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Monday, February 19, 2018

The first book of Julian Semyonov born

In Moscow hosted a presentation of books by Julian Semyonov – the first. The story “Diplomatic agent” he wrote in 1958, and next it was published. Since then, a separate book was not published. The presentation came the daughter of the master of political detective Olga Semenova, who lives in Paris.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

The daughter of writer Juliana Semenova Olga

8 Oct Julian Semyonov would have turned 85 years old, but he was gone almost a quarter century ago, in 1993. He was only 61 years old. Everyone knows of the book Semenova “Seventeen moments of spring”, “Diamonds for the dictatorship of the proletariat”, “Petrovka, 38”, “TASS is authorized to declare”. A “Diplomatic agent” is left in their shadow. The story is based on the Orenburg material, and re-released it years later the publisher Igor Khramov, living in Orenburg. He’s a talented journalist. This is the story of a Polish exile of Ivan (Jan) Witkiewicz. On the recommendation of the scientist Alexander von Humboldt, it drew the attention of the military Governor of Orenburg Vasily Perovsky and sent on a secret mission to Bukhara. Witkiewicz became the first Russian envoy in Afghanistan.

Yulian Semyonov came to Orenburg in 1958, worked in the archives, but the result of his labors was “a Diplomatic agent”.

Once there came Pushkin to collect material in the Pugachev rebellion, and “captain’s daughter”. Leo Tolstoy conceived novel about the reign of Governor perovski, and also visited Orenburg, but never realized his idea. So the tradition of call in this region exists.

Olga Semenova was in Moscow on the way from St. Petersburg to Paris. She participated in the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of his father, in the Presidential library, located in the former building of the Synod in St. Petersburg. Introducing the book, she recalled: “In 1958 my dad was 27 years old. By today’s standards is a perfect boy. But what of Pushkin’s lightness was present in what he wrote. The choice of the hero was not accidental for him. He has a lot in common with Ivan Witkiewicz. Both risk-takers. The letters which wrote Witkiewicz, reminiscent of my father’s letters that I published. Witkiewicz did not in 30 years. He wanted to strengthen Russia and its relationship with the East, but his ideas found no support from the authorities who then care. And now they were relevant for Russia today. My father has been reissued after almost 50 years. Returning to the idea is not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Igor Khramov did it in Orenburg”.

Interestingly, the idea to reissue “Diplomatic agent” came Igor’s Temple after he bought in Moscow the book of Olga Semenova about the father. Once home, I tried to find the first option “Diplomatic agent”, and found the only copy. After 1959 the first book of Semenov out, but in his 19-volume collected works, and other collections. But individual titles were not. Olga said that she took up the book about my father, reading the memories of the Actresses, full of fantasies. So bad they said that she decided to end it. But at the same time wrote and much more, for example about your grandmother Natalya Petrovna konchalovskaya. Yulian Semyonov was married to her daughter. So the ancestors of Olga – artists Surikov and konchalovskaya, and next-of-kin – Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrei Konchalovsky.

The presentation gathered a lot of people, mostly knowledgeable Olga Semenova. Came Director of the Museum, Juliana Semenova in the Crimean foros historian Alexei Repin. First Secretary of the Union of journalists of Moscow Lyudmila Shcherbina remembered how came to light the prize. Juliana Semenova. Came his daughter Olga and suggested Pavel Gusev, who heads the Union of journalists of Moscow, to establish this award. In January, it received the reviewer “MK” Alexander Minkin. Was the writer Galina Artemieva-Livshits, talked about Semenov as the creators of myths. Here was Homer, whose name is now inseparable from the image of the Trojan horse. And Semenov is a folk hero Stirlitz. Producer Gia Lortkipanidze remembered country childhood and the wooden fence on East Avenue, where he lived Semenov. It is with the adaptations of his works bound for him, then another child, the spirit of adventure. Moscow 70s seemed gray, and the movies Semenov generals and KGB played tennis with beautiful women, the streets drove luxury cars of foreign agents. Lordkipanidze intends to film the works of Juliana Semenova – a series about Colonel Kostenko. Came also the idea to make a feature film about Semenov. He’s a real hero.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

One of the readers who came to the presentation, asked Olga Semenova, is it true the rumors that her father did not die a natural death. And she advised me to see the movie “the Givenness of the good,” which has shown on the Sevastopol television. It can be found on the Internet. Olga also talked about his son Julian. He is a pianist, studying at the Geneva Conservatory. He loves Moscow – clean and beautiful, where all the people are smiling. And to the question: “are you Ready to die in Paris?” said, “Ready to die for Russia.” I remembered this evening that Yulian Semyonov has not received the state award for the film “Seventeen moments of spring”, while the other creators of the film, it was awarded. In this regard, surfaced episode, as Brezhnev demanded to bring to his Stirlitz wanted to award him the order of the red star. Saw him as a real person. In the end it brought Vyacheslav Tikhonov.


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