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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The French diplomat explained the failure of the meeting of Putin and Hollande

The Western press continues to discuss the news of the cancellation of the visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to Paris. According to The Financial Times, the formal cause could be the failure of Francois Hollande from the joint opening ceremony of the Orthodox center in the French capital. Now French diplomats are trying to hush up the scandal: it’s not a reluctance of Hollande to communicate, just is a war, and now has better things to do.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Francois Hollande

“We could not hold a festive event, not the atmosphere”, – said the publication of a French diplomat. According to him, in response to the refusal of the event, the Kremlin said that the visit will be rescheduled.

Recall that the chill in relations between Paris and Moscow began after Russia blocked in the UN security Council resolution France on the situation in Syria.

A few days later the President of France Francois Hollande in an interview hinted at the inappropriateness of the meeting with the Russian leader over Moscow’s support of Damascus.

In response, the Kremlin announced the cancellation of Putin’s visit to Paris, which was to be held on October 19.

Note that the political opponents of Hollande have accused him of disrespecting the Russian President. In particular, the former President of France and leader of the largest opposition party “the Republicans” Nicolas Sarkozy, the newly hopefuls for the top post of the country, called the behavior irresponsible successor.

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Even sharper in his statements was the leader of the French National front, marine Le Pen, who said that Hollande expressed “absolutely incredible contempt, writes Le Figaro.

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