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Saturday, February 24, 2018

U.S. could threaten Russian spacecraft

More recently, Washington has accused Moscow and Beijing in the militarization of space, although Beijing such development recently closed, and Moscow was closed for a very long time. Now Moscow says that the us missile defense system threatens all powers whose satellites fly in low orbits. This was another confirmation of why the U.S. refuses to make any agreements on the prevention of placement of weapons in outer space.

The first Deputy head of main operational Directorate of the General staff of Russia General-Lieutenant Victor Pozniki on Tuesday said that the missile defense system (NMD) the US threatens any artificial satellites on low orbits.

“We don’t need to invest in these expensive systems… Should convene an international conference for demilitarization”

“Missile defense is a threat to the free use of outer space by any state. Its anti-satellite capacity serves as one of the sources of rejection by the Americans of any agreement on non-deployment of weapons in outer space,” said Posenichi on Senanikom security forum in Beijing, reports RIA “Novosti”. “Given the global nature of actions ships with interceptor missiles, the US will be able to intervene in the space activities of any state,” said Pesnihi.

He recalled that in February 2008, the United States demonstrated the possibility of the defeat of spacecraft impact by missile. Then American satellite at an altitude of about 250 km was destroyed antimissile “Standard-3” modification 1A, launched from aboard a destroyer of naval forces of the United States from the Hawaiian Islands. “Advanced missiles “Standard-3″ versions of 2A with an increased area of destruction, and missiles GID much more. This allows you to destroy spacecraft Russian and Chinese orbital groups,” the commander quoted “Interfax”.

Striking the Aegis system

As you know, the Americans developed a program for the destruction of satellites from the late 50-ies. Openly reported systems SPIN (SPace INtercept) and the Program 437 ASAT. The latest was the launch of a ballistic missile with thermonuclear charge, which destroyed everything within a radius of eight kilometers. Such a system was not considered effective, because it could damage other satellites. In the early ‘ 80s, the Americans have a two-stage missile ASM-135 ASAT, which was launched from the F-15. Detachable warhead onto a specific satellite and was going to RAM them.

In 1978, the US began a program Prototype Miniature Air-Launched Segment (PMALS) to create anti-satellite missiles, airborne. In 1989, there started a new stage of anti-satellite weapons.

In his speech in Beijing Posenichi explained that the US, in particular, refuse to provide legally binding guarantees not directed its anti-missile capability against Russia with the elaboration of effective measures of transparency and verification. Also “the U.S. and its allies to block the Conference on disarmament in Geneva, the Russian-Chinese initiative to prevent the weaponization of space, the use of force and threat of force against outer space objects,” said Pesnihi.

The Russian General was supported by colleagues from the Chinese Ministry of defense. “The United States, implementing the plan of gradual development of a missile defense system in Europe, did not provide legal guarantees not directed against Russia. While in reality it poses a direct threat to Russia’s security,” said Deputy chief of operations for the joint staff of the Central military Commission of China major-General Cai Jun at a joint briefing in the framework of Tanshanskogo forum. He added that Washington’s actions “strengthen global and regional US military presence, increase the imbalance of forces in the region, provoke the aggravation of existing contradictions and complicate the overall situation in the sphere of security,” quoted him TASS.

The head of the space policy Institute Ivan Moiseev not sure ABOUT threatening satellites. “AMM comes in a close space just for a few minutes. Any satellite could be in orbit for several years,” – Moses said the newspaper VIEW, stressing that in this way the efficiency of the use of missiles against satellites is extremely small.

Moses recalled that the Soviet Union conducted large-scale tests of anti-satellite weapons. There were three dozen devices, which are then shot down. But later the program was called off because the weapon was more expensive than satellite. “The Americans only once shot down a satellite with a fighter, but decided not to do this anymore. China also once tested. Only then conducted model tests. When the Chinese shot down a satellite, then came a million of dangerous debris, and many countries are still unhappy with this fact. Large debris will be another hundred years to spin orbit”, – said Moiseev.

But the President of the Academy of geopolitical problems Leonid Ivashov agree with the position of the General staff. According to him, the United States created a system to destroy satellites effective. “The Americans can really bring down low-orbit satellites. It is a threat. The US is not going to the proposals for the demilitarization of outer space proposed by Russia and China. They plan to create a missile defense system, which will be based laser system”, – Ivashov said the newspaper VIEW.

The President of the Academy recalled that the Soviet Union was the first to create a system for destroying satellites on the basis of heavy missiles. “But then we refused, and we now have no such systems. But the American Aegis gets to satellites”, – he said. Ivashov believes that today Russia needs to focus on the demilitarization of space, and not on the creation of weapons to destroy satellites. In outer space, he believes, should be meteorological, scientific, and reconnaissance satellites and military, which might affect other space objects should be banned.

According to him, Americans are developing their missile defense system so that not only shoot down missiles in the boost phase, but to intercept missiles on the orbital trajectory that coincide with the satellite. And Russia “here behind”. “We don’t need to invest in these expensive systems… Should convene an international conference for demilitarization” – called Ivashov.

By the way, Pozniki in his Beijing speech also noted that the SM-3 missile can intercept Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and ballistic missile submarines (SLBM) not only on average, say the US, but in the initial phase of flight. Russia States the fact of threats to national security in connection with the expansion of the American missile defense system, added later, and the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov.

800 kilometers above the Sichuan

Recall that in the Soviet ASAT system began in the early 60-ies. Scientists have tried to create a small rocket launched from the plane from a height of about 30 kilometers and carrying a charge of 50 kg of explosives. But the tests would not achieve the expected results. The following project involved the development of multipurpose manned spacecraft “Soyuz-P” (interceptor). The satellite down was the crew. But the program was also closed as other then. In 1978, the Soviet Union began work on the creation of anti-satellite missile, which it would be possible to use fighter-interceptor MiG-31. Flight tests began in the late 80’s. In 2009, the then air force commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin promised that the missile defense system based on the MiG-31 will be restored, but more about such works were not reported.

In early 2007, China tested a ballistic missile with a kinetic warhead, which at the altitude of 864 km above the Sichuan province was struck by an obsolete weather satellite “Fengyun-1C”. Three previous attempts by China to shoot down missile satellite failed. Most U.S. spy satellites are flying just on the orbit, which was shot down by “Fengyun-1C” is communication satellites, GPS satellites whose data are used in the so-called smart bombs, as well as in the army and intelligence. The wreckage of the “Fengyun-1C” turned into space debris and become a hazard to other satellites.

As reported earlier, the newspaper VIEW, the United States recently again criticized Russia in the development of anti-satellite weapons, even though he was adopted. Deputy head of the Pentagon’s Frank Kendall, said that the Russian and Chinese “are rapidly increasing their presence in space”, and Americans, by contrast, lose.

Blaming it on Russia, the American media used as an excuse to run from the Plesetsk cosmodrome rockets, allegedly tracked by an American satellite. However, the fact of launching anti-satellite missiles officially, neither the Russian nor the American authorities did not confirm. Probably talking about the missile defense system (NMD) A-235 “Nudol”. She should replace deployed around Moscow system A-135 “Cupid” and to shoot down objects in earth orbit can’t. But the us missile SM-3, which is launched from a ship, such opportunities has.


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