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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bridge called Putin

The first result of the forum “Russia calling!”: the gap between the government and the people monstrous, but the only bridge under the name “Putin” us still connects. Failure is growing, and new threads uneducated, dependent customized mobile and enlightened thinking in the West elite appears. One never knows, people would start to strengthen the crossing of the heads and lives of members of the government. Russia has always been the only way.

All of these government, the Duma, investment and other meetings have become a kind of political soap operas, talk-shows, where roles are determined in advance, words, and thoughts known ahead of time, and the results are predictable in advance. It seems, Ah, Ah, how terrible it is, but do not worry: though we live in parallel worlds, but rarely intersect, and it is not known who gets more disturbing. But to the point.

The forum was positioned as an investment, but as in terms of sanctions rely on the inflow of foreign investment, a key task of the speakers was to be increased domestic investment activity. In addition, the economic science has long proven that in the recent period (since 1970) in the world there was not a single case of sustainable development of national economies based on foreign investment. In the first place due to his powers.

Some of the speakers at the forum heard about it? Except, of course, is obvious to all of ascertaining the slowdown in lending to the real sector? (Here and further rhetorical questions.)

If Russia’s resources? Without a doubt. On 1 September this year, the only official Bank deposits in rubles and foreign currency exceeded 23 trillion, plus more than 12 trillion rubles of deposits of organizations. A total of nearly 36 trillion, or about 600 billion dollars. To invest but do not want though you burst.

Why? The standard explanation everyone knows, the investment climate is bad, people don’t trust government. Afraid of the people that the government with their scanty investments will again be wronged. Press, devalue it, confiscate — a few ways.

On the forum something was said, as the government will protect investors? The government has intent to initiate a massive investigation of corruption in the bureaucracy, and not at the level of inter-clan warfare, as with some former governors or top managers, and the broad front? That tomorrow will start working straight line for aggrieved investors? Planned that television “five minutes of hate” to the thieving bureaucrats?

Not their methods? Then let them continue sitting with nothing.

From the Moscow office, say, the Kuril Islands seen. Maybe it is, but only Ivanovo Kostroma sure of the eyepiece falling out. Local princelings know well how to make money on the construction of technology parks or coworking, but men from near Moscow to the regions is still rotational travel to the capital to work as a security guards. But the new and, importantly, concrete and visible workplaces, for example in the production of import-substituting consumer products, — silence.

If the government understanding that the improvement of the investment climate is not for foreigners but for my is impossible without evaluation “wild” privatization, primarily in the sector of production, processing and export of natural resources? No, not nationalization or excess profit tax: first — the study of the efficiency of use of the former state property? To potential buyers and current owners, suddenly fabulously wealthy on the results of the work of many generations, the fifth point felt — asset “toxic”, because not only stolen, but also squeezed?

Ah, sedition, assault on the gains? Well, wait for the return of confidence to the people until the second coming.

Or borrow the international reserves of the Central Bank at $ 400 billion. Foreigners have long been wondering why a country, with such “crazy” money runs the world with an outstretched investway. Or reserves, mostly on paper? In advance then do not expose yourself to public ridicule.

Oh yeah, the resourceful, the government is soon going to get to the reserve funds of oil and gas revenues in excess of $ 40./Barr. and continues to invest, I think, in overseas government bonds at 1% per annum. Not in their own infrastructure, state-owned industry or social sphere, and foreign program. For example, for the purchase of local “hawks” weapons.

But in this case, the forum needed to not call the timid investors and fearless representatives of foreign defense industry.

To take we, apparently, will be back at 5% per annum in foreign currency and 10% per annum in rubles. Interesting, Yes there are innovative government debt policy is: no to “shoot” from their own Central Bank, foreign speculators more interesting. Who?

However, the government is understandable: to take to be Ministers and to pay the debts and interest — we and our children. The budget is being formed at the expense of our taxes, and the temporary worker it just distribute. Nothing, nothing, we’ll cope, really, people?

As in the case with the upcoming “gentle” growth of tariffs of natural monopolies, particularly in utilities, “only” 4%, as well as proudly mentioned on the forum. They say, people’s income fall, and the government was moved with compassion, went to meet him, although he could approve the increase in two (twenty two) times more.

Pardon me, but why are these hackneyed rates generally should be increased? Energy prices low, parts are cheap, the salaries of public utilities does not grow, where the 4%? And then we wonder why the crisis inflation is globally low and we still have one of the most high: our loving government itself and the blower.

On the forum complained that the people in Russia stubbornly refuses to try his luck in the stock market, they say that financial literacy among people of low. Normally we have financial literacy, not better or worse compared to other countries, we just have a different mentality, you know? We are by nature cautious slowpoke, but once decide, go to the end, despite intermediate failures. The British or especially the Americans, on the contrary, the soul is always the players, so we never achieve the level of engagement of local society in the speculative games.

The forum once again confirmed that the government on the ears are mired in the old false mantra, for example, that money is the lifeblood of the economy. Apparently, the liberal government ideologues once I mastered a few books monetarists now and forever believed in the miraculous properties of money. That money is dirt, deception, hypocrisy, talking is not necessary, we already for example, individual members of the Cabinet know.

It is known, however, that the blood of the economy — not money, work, physical, organizational and intellectual efforts of people. That the economy is part of society, and the money is just a connecting link between us and the benefits or everything that meets our needs. To go from this side, have not tried, since with the current installations is a fiasco, and the appeals and slogans don’t work?

Hard, I know. It is difficult though, because our man — this hardworking, business owner. And embittered by someone else’s success envious. And devoid of business sense lazy. Unpretentious and undemanding, the Creator. And who cared about the common good statesman. And a hunger for easy money rogue. And resentful life loser. And they all need their own special approach. Not abstract, smooth on the paper or from the podium umopostroeniya, and individual adjustment.

Whether it is capable of government? No? Then the statement on the table and freedom. For which members of the Cabinet of Ministers not for myself, for all of us living. Not realizing that we, the pariahs compared to their income, far more freely. And look at freedom as a means to a healthy lifestyle, and not the ultimate goal of its existence.

And stop feeding people stories about a mythical institutional reforms. First, neither theory nor practice is any relationship between those changes and economic growth are not found, and secondly, the Russian people have always guided first and foremost by conscience, and state standards were considered as regulations. And how to believe the government when its members that immense dacha pop up, the business airplane, the offspring abroad.

Dreams, dreams, where your sweet… I Hope everyone understood that life in the next year will be heavier than the current one? Or separately to chew?

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