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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

In Krasnoyarsk the crimes of teenagers to join the children’s punishment

Over the past few days in Krasnoyarsk region has occurred at once two crimes involving children. After literally days after the funeral of 13-year-old Denis Kazantsev, who was killed by a former classmate, the region has been shaken by a new incident involving children up to 14 years. What is the main cause of such aggression of Russian Teens?

The problem

According to local Department of the interior, 11 October, during domestic quarrels because of jealousy in the town of Divnogorsk two 12-year-old girl was stabbed from his peers. Fortunately, this time they noticed a passing driver who took the victims to hospital and informed the police. So the attack no one was killed.

“Children need to be engaged, and they must have positive authority among adults”

Two days earlier, October 9, during a “showdown” in the Krasnoyarsk district Plow was murdered 13-year-old Denis Kazantsev, who studied in the 81st school. According to information “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Krasnoyarsk,” the cause of the conflict was that the former classmate of the victim, a student of school No. 45, from the set of deuces on his page in the social network in a very rough form, called a teacher a “prostitute”, which angered other students in the class. Then the author of the post was appointed peers meeting, during which he hit his son of a teacher with a knife, but he managed to Dodge, and the guy was hit in the chest by another child standing nearby. The victim tried to run but fell and died in a few minutes due to heavy blood loss.

Both incidents provoked a strong reaction in society. Due to the fact that criminal liability does not apply to persons under the age of 14, in comments to the materials published in the local media, Internet users are invited to rewrite the criminal code. They resented the fact that the first teenager for the murder just wanted to put on the account in children’s guardianship.

The official representative of the Ministry of education and science of Krasnoyarsk region Nadezhda Kvitkovskay said the Agency RIA “Novosti” that the departments of education of municipalities of the region have been sent letters that require you to take special account of the organization of leisure of minors. The Agency also ordered to organize training seminars for teachers on the prevention of conflict, and to impute the duties of social teachers, educational psychologists and class teachers monitoring interpersonal communication between students in social networks.

In addition, schools are required to hold parent meetings in which it is necessary to focus on the behavior of children in social networks and wearing in an educational institution particularly dangerous items. The Department of education of Krasnoyarsk and Divnogorsk must “arrange for immediate psychological and pedagogical assistance to take under special control training and recreation, to develop a programme of support for each party” to the conflict.

According to renowned children’s rights activist Boris Altshuler, the main reason of crimes committed by children is boredom. In his view, adolescents need to be addressed and for them to be positive influencers among adults. However, this is not a new phenomenon. He said that in his teenage childhood in the late 1940s and early 1950s, the peers also there were cases of stabbing. But then if you look at history, it was associated primarily with the recent war and the release from prison of a large number of prisoners of the Gulag. Accordingly, the value of human life was low, as the barrier between the conversation and the physical.

“Now these figures are too low. For today’s children who are brought up in different environment, influenced by social networking, gaming, shooter games of all sorts. But not only that. When the family is humanly normal, good atmosphere, no game is pereshibit can not, with the exception of cases related to mental disabilities,” – said human rights activist and newspaper VIEW.

“Kids, there’s just no one does, they are left to themselves. In our country organized children’s entertainment, he killed laws. In my opinion, should be teachers of additional education: trainers, organizers of sports and recreational activities for the community. For example, in those regions where introduced the position of a domestic coach, you know, once this mess was on the decline. That is, even such a small measure can have a very positive effect,” added Altshuler.

The aggressiveness of the society

In General, I agree with him, a criminal psychologist Mikhail Vinogradov. But he noticed that society has become too aggressive, and not limiting the negative mechanisms.

“Take the same TV. On all channels of the murder, murder, murder, gangsters, the police, the police, on several programs at once. Came child from school, the house is empty and he began to see how adults solve problems with knives, guns, etc. Children, figuring out relationships, not just imitate adults, and bring to it their contribution,” explained the newspaper VIEW.

In this case, the expert singled out one feature: taking up arms and starting to use it to sort things out, the kids almost don’t think about the consequences, unlike adults. Besides the large number of children’s crimes draws the attention of the society, and teenagers often flaunt the fact that they have committed. Nowadays it is a very big problem – and, as explained Vinogradov, each case requires careful analysis.

According to psychologist, in his actions, like Krasnoyarsk, of course, blame the parents. Because everything starts with the family. To prevent such incidents, parents with children you just need to talk anymore.

“In my practice, there are many families where the father often goes on business trips and the kids at this time, is your mother. But as soon as he comes back, the whole family sits down and discusses available for the child’s perception of the challenges, successes, two. However, they do not scold the other children for evaluation, and explain to them how all these issues be solved, as the same dictation to be rewritten. Because at this point, the child is most open to information about what is good and what is bad. Many of these families. However, in most cases, children with parents earning are homeless. And then they educated the street, the Internet and movies,” stated Mikhail Vinogradov.

Speaking of crime girls, struck with a knife peers out of jealousy, the psychologist believes that society made a big mistake, put children in stereotypes, when to 16-18 years have to be students, then students, then the boys should go into the army, and girls to study or work.

“We forget that biologically occurs puberty at age 12-14 years with all the ensuing consequences. How many of us girls are pregnant – do not count, and girls with high school or with peers engage in sex. Everything changed and shifted in the middle Ages,” he said.

The punishment for a crime

Now the question remains about the measure of restraint for the perpetrators of both incidents. Russia’s investigative Committee have instructed my colleagues in Krasnoyarsk, send to the court a petition for exclusion of a suspect in the murder of a peer, by placing the possible culprit in the temporary detention centre for juvenile offenders. It is not excluded that the same measure can be applied to the hero fights with the girls. The Ministry stressed that it “will not get away with this” and the lack of criminal liability in this case does not mean permissiveness. Under the law, if they prove their guilt, they will continue studies in the special school of the closed type.

However, Boris Altshuler believes that this is not an option, because the rehabilitation potential of these institutions is weak. According to human rights, it would be wiser to send their children to “professional foster family”, that is, giving the suspects to the care of those with contingent used to work. But he regretted that while in Russia, this correctional institution has no, although the instruction on drafting the legal basis for its existence, President Vladimir Putin made back in 2013.

“When these children together is the end of the world, and only works on corruption. In Sweden, the same juvenile delinquents are sent to a professional foster families, consisting of former or current police officers. As foreign practice shows, it allows the child to be brought up in a respectable family, breaking away from that environment, which forced him to take a desperate step. Then, through socialization, children gradually can return to a normal life,” added the expert.


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