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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Octopus trump: sexual aggression on the ground and in the sky

During the second debate, Clinton vs trump is the Republican candidate for US President denied himself. Speaking of video 2005, in which he bragged about kissing women without their permission and grabbed their privates, trump stated that he did nothing of the sort, but only Tr was apalsa. And in that moment, shook heaven and earth. Let’s start with the sky. As reported by the newspaper “new York times,” the 74-year-old Jessica Leeds, living in Manhattan, new York city, I felt that trump “is lying in her face”.

photo: AP

Donald Trump

“I wanted to give him through the screen on the face,” she told the reporter with the NYT. The journalist was on the same day, miss Leeds, which, sparing the television and the face of trump, called the newspaper and said, “Here I am”.

That told Jessica in an interview with the New York Times. More than thirty years ago, she served as a salesman in a paper company. Once on the plane the woman was unwilling companion trump.

At that time Mrs. Leeds was 38 years old and she lived in Connecticut. During the flight to new York, which is now immortalized her name, she was sitting in the cabin of economy class. But the stewardess offered her a free seat in first class. (In all likelihood, it was noticed by the sharp eye of the tramp, which the stewardess could not help but obey).

The first class was beside trompowsky (then, trump has not had its own aircraft). The businessman introduced himself to Mrs. Leeds shook her hand. They exchanged pleasantries, and trump asked her if she is married? She was divorced, and told his interlocutor.

Later, when you remove the trays with the dinner, trump raised the armrest and started groping neighbor, grabbed her breast and tried to get her hand under her skirt. “He was like an octopus. His hands “were everywhere,” says Jessica.

The woman recoiled and jumped out of the first class cabin, ran to the old place in economy class. “I was outraged and shocked,” said miss Leeds correspondent of the NYT.

Mrs. Leeds told the story of the “octopus” of all four of your closest friends.

And then, in the plane, the woman even complained to the flight attendants. According to her, at the time of such solicitation of the men were, it appears, in order. “And we have recognized this for many years. We were taught that it’s our fault,” says now miss Leeds.

After that, they met once more a couple of years later at some charity event in new York. He apparently recognized her and swore.

The story on the plane Mrs. Leeds was thrown from my head (her words). But since last year, when the presidential campaign trump took a serious turn, the story surfaced again in her memory. She talked about her four loved ones — his son, nephew and two friends.

“She made me shake,” says neighbor and friend Jessica Linda Ross. Linda that is “pushed” Leeds to share their story with the media. Leeds resisted this until I saw Sunday’s debate, trump and Clinton.

A few days after the debate, Ms. Leeds reported on his throwing 30-year-old newspaper NYT email, and then gave her “interviews”. “Those who will vote for trump, I want to think it over” she said…

Jessica Leeds faced trump in the sky 35 years ago. And Rachel Crookes on our sinful earth. She was 22 years old when she worked as a Secretary in investor and development company Bayrock Group, is placed in the “trump Tower” in Manhattan. There she met trump at the Elevator “one morning in 2005”.

Knowing that her company does business with trump, she introduced herself to him. They said Hello. But trump decided not to let her go. He kissed her on the cheek, and then “right in the mouth”.

“It was an inappropriate action. I was so stunned that he thought I was so insignificant that he allowed to do it,” says Rachel. “Shocked,” according to the NYT, went back to their workplace and immediately called my sister Brian Webb in a small town in Ohio, and told him what had happened to her.

And when he got home, the girl apologized to her boyfriend Clint Hackenburg. “I asked her, “how was your day?” It for a second, and then started hysterically crying.” Both began to think, how to act? “I think what is even more disturbing than kissing them with her lips, was her sense that she can’t do anything with it since it takes such a high position, — said boyfriend. By the time she was 22 years old. She was a Secretary. It was her first job after College. I remember she told me: “I can’t do anything to this man because he’s Donald trump.”

After a few days, says Crookes, trump, who recently married Melania came to the Bayrock office and demanded her phone number. When she asked why, trump said that he was going to pass it to he owns a modeling Agency. Crooks is skeptical, but resigned “given the impact of trump in her company.” However, since she had never heard about this Agency.

While she worked at Bayrock, she disappeared from view every time she caught sight of tramp. When employees were invited trompowsky organization at the Christmas party, she refused to go, not wanting to meet with the businessman.

But the incident remained in her memory even after she returned to her small town in Ohio, where she now works at the University. When in the month of may she read in the NYT an article about how Republicans nominated treats women, she was painfully stung by one of them about how trump was kissing her in the mouth.

“I was amazed that the same thing happened with other people. But this somewhat reassured me that I’m not the one with which he did it,” said Crookes.

In a telephone interview with the New Tork Times on Tuesday, the Republican presidential candidate denied the stories of these women. “Nothing like this has happened,” — said trump, moving to cry. He told the journalist that it makes assumptions that can hurt him, and he will sue the NYT if she will publish them…

And Leeds, and Crookes say that they support Hillary Clinton, and lady Crookes had even donated campaign Clinton about $200.

At first, Rachel crooks didn’t want the publicity of their history, but then felt the need to talk about their experiences: “People should know that such behavior is common and real”…

My experience of Leeds and crooks whose story “before, no one was known,” have confirmed that to climb under a skirt to trump in order.

It behaves the octopus-the seducer on earth and in the sky. Its billions of tentacles irresistible. Those that avoid them – a minority. Rather, he spits out. Nevertheless, he is a hero of the American way of life. Like John Kennedy and bill Clinton engaged in sex as much as under the arches of the White house.

Compared to them Donald trump not an octopus, but rather a jellyfish. But the times are not the same.


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