Royal College of London, it may be explained by the fact that autism to a much lesser extent based on emotions.

photo: pixabay.com

That people, for the most part, can’t be completely objective when making decisions, scientists know for a long time. This, in particular, demonstrates an experiment conducted in the 80-ies of the last century. People were given $ 70 and offered to play a game of chance in 50 of them. People are more likely to agree if they explained that in case of defeat they “will remain $ 20” than if they were told that after losing, they “will lose $ 50”, although both of these phrases describe exactly the same scenario. Opened the psychological effect of the Israeli-American scientist Daniel Kahneman was subsequently awarded the Prize for Economics in memory of Alfred Nobel.

In the new study, experts decided to check whether the above described phenomenon, called the “framing effect” on people with autism. In research took part, those who suffer from autism and people without this disorder, representing the control group.

The experiment was conducted around the same principle as a similar, organized three decades ago — people were asked to play for money, and in some cases, they reported that they “get” money, and in others because the money they “lose” despite the fact that it was about the same hypothetical situation. The participants during the experiment was proposed at some point to close your eyes and listen to the beating of your own heart, thereby listening to their emotions.

As it turned out, people with autism were generally about as “reckless” as the rest, but to a lesser extent, were afraid to “lose” money in cases where the question concerned only the wording. Thus experts noticed that people with alexithymia (psychological feature, holders of which, in particular, have great difficulty trying to count the beats of their own hearts) were more “objective” than the other. According to scientists, this literally confirms that the best decisions are often taken by those who to my heart is not listening.

The results of their research experts presented in the scientific journal Molecular Autism.


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