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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Putin’s message to the Russians: trust, do not fear, do not ask

Speaking at an investment forum “Russia calling!” Vladimir Putin addressed not only and not so much to investors. In the end, these grated Kalach unlikely to tempt the chosen places from the statistical summaries. Important messages were also received by Western political leaders and their own people. As for the last message, its meaning can be briefly formulated as: “Believe, do not fear, do not ask.”

And friends and enemies of Russia, the President categorically declared that the country will not deviate from the chosen path. Sanctions? Yes, and that prevaricate, harm: “the threat I see to limit the transfer of technology”. But “we, of course, will make it”. The threat of new sanctions and even isolation of the country in connection now with the Syrian story? And do not fear: “Yes, they have the engine life and gasoline is not enough to our borders to get around it. What isolation for a country like Russia?” In short, do not wait. It — enemies.

What to expect for Russian citizens, are more vague. On the one hand, we must, of course, to believe the best. On the other — especially not rolled lip. The President has made clear that waiting for graces from the Treasury: the spending budget reduced, reduced and will decline — at least up to 2019. However, the game, assured the head of state, is worth it, because the alternative is far worse: “If we succumb to this blackmail, we will eventually lose in the economy because it will turn into an economic appendage of someone else”.

This time Putin has refrained from forecasts. And that is true: soothsayer of the President failed. You may recall that in late 2014, he said that “under the most unfavorable circumstances,” the crisis will not last more than two years. And even earlier — that oil prices never fall below $ 80 per barrel. Here it fit not to enjoy the positive comments from Putin, and tremble — well, again, something jinx!

I should say unrealistic expectations are now the President does not inspire. But at one point he, perhaps, ought to speak more carefully. According to the head of state, an important factor of economic stability is the mood of the people, and that’s totally fine: “people’s confidence in the ability of the state to solve the problems the country faces” than ever before. The results of the elections seems to confirm this thesis. However, the mood is known to be very unstable. Moreover, the economic mood.

No matter how great was the confidence in our government, there are times when the top takes the instinct of self-preservation. And then they are no longer perceived as encouraging mantras beloved leaders and headlong rush to the shops, to the exchangers, stock exchange, hastily getting rid of “wooden”. Already repeatedly happened in Russian history. Last time, by the way, recently in December 2014.

And, as it shows the same historical experience, the probability of such developments is higher, the more energetically we are assured that the country the devil is not terrible, and the louder it sounds “Thunder of victory sound!”. In short, do not awake dashing, Mr President.


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