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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

In Poland, called to “cut” the Baltic plait

“It’s about maintaining a certain status of Poland” – said the leader of the ruling Polish party “law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski. The politician stressed the political importance of the canal, designed to connect the Baltic sea with Kaliningrad Bay. Whether or not this project meaning beyond the propaganda, or it will bring only harm, according to the European ecologists and the Russian transporters?

The leader of the ruling Polish party “law and justice”, former Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that Poland finally overcomes the dependence on Russia due to the construction of a sea canal across the Baltic spit, which will connect the Polish town of Elblag with the Baltic sea. This will allow the ships to bypass the territorial waters of Russia, said Kaczynski. “We are talking about the interests of a political, military-political nature, and the conservation status of Poland” – said the leader of “Law and justice”.

“The decision to dig a canal 95 percent of the policy. Another five percent – adjusted for ambition. No economy”

The statement of Mr Kaczynski – not just the opinion of a single politician, even the leader of the party with the biggest faction in Saeima. The nominees of the party of kaczyński – President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Beata Szydlo. In “Law and justice” is offensive and defence Minister Antony, Macierewicz, “famous” for his Russophobic statements.

As for the idea of the sea canal dug through the Baltic spit, which the Polish authorities announced in August 2014, it is due to the geographical location of the port-city of elbląg. A relatively large port is located on the shore of the Gulf, which in Poland is called Vislinskom, and in Russia – Kaliningrad. The Bay is closed from the Baltic oblique length of 65 km; the Northern part (35 km) belongs to Russia, the rest of Poland. A fairly narrow Strait, which allows to pass from the Bay to the sea, falls on Russian territory.

The mode of passage is regulated by a special contract on the right navigation concluded between Warsaw and Moscow. This gives rise Kaczynski and his party to declare “dependence on Russia”.

“Show that we are a sovereign state”

“Due to the construction of the channel we close this question, show that we are a sovereign state,” said Jaroslaw Kaczynski, expressing the view that Poland “once and for all hundred percent” will end the dependence on Russia. The leader of the ruling party predicts that Moscow will continue to oppose the construction of the canal. According to Kaczynski, from the times of the Polish people’s Republic Poland couldn’t build this pipeline, “because the Russians have never agreed to that”.

The court can get into the Polish elbląg only through the territorial waters of Russia (photo: screenshot Google Maps)

A new channel with a length of 1.3 km and a depth of 5 m will connect the Kaliningrad (Vistula) Bay from the gdańsk Bay. Thanks to him to the sea port of elbląg will be able to enter the ship length 100 m, width 20 m and draught up to 4 m. Investment in construction will amount to approximately 880 million zlotys ($220 million).

According to experts, technically, it is not that difficult to do, because the greatest width of the Baltic spit is 7-8 km. But the question about the canal was raised on the shield, as a rule, in the event of political or commercial tensions – especially before the adoption of the agreement, providing ease of access to the Baltic for Polish and Russian vessels.

Note that in February 2015 it was reported that the port in Elblag (for which, actually, and afoot the construction of the canal, “exempting from dependence on Russia”) intends to take the guide on the import of goods from Russia. The port previously focused on the export of goods to Russia, which has stalled because of the involvement of Poland in the anti-Russian sanctions and “fruit and vegetable” kontrsanktsy. Now, as explained by the Director of the elbląg port Arkadiusz Zglinski, “while we are gearing up for two major product (from Russia): coal and feed”.

“95% of policy”

As noted in March 2015 Kaliningrad regional portal “Russian West”, although the authors of the project insist that direct access to the Baltic sea will redirect the main flow into the bypass Russian Kaliningrad region, Polish businessmen and transporters on the ground in Warmian-Masurian and Pomeranian voivodeships declare that the economic benefits of this venture is questionable.

I agree with that and on our side of the border, in the Kaliningrad region. “The decision to dig a canal 95 percent of the policy. Another five percent – adjusted for ambition. No economy,” – said in comments the newspaper VIEW Deputy of the state Duma of the sixth convocation Andrey Kolesnik, in 2003-2011, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kaliningrad commercial sea port.

“First, the channel will cost money. And considerable. Second, the contents of the channel –an expensive pleasure. All this in the form of various fees will be paid by shipowners,” – said Kolesnik. Of course, additional rates will make delivery to the port of elbląg is still less attractive than in the ports of Gdansk and Gdynia.

“In addition, Elblag port risks losing its core turnover, – said the expert. We need to clearly understand that at the moment the port of Elblag lives at the expense of cooperation with Russia. We thrown to them by the landing-stages fertilizer. But this thread can stop. And politics has nothing to do with it. After the channel, it is possible that the sediment of the sea in the Bay will samelet inner fairway. Clean it – not cheap”.

Sorry for the bird

Note that the authors of the project supported by the official Warsaw were counting on financial assistance from the EU leadership. However, such was not followed due to protests of environmentalists.

As explained last year, the official representative of the Polish office of the world wildlife Fund (WWF) in March Kalinowski, project, lobbied by the “Law and justice”, “adversely affect the ability to achieve goals key environmental directives of the European Union.” “Vislinskaya braid is the bottleneck for the autumn migration of birds of prey. For some types of hawk braid – the most important migration route in the entire country.”

About the threat to the unique natural object said in comments the newspaper VIEW head of the Kaliningrad regional branch of the environmental organization “Green front” Oleg Ivanov. “The decision was made impulsively and contrary to environmentalists – said the source. – Unfortunately, you can’t beat nature. Not coincidentally, the EU has refused to participate in this questionable endeavor.”


“We can guess what will happen with a scythe, will the Baltic region more actively to step on shore, but one thing I know for sure: when the appearance of one Strait with the sea water in the Vistula Bay will change the salinity factor, the expert added. – And thus will change ecolabels of the reservoir. Do not be surprised if over time the fishermen from the same Frombork (resort city on the shore of the Vistula lagoon – approx. OPINION) “say thank you” for the lack of fish in the Gulf”.

Unique fortress of the XIX century, built on the territory of the Vistula spit, at the moment is already half in the water (photo: from archive of the author)

Explain that before Vistula lagoon was vital for Poland for the simple reason that the Vistula is one of the most full-flowing rivers of Poland, fell there. Then over the Vistula river has changed, started to go in the direction of gdańsk Bay (which houses the gdańsk and Gdynia). 50 km from the city directly on the Baltic sea out of adjacent ports and efficient work of the terminal, logistics and other services, transport links.

In the area of the Vistula lagoon were several villages, whose inhabitants engaged mainly in fishing craft, such as, for example, Frombork and others. Local fishing boats designed for fishing in the Bay. By the way, if you look at the Polish side of the Bay from the Russian side, you can see that almost the entire coast lined with fishing nets – in addition to fishing, the residents of the Polish part of the Gulf there are no other activities. Economic viability of the future of the Strait, threatening the “emigration” of fish in the Baltic sea, is questionable.

“The ruling party of Poland is affected by the virus of idiocy”

In addition, it is believed that the Baltic spit – temporal geographical phenomena. Sands on the Baltic move. To 1502 instead of the spit was a group of Islands. It was formed due to a large storm that formed the Baltic Strait and covered the old Strait, who was closer to Kaliningrad.

The spit grows about 20 species of plants listed in the Red book. Moreover, if the Russian territory of the spit for a long time was under military control, not available to civilians, because there nature is preserved in its original form, then Polish territory of the spit is built up.

There is a town of Krynica Morska, which, despite its modest size, is one of the largest tourist centers of Poland. People actively come to enjoy untouched nature of the Baltic spit, drink coffee, while almost the streets of the village free to go wild boar.

The observers note that the size of sandy rerash reduced. Thus, the unique fortress of the XIX century, built on the territory of the Vistula spit, at the moment, already half in the water. If someone invades this natural process, the consequences are very difficult to predict.

It turns out that Poland with the filing of the ruling party is going to dig uneconomic and environmentally hazardous channel only “to spite Russia”.

“I’m not just saying that now ruling in Poland, the party of conservatives has long struck by the virus of idiocy – said in comments the newspaper VIEW assistant Professor of the Baltic Federal University. Kant, the political scientist Vladimir Abramov. – Actions designed to promote overseas sponsors. What goods are they going to throw over the depressed Eastern Poland? Unless humanitarian. Elblagu this is clearly not going to help, but the same Krynica Morska overnight may cease to be a tourist Mecca”.


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