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Thursday, March 15, 2018

In Moscow will show a film about self-love

From 14 to 17 October in Moscow will host a Festival of documentary films on love “LOVE.DOC”. One of his films talk about self-love. The organizers claim that this is the first ever documentary film about Masturbation. And that is why it is considered something shameful and tried to understand the authors of the film.

“The film is about self-love,” and it is a debut that will present writer, producer and Director Nicholas Tana and his co-producer, Denise Acosta. They proceed from the fact that you masturbate almost 90% of men and 80% women. Nicholas asked a variety of people – from priests and representatives of different faiths to scientists and porn stars with the experience of Nina Hartley, which for sites call a Horny lady in stockings. Antimasturbation involved a representative group, the authors of books about sexuality, one of which is called “the Big book of Masturbation. This topic dedicate to photo exhibitions. The author of one of them and give interviews on issues of the day. Some experts have a very strange impression and is similar to those of psychiatrists, looking at which I think that it is crying a mental hospital. Even a monkey and a dog doing “shameful occupation”. Based on conversations and observations, the authors try to articulate what’s wrong with Masturbation? The tan was a child was laughed at when he admitted that he “loves himself”, and Acosta was raised in a strict Catholic environment. For the film they were going for about 10 years, overcoming mistrust and prejudices. Not only did they talk to their heroes about the benefits and dangers of Masturbation, but the final was kicked in the forehead question: do they do this? And here are the answers: “Sometimes I do” “No! Haha. Yes.” Talking heads alternate with each other, sounds like a refrain, the word “Masturbation”, a chorus of voices recites it in every way.

The film is richly used cutting films from woody Allen to “silence of the lambs” and the animation associated with a given topic. Among the material at hand — paintings by old masters, ancient Egyptian image. The audience will present a modern set of vibrators and other tools for love with yourself. And in the days of the festival will compete for the free sex toys.

In the documentary Comedy “Svetlana and Kurt”, included in the program Director Svetlana Swanson told about the fate of the Russian business lady and a Swedish unemployed who met via the Internet. Before moving to Sweden Director 15 years working in the Murmansk television Studio, and just starting life in a new place, began to make a documentary. By order of the Swedish television Svetlana is working on a sequel to the story of Svetlana and Kurt. She is the main heroine of this novels.

The films will be a series of lectures read which psychologists, philosophers, filmmakers. They are addressed to those who want to learn new things about yourself and your body. A Professor from Oxford Reidar Dew talk about the freedom of a love relationship in the movie. Physiologist Anton Zakharov will affect the formation of gender to explain how boys become boys and girls will be girls, how to conceive a certain sex and why do men have nipples. Clinical psychologist, researcher of the history and psychology of sexuality Sergei Semchenko provided clarification about the nature of erotic images and archetypes of our time, about the empty body and lost soul, about sex our time.

Ivan Tverdovskiy, Jr., who directed the daring film “Zoology” and “Class of correction”, will talk about the right actor for the exposure, about what is and what is not show in the frame. The film “Age of love” Stephen Loring talks to the audience about the “speed Dating”, during which they change partners every five minutes. Then the participants change places. They again find themselves in a new date, which is allocated the same five minutes. Now imagine that it’s a short meeting for those over 70. Loring comes from the fact that the category of 65+ is the fastest – growing in the world. In this case we have accepted that love is only available to those who are young and handsome.


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