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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Loza explained why Dylan didn’t deserve the Nobel prize

Musician Yuri Loza disagreed with the award of the Nobel prize for literature his American counterpart Bob Dylan, RIA “Novosti”.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Yuri Loza

According to Vines, the award is becoming more of a “pocket American”, as the work Dylan did not affect other than the English culture, in particular Chinese.

Read more about the decision of the Nobel Committee.

Vine suggested that we ask “a half billion Chinese,” the significance of Dylan, he also said that Dylan is the American equivalent of Vladimir Vysotsky, but of Vysotsky as a candidate for the award no one at the time had not considered.

Vine concluded that Dylan is “the great American bard,” more important from the point of view of the social context of their songs, rather than from the point of view of music. Melody Dylan has always seemed the Vine “any”.

Note that the songs Dylan has repeatedly expressed social protest, as, in particular, occurred with the anti-war Masters of War.

Disagreement with the award to Dylan was expressed by the writer Alexander Prokhanov. He felt that thus there is “a profanation of the world culture”, but more their position is not explained.

To Prokhanov also joined Eduard Limonov, describing Dylan as “the kupletistom”, which at the time was “listen to the flower children”. While Lemons was pleased that the Nobel prize is not awarded Viktor Shenderovich or Alexei Navalny.


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