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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Putin was angered by the question the French about Hollande: “the Smell is not very decent”

Vladimir Putin-who at the business forum “Russia calling!” no surprise to foreign investors convinced that the economic views of the President for the year have remained unchanged. But diplomats are once again nervously shuddered. The President did not pull any punches and told the background of the cancellation of his visit to Paris.

photo: kremlin.ru

An endless series of business forums – and the beginning of autumn they have been four in Vladivostok, Sochi and Moscow – looks pretty tired officials and business, wandering from one site to another.

The morning panel session at the WTC was extremely sluggish and the cost is not only without sensationalism, but even without heated discussions. Only the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov habitually bet with his counterpart from the Ministry of economic development Alexei Ulyukaev, this time concerning the volume of privatization.

The Finance Minister lamented that the plans for 2017 and subsequent years is quite modest, and it deprives the budget of an important source of income. The economy Minister claimed that the state “still a lot of good assets in reserve”. “Yeah, Sovcomflot, which we can’t sell for several years,” quipped the speaker.

However, as they say, lovers ‘ tiffs are harmless. The fundamental problems of the Russian economy related to the bloating of the public sector, the government to decide not. And it’s long been clear to all. Ulyukayev and Silvanus together regretted that the state’s share in recent years has grown enormously – now it directly or indirectly controls two-thirds of the market, and in the short term, apparently, nothing will change…

The President was traditionally late. And when it finally appeared, the debate about the dominance of the state in the economy resumed. “Not much – the four large state-owned Bank?” asked GDP.

“The consolidation is a global trend. We do not see any problems,” retorted he. According to Putin, the state-owned banks and other state-owned companies do not have any special preferences. “This is not a public company and companies with state participation, – he explained, – They operate on the market without any rebukes from the state and on the same terms as other participants”.

The President admitted that he was surprised by the government’s decision to sell Bashneft to Rosneft. And generally every hint of the special role of the Kremlin in the Russian economy said: “It’s not me, Mr President”. But judging by the smiles in the hall, it is not enough who believed. “Putin continues to bend the line, nothing has changed…,” said then, “MK” one of the participants of the forum.

As often happens at events with participation of head of state, the economic agenda of the forum very quickly turned political. Responding to the call leading to torture President “harmful issues”, former Congressman, and now a businessman from the United States, asked about the deterioration of relations with Washington and those incurred in connection with these risks – both for business and for world security.

“Yes, dialogue is almost there – anxiously shook her head GDP, As it now looks? Administration (“MK”) formulates what she needs, and then insist on performance. This is not a dialogue, some sort of dictate”.

Putin added that he is concerned about the anti-Russian rhetoric of the American election campaign that is abused by both candidates. In his opinion, it further aggravates relations between the two nuclear powers, although Russia “all the time whispering something to the left, then in right ear: do not worry, soon everything will pass and we will again be friends”. “Well, not so!” – in the hearts exclaimed GDP.

He advised American voters to pay more attention to the content obtained by hackers information about how “unseemly behavior of the staff of Mrs. Clinton.” According to the President, no matter who got it, and published. The main thing – that within this information. However, Putin once again denied the accusations in gossiping: “there was nothing in the interests of Russia!”.

The following “harmful matter” GDP predictably asked the representative of the French company “Alstom”. He took the liberty to speak for all French investors, and it’s not like Putin. “I have good “chemistry” with the Russian people, but I would not venture to say that you know that everyone in the head,” he said.

Irritation of the President, apparently, was connected with the essence of the issue: the Frenchman wanted to know, not too sharply, Putin reacted to the behavior of Hollande and what to expect French businesses in Russia?

GDP thought for a moment, sighed and said: “We don’t like to be picked in diplomatic linen: it looks beautiful, but the smell is not very nice.” Then briefly outlined the Russian version of the events preceding the cancellation of the visit to Paris.

From his words followed that last week everything was perfect: the French foreign Minister came to Moscow, held talks with Sergey Lavrov promised to take into account Russian amendments to the draft resolution on Syria. “There was nothing superfluous!”- Putin assured.

However, after the French Minister went to Washington, and everything changed. “They went out with Kerry and accused Russia of all mortal sins. And then without any discussion of our proposals catapulted this resolution in the security Council, obviously expecting a veto,” – continued to unlock the secrets of diplomatic cuisine of GDP.

According to him, this was done only to further aggravate the situation and promote anti-Russian hysteria in the media and in society. “Is it the role of the major countries, aspiring to pursue an independent policy and be called a great power, so easy to serve externally and internal political interests of its allies?” – publicly humiliated France Putin.

And now what to do for our investors? What message to communicate? – timidly asked the Frenchman.

Having said all that I am in the shower, the President changed the temper justice with mercy.

– Relations with the French, the people and the business hasn’t changed – he said – I Hope that nothing serious will happen to France, as a state. According to Putin, he cherishes his relationship with Francois Hollande and hopes for early resolution of the crisis.

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