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Monday, March 12, 2018

The interior Ministry of Ukraine has charged the President of France

“The French President is a lot to take! I say to you, Mr Hollande, do not tell us…” in such a harsh tone to French President Francois Hollande addressed in “Facebook” Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. The chief militiaman of Ukraine explained the French President that he should do, and what Hollande’s actions “unacceptable and outrageous”. His statement Avakov explained that “the months spent on the euromaidan.”

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov addressed to the President of France, Francois Hollande, saying that he takes too much upon himself, requiring Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements.

“Ukraine is not going to perform Minsk agreement. I don’t know what it’s a secret”

We will remind, on Tuesday, Hollande, speaking at the PACE session, said that the implementation of the Minsk agreements “shall be elections in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. Ukraine must take responsibility for the implementation of the reforms.”

According to Avakov (which the Minister detailed on his page in Facebook), “Francois Hollande expressed absolutely unacceptable for Ukraine things. He demanded first elections in the Donbass, and then the withdrawal of occupation troops of Russia (Ukraine unsubstantiated claims that in the Donbass are fighting thousands of Russian soldiers – approx. OPINION) from the Ukrainian land and the return of Ukrainian control over the Ukrainian-Russian border”.

“He wants the election immediately after the cease-fire and withdrawal of troops!” – outraged by the behavior of the French President, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine. The statement said that the ATO allegedly killed two Ukrainian soldiers and wounded seven, while the cease-fire. We will add that in the defense Ministry Donetsk national Republic reported that over the past day, Ukrainian security forces more than three hundred times violated the ceasefire.

“The ugly statements of the Minister of foreign Affairs

“The French President is a lot to take! – declared the head of the MIA of Ukraine. First the ugly statements of the Minister of foreign Affairs of France Ayrault during his visit to Ukraine, and now President Hollande”. Explain that in September the Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault publicly demanded that the Ukrainian authorities next week to sign the agreement on disengagement in three pilot areas in the Donbass. And he made clear that his demand is addressed primarily to the President Petro Poroshenko.

Meanwhile Avakov continued to present claims to the French President: “…I say to you, Mr Hollande, don’t you dare tell us to give Ukraine millions of lives of our citizens under Putin’s regime, because that’s how you feel comfortable!” – he called.

Avakov reminded Hollande that he is, he says, should be “on behalf of the democratic Europe to stop the aggressor, attacked the Ukraine,” referring, of course, Russia. “So do it, and do not betray Ukraine, from Putin to pay off section of our country! Don’t sell on the vulgar political the largest European fair for the people!” – urged the Ukrainian Minister.

He criticized the elections, which proposes that the Hollande because, in the words of interior Minister of Ukraine, they will be held “in the absence of civil rights and freedoms.”

“Russian “hybrid world” will come to the borders of France”

Then the Minister decided to tell Hollande about the history, interpreted in alakoski. “Does the President of France to remember the lessons of history to the eve of world war II? Remember how enlightened Europe, before he was enslaved by Hitler, appeasing the aggressor, “not noticed” and explained the need and the political balance of first, the Anschluss of Austria and the Czech Sudetenland, then got a fascist dictatorship, occupation and grief on his land?!” – Avakov declared.

Then he saw a parallel between the events in Ukraine and Syria. “You learned nothing of the events in Ukraine – just look at Syria, You can see the light only when the Russian “hybrid world” will come to the borders of France!?” – stated in the message.

“Your suggestions and interpretations of the settlement of the war in the Donbas is unacceptable and outrageous for any true Ukrainian. Putin losing Ukraine, you will lose Europe, will lose their freedom. Be under no illusions – create real anti-Putin democratic front of free people and not umirotvorenie the aggressor!” – said the Ukrainian Minister.

In conclusion, Avakov said that Ukraine “is counting on the support of friends, and not a betrayal of the companions”.

In his colorful speech Avakov admitted: “I’m not a foreign Minister and not a diplomat.” However, in his opinion, this does not prevent him to dictate to the French President, what policies he carried out. “I am a member of the Ukrainian government, representing the government of the second largest parliamentary faction “people’s front” – said Avakov recalled that “represents the government of patriots and volunteers” and that he “spent months on the Maidan.”

“We are not going to move… What obligations?”

Avakov is not the only representative of the Kiev authorities, allowing himself to openly show disinterest Kiev to implement the Minsk agreements.

In a recent interview with Deutsche Welle in a similar spirit spoke the man responsible for the formation of foreign policy of Ukraine, head of the foreign Ministry of the country Pavlo Klimkin.

The source of the Minister noticed that the failure of Ukraine key terms of the Minsk agreement was “a huge disappointment” to the West. “For you Minsk agreement is dead? – it asked a question. – You have not moved forward. You do not fulfill their obligations.” In response Klimkin said: “we are not going to move”.

He recalled that Ukraine and Russia “there are some fundamental disagreement about how to interpret the Minsk agreement”.

The German journalist also noted that the European Union promised to lift visa regime with Ukraine, and the IMF resumed its funding of the country. Then asked the question, when Kiev will fulfill its obligations? – “What obligations?” – surprised in response Klimkin.

“I earned enough points for retirement”

“Avakov regularly behaving provocatively”, – stated in conversation with the newspaper VIEW political scientist, Director of the Kiev center for political and conflict studies Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

He believes that “the President would love to have it dismissed if not for the fact that it is actually the main figure in the “people’s front” (Arseniy Yatsenyuk party – approx. OPINION), which has remained his resignation would have caused problems with the coalition,” – said the expert. According to him, Avakov “earned enough points to be dismissed”. The analyst recalled that “the popular front” earlier called for the introduction of visas with Russia, which is also not supported by the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs and the President. Avakov’s statement – “this line is to imagine yourself in the role of the main anti-Russian party in anticipation of the upcoming parliamentary elections,” – said the expert. He recalled that the problem with the coalition is still there, however, Poroshenko has not decided on the resignation of Avakov, said the source.

“Ukraine is not going to perform Minsk agreement”

Expert not confused Avakov’s statement and the Minsk agreements. “Ukraine is not going to perform Minsk agreement”, – he said and recalled that such speeches we have heard not only from police, but Klimkin, who is authorized to declare the position of the authorities. “I don’t know what it’s a secret… For those who don’t want to know this? For a long time all is clear,” said the expert.

“Only that it is unclear whether under pressure from the West to form this majority of 226 deputies to vote for key positions: the law on the elections, Amnesty, etc.” – said the expert, stressing that without pressure from the West, it is “definitely impossible”.

With regard to the implementation of the Minsk agreements, “it would mean a complete reformatting of the structure of the Ukrainian political field,” – said the analyst. He explained that we need to include in the political establishment those who are now the current government and Ukrainian journalists as terrorists, to Parliament, for example, as a representative of the region should come Zakharchenko. And “it’s a scandal. They were all afraid, of course,” – said Pogrebinsky.

“Conditional opposition of the peace party and the hawks”

“In France Avakov’s statement no one will notice”, – said Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik. In conversation with the newspaper VIEW, he noted that the issue of international relations is exclusively within the competence of the President and appointed by the Minister for foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

However, “we must understand that today Avakov is actually the main representative of the popular front in power, party leader of the Ukrainian hawks, and voiced their position,” said the source. It is significant and important to Avakov in terms of struggle for power, in order to demonstrate the radical electorate, which is focused on the political force that the implementation of the Minsk agreements and other agreements is not the work of the police, and other politicians, the President, said Bortnik: “That is an attempt to distance themselves in some way and keep the impact on the radical (persons – approx. OPINION), nothing more,” – said the expert.

If to speak about the attitude of Kiev to the Minsk agreement, “of course, this statement of the Minister of internal Affairs, which has the effect of including on volunteer battalions pose huge potential risks and suspicions that these agreements are not met, they can be thwarted by radical forces of Ukraine”, – said the analyst.

However, the statement by Avakov “is the position of the Ukrainian political elite. Visible internal conflict between party hawks and contingent party of the world”, – concluded the expert.


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