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Monday, March 19, 2018

Putin ordered the elite national treatment

Vladimir Putin has compared the treatment of officials abroad with accounts and training of children abroad. But the question here is not about medicine. Elite needs to be with his people and work for the common good is Putin trying to explain it to those who refuse to understand the seriousness of the changes taking place in Russia.

On the forum of the Russian popular front dedicated to the problems of medicine and health care, Putin answered various questions and suggestions, but one theme stands out particularly. It is, by and large, not medical.

“Putin advises “elite” to understand and accept the inevitability of a full return to his people”

“As for officials who prefer to be treated abroad. It is in the same row problem, like to have an account abroad. The same applies to teaching children – either here or abroad. This is especially interesting in relation to the people occupying high posts. They should think about how to improve the health system here to be treated; to improve the education system here and to give the opportunity to obtain diplomas to their children”.

Ordinary people, Putin said, “if he doesn’t trust the banking system, it has the right” to have an account abroad in the same way as may apply to overseas doctors: “But officials, especially high-level, it only says that they do not want to work.”

Assessment of Putin, “it is a moral choice.” “But to forbid, to force – it would be wrong, but encourage the person to use the services of the national health service or education, of course, possible. Of course, you need to look at the people who do that anyway. I assure you, I do.”

What the President says? It is clear that with the start of noise on the topic that at first the officials will forbid to be treated abroad – like they already banned the account – and after that, and normal, albeit wealthy citizens will lose the opportunity to get treatment in Germany or Israel. But in the end, and poor people with severely ill children, the operation which is to wait a long time in Russia, or that we do not do, will be deprived of the only chance to even sponsorship money to save their babies. “Putin is killing our children” – all we have heard during the adoption of the “law of Dima Yakovlev”, prohibiting the adoption of Russian children by Americans.

Of course nobody is going to deny anything to anyone – even a law banning officials from having property abroad was not supported by the Kremlin, so with nothing “terrible” will happen. There is money declared income – no need to leave from civil service, where the bit you want, especially if we are talking about really complex or urgent treatment. It’s not about medicine but about the more General and important things.

About honesty, fairness, professionalism and patriotism. The nationalization of the elite, initiated by Putin in recent years comes down to one major problem – a significant part of the post-Soviet “elite” (and this power item and just “people with more resources”) does not consider Russia as their country and place of residence of their children and grandchildren. That is, they work, lead, organize, reformed – but the main motive of their actions is an improvement in their personal financial, career and social status, increase personal capitalization.

The same thing they did in the 90s- just then it was possible to do nothing for the country and everything for themselves. After all, the Kremlin did not demand from them anything at all creative, and all around was such a pilfering of government property, in government, almost no decent people. In the zero Putin somehow taught them to do and direct responsibilities – that is, to work for the common good, in favor of the people. Someone is better someone worse, but the “elite” started to work – not forgetting, however, about your pocket.

Then came the third stage – the actual nationalization of the elite, which Putin started after returning to the Kremlin. Here already began to demand not just to do business, but not to steal from the word “all” – that is, to somehow come to terms with the fact that kickbacks and transfer of public money in related structures will have to finish. The Kremlin did not expect that it will be possible to break established customs for a year or two – but the direction of movement designated more than Frank.

Began to increase the salaries of officials and security forces, have stepped up the fight against corruption, spoke about the system of personnel work began to restore public control over the authorities (the same onf), to force the business to refuse a bribe and to come back from offshore. Introduced the Declaration of income and expenses, forbade officials to have accounts abroad and ordered them to declare foreign real estate. The nationalization of the elite is its purification, the formation of semi-colonial place-Polovodovsky largely random and non-professional – honest and truly national item managers. From municipal authorities to the government – everywhere there should be persons without any reservations and is open only for his country, his city, his people, and not to your pocket.

The conflict with the West is only partly coincided in time with this process as a confirmation of the correctness of the path. Because the national elite, when it is formed, by definition, will defend the interests of their own country, culture, civilization, Economics is much tougher than it can do by the current, without Putin in the spirit of the ruling class, forced to operate almost under duress. The conflict with the West does not mean that officials simply block the ability to spend stolen abroad, proposing to place a drag at home, in Russia – any import of corruption can not be. The rejection of life in two houses only help to ensure that the house officer in the Homeland was above suspicion.

It is clear that the rate of change does not suit society – but just as she was not satisfied with the ultimate power. But in the nationalization of the elite the main sequence – the people in the nomenclature must understand that Putin will not deviate from that course. While many simply waiting. It concerns including regional elites, who believe that you can not observe the ban on foreign accounts, it is still hands to them, Moscow will not come. But their own people will not deceive – and in the province or city I know well who and how he lives, what the left offers income, where he spent a holiday or treated, where his children learn. And this is not just irritation in people and distrust of government as such. That is, officials do not themselves discreditied, and the whole vertical of power, starting with Putin. Because the people there is no difference, the Deputy of city Council or a Federal official, all of us traditionally perceived as representatives of the government itself, of the whole. And this is especially dangerous during the tests, such as those which are now going through Russia.

The conflict in Ukraine and the confrontation with the West has caused not only the Patriotic enthusiasm in the society. The absolute majority, without propaganda speeches and slogans have realized the importance experienced by Russia tests the seriousness of the challenge that threw us not even the States, but time and a long echo of ‘ 91. Everyone understands how much depends on whether Russia really change creatively mobilize their forces to achieve a breakthrough. And all agree that this requires not just the right program and concerted action by the different captains, and dramatically increasing the responsibility of those in charge of the country, the city, industry. This is not a high words – and an imperative of the historical moment, that is a matter of national security in the broadest sense of the word.

How quickly and efficiently the nationalization of elites, depends on the stability of the country.

Only nationally oriented elite will believe that only under such leadership will work not for show, and for themselves. But if you steal the money allocated to the launch site, or to send their children to study in England, neither of which the trust would not talk. Moreover, the distrust will be actively inflated by those who want to come to power through another confusion.

It would seem that the similarities between the embezzlement and the education or treatment abroad? The contempt for their own people, unbelief in their own country and unwillingness to build. To steal from “cattle” – because I do not belong to the same family with them, one of the people. To send their children to study abroad – like because “there is better education”, globalization, realization and so on. And in fact, “because anyway there is nothing normal will never be”, and “my will live there.” Treated here does not know how – we have really plummeted the level of medicine, as, indeed, other professions – so it is necessary to go abroad.

There can be no complaints, except for moral, if it says an ordinary man. But when it says the Governor or the Minister, senior official, person of authority, it means only one thing: he doesn’t believe in your country, do not believe that it is possible to arrange correctly, and, most importantly, believes in what he’s doing, is responsible for what. For example, the mayor, who treated abroad – he has a direct relationship to the medical institutions of the city. A man separates himself from his own people – not just property, but also the power limit. And, therefore, separates from the people and the government as such.

Easy to say – you have to believe, and if the issue is about life and death, about their own precious health, there is after all becoming selfish? Maybe – but not any have to go into power or stay in it. Power in Russia is not a privilege, no honor, no sinecure, this Ministry, especially in these anxious and critical days.

Idealism? No, on the contrary, the hard realism of Russian civilization – because no other power, no execution of the tasks facing the country. Any other power, not only did not hold the levers of control, but the country will lead to tests that are commensurate with those that were used a century ago. Putin advises “elite” to understand and accept the inevitability of a full return to his people – and the people looks carefully at how it responds to his calls.


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