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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Media: it is Scientifically proven that intuition is more important than experience

Although life experience helps a person more often than intuition, sometimes for optimal decision-making should listen exactly to the inner voice. As reported by several media, that is the conclusion according to the results of a recent study came to a group of British scientists.

photo: pixabay.com

The study showed that people, in their actions based solely on experience, sometimes commit a greater error than those who overestimate the importance of intuition. According to scientists, this can be explained by the fact that experience allows us to act effectively in a situation the details of which the person is known, whereas in reality, decisions often have to make in terms of lack of information and time to consider and ponder. In this situation is to listen to what tells your own subconscious, is a good idea though to rely on intuition would be another very undesirable extreme, experts say.

It should be noted that there are a number of studies showing that many questions in attempts to trust your intuition deeper, only enter a person into error. For example, in may this year a group of researchers from tel Aviv University and Massachusetts Institute of technology, found that most people can’t “guess” whether their mutual friendship, relying only on their own feelings and not on such “objective” factors as the General social circle, and so on.

We will remind, recently the American psychologist Jennifer Delgado said that, according to some recent research, the child inherits the mother’s intelligence and intuition of the father, contrary to popular belief that both parents influence the potential of their children equally. According to scientist, the violation of this equality leads to the so-called “conditional genes” that are active only if inherited from one parent. Among these genes, transmitted through the female line, some impact on cognitive abilities such as memory, language and thinking, while those that are passed by the father, often “responsible” for such basic instincts and reactions of the body, as hunger or aggression.


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