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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Ukrainian government is afraid of its citizens fleeing to Russia

Apparently, the threat of Ukraine to enter for citizens of Russia visa to implementation in the near future will not come. The reasons for this marked one of Kiev’s diplomats: it may end up that some people in Ukraine finally fail, some just to move to Russia. Although some representatives of the Ukrainian elite, and it is to this aim.

People perceive reality, among the representatives of the current Kiev authorities vanishingly small. The President of Petro Poroshenko will run away from students after an inconvenient question about the Donbass, speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy paruby will offer to introduce visas with Russia.

“In the case of the introduction of the visa regime, Ukrainians will be forced to return to a country where 3,300 rubles is not considered to be the deepest poverty”

It seems that peace in Donbas possible only after direct negotiations with the leadership of the DNI and the LC, is not afraid to speak only Hope Savchenko, and she recently silenced. Another thing is the visa. On appeal Parubiy and others wanting harder to dissociate itself from Russia honestly and openly answered the Director of the Department of policy and communications of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Oleksiy Makeyev broadcast talk-show “Freedom of speech”.

“And what will happen if you enter this mode? In diplomacy, there is such a thing as “reciprocity”. It can be expected that, first, Russia will introduce visa regime against the Ukrainian people. Second, the millions of Ukrainian citizens who have a job in Russia. They may be forced to return to Ukraine, first to get a work visa, then to obtain the permit” – he explained.

That is, a senior official finally publicly acknowledged the obvious. Despite the ritualistic statements about “the aggressor”, Russia was and remains for millions of Ukrainian citizens the only opportunity to earn a living for themselves and their families. Russia, not the European Union, with which Ukraine is so strongly integrated more than two and a half years. But that’s not the most interesting.

“Also, Russia may say, what millions of Ukrainians it is not necessary to return to Ukraine – let them take Russian citizenship. Or the idea of introducing the visa regime is actually that we lost a large number of citizens of Ukraine?” – asked a rhetorical question Makeev.

Thus, it is not only a return visa, which can chase the Ukrainian migrant workers home. The thing is that Ukrainian officials are not confident that their fellow citizens at the first opportunity will not refuse the opportunity to be citizens of a “major European countries” which “have chosen a European path of development”.

An adequate assessment of the source of material well-being of millions of citizens of Ukraine and their relationship to their own nationality is certainly a big step forward after a long period shapkozakidatelskie moods in the Ukrainian government. Yet these kinds of statements allow themselves level officials of the Department Director of the Ministry, but as they say, the water wears away the stone. The lack of development at the current vector of Ukrainian policy (and the closely related economy) it becomes obvious to a wider circle of decision makers – both in Kiev and in Europe.

It is significant that if the welfare of millions of Ukrainian migrant workers in Russia, doubts are not expressed, in Ukraine itself to provide a normal life for refugees from Donbass can not – and I say this directly.

Director General of the International organization for migration (IOM) William Lacy Swing in an interview with “Apostrophe” said that most of the displaced people in Ukraine live near the poverty line: “Only about 43% of internally displaced persons receive regular salary income and another 18% have part-time employment. Many people still depend on social benefits, the prices for rent are high. Most of the internally displaced families live in Ukraine 1.4 thousand hryvnia (about 3300 rubles at the exchange rate on 11.10.2016) per person per month, which is close to the poverty line,” said Swing.

He also added that “the resolution of the issue with payments to internally displaced persons,” is one of the conditions by the EU to allocate to Ukraine 600 million Euro under the second tranche of macro-financial assistance program.

However, this is not the only condition. For example, the head of the EU delegation in Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli said that if Kiev does not withdraw the moratorium on the export of roundwood, introduced in 2015, the money will not. Russia regularly try to blame the “economic pressure” on neighbors, but it is, of course, “quite another matter”.

UNIAN also proudly announced that in September 2016, Ukrainian exporters have supplied to foreign markets 39,9 thousand tons of sugar, which is the highest monthly level of exports for the last five years. The largest buyer was Sri Lanka, followed by Georgia and Azerbaijan are also among the major buyers, Myanmar and Tajikistan.

So to summarize everything above, the picture is bleak. Millions of Ukrainians continue to work in Russia in case of introduction of a visa regime or be forced to return to a country where 3,300 rubles is not considered to be the deepest poverty, but only “close to poverty line”, or take Russian citizenship. In Ukraine itself unless there is money on the so-called ATO in Donbass, but no money to help the refugees from the territory where Kiev has launched and supported a civil war. In order to obtain assistance from the European Union, Ukraine will have to sacrifice their forests (and also the woodworking industry). Ukrainian sugar after the closure of the Russian market of Europe does not need – and it has to sell in exotic countries. Talk about the abolition of tourist visas of the European Union for Ukrainian citizens are conversations.

“I am a girl, I want to lace panties and the EU” – in the days of euromaidan photo of young Ukrainian women with a poster above content was extremely popular. To a three-year anniversary of the outbreak of mass protests in Kiev in less than a month and a half, and Ukraine have since become much more of Europe in all respects, except geographical.

Another thing is that to squeeze out all of the “Russophile and jackets” – is this what sought of Ukrainian nationalists? The country will live poorly, but the election will always win Ukrainian patriots. This idea may at some point outweigh and.


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