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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Published a video that demonstrates how a satellite of Mars turns into a “death Star”

A group of American physicists, representing Livermore national laboratory behalf of the Lawrence, presented a video which shows how the largest moon of Mars, Phobos got its rather unusual shape, but not destroyed. Previously, many have noticed that Phobos resembles the “death Star” — a huge spaceship from the movies “Star wars”, capable of destroying the planet.

photo: youtube.com

Association with fantastic films, a satellite of Mars conjures up thanks to a huge crater called Stickney on its surface. The diameter of the crater reaches 9 kilometers, and inside it is another depression caused by a later fall of an asteroid.

Until recently, specialists partly remained a mystery how the clash, which appeared Stickney, has not led to the fact that Phobos was destroyed completely. However, the new modeling conducted by scientists allegedly allows you to give an answer to this question.

According to specialists, the Stickney crater appeared after Phobos at a speed of about six kilometers per second, crashed asteroid with a diameter of 250 meters. The researchers said that if such a large and fast moving object would have fallen to the Ground, the consequences would have been devastating and, according to the researchers, this again emphasizes the fact that mankind should not underestimate the meteor threat.

Phobos is one of two satellites of Mars, and every century he two meters approaching the red planet. Because of this, experts believe that in the future, this celestial body is still waiting for the inevitable destruction of or under the influence of tidal forces, or as a direct result of the “fall” on Mars. After that, the planet will be only one satellite, Deimos, which orbit farther and is considered very stable. There is also a version that in the past moons does Mars have had three, but one of them soon suffered the fate, in the future, waiting for Phobos.


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