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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Due to the cancellation of Putin’s visit, Hollande called “the laughing stock of the entire Universe”

The President of France, after much hesitation, “having” cancel his meeting with Putin, clearly did not enhance his political reputation in the country. All the opponents of Hollande, right, left and centrists – used diplomatic embarrassment as the reason to a painful prick head of the French state.

Because of sharp differences on Syria, the French side was forced to limit the participation of President françois Hollande of possible events during a previously planned visit of Vladimir Putin. As a result, the arrival of Russian President was cancelled. It looks like finally formulated the official response of Paris to the cancellation of the visit of the Russian leader.

“Hollande is struggling for votes, under the influence russophobian media”

The current head of the Fifth Republic, whose position and without that not brilliant (the October poll showed that Hollande’s ratings does not exceed 16%), have received criticism at the same time the left and the right. The head of the party “national front” marine Le Pen has expressed bewilderment concerning that, as Hollande has behaved in discussing the possible visit of Putin. The President showed “an absolutely incredible contempt”, quoting Le Pen to the Paris Le Figaro.

On the other hand, the co-founder of the Left party Jean-Luc Mélenchon said: “the Behavior of Francois Hollande’s absolutely unbearable.” Overall, in his opinion, the President of the Republic at this stage should be considered “the laughing stock of the Universe” and “small relay” voice of the United States.

On the eve of Hollande also criticized the centre-right, with serious chances to remove the socialist Hollande on the political Olympus. Two former Prime Minister Alain Juppe and Francois Fillon, who together with Nicolas Sarkozy claim the right to stand in presidents of France from the party “the Republicans” and its allies, expressed confidence in the necessity of dialogue with Moscow.

The ex-President before Sarkozy also criticized the approach of his successor at the presidency for relations with Moscow. “I regret the policy which is now against Russia,” – said the former (and possibly future) President, commenting on the news about the cancellation of Putin’s visit to Paris. Former French leader warned against “joining the new cold war”. In his opinion, “the duty and responsibility of France and Europe – to conduct a dialogue with Russia.”

“How to handle the situation, if you communicate with each other only through press releases? – said Sarkozy. – It is irresponsible.”

“I ask myself – could it be under pressure?”

We will remind, on the eve of the source in the administration of Hollande, told Reuters: Moscow advised the leadership of France on the postponement of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Afterwards, the Kremlin announced that Putin did not go to Paris with a visit on October 19 – including was the cause of failure.

It should also be recalled that Hollande in an interview with TMC asked a rhetorical question about the usefulness of his meeting with Putin. “I ask myself: will the meeting useful? Whether it is necessary? Could it be under pressure? If we can get him to stop doing something that makes along with the Syrian regime, that is to support the aviation regime, which is bombing the people of Aleppo?”

Nervous European allies and the United States, most likely associated with the success of the Syrian army, operating with the help of Russian troops in Aleppo. As previously noted the newspaper VIEW, now no one doubts the outcome of the battle for the Eastern districts of the city from which oust Islamist militants, including jihadists associated with the group “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (in fact, Hollande urged “to stop doing” it).

“The preferred version was “lower level”

“The Russian President waited for the Grand opening of the Orthodox Cathedral in Paris. The French President would like to arrange a meeting on Syria,” – said on the eve of the Paris Le Monde in its editorial.

According to the newspaper, “the Kremlin refused, considering that humiliating for the Russian President, who wishes to speak as the chief, or rather Central actor in the international arena”.

For the French authorities, it was a major headache, says Le Monde. “It was impossible to act like nothing happened, after the Russian veto in the UN security Council, blocked the French draft resolution, which demanded “immediate cessation” of Russian bombing of Aleppo.

“But Paris doesn’t want to risk being caught up in the pursuit of a strong man in the Kremlin… while it remains as sophisticated as it is an indispensable interlocutor for resolving the crisis in Ukraine and finding a diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict,” says the editorial of Le Monde. “The French authorities hesitated, what position to take regarding Putin’s visit. Cancel? The delay under some pretext, such delays in completion of construction works? The preferred version from the beginning was “reducing the level of the visit,” reports the French edition.

On French TV it was news number one

The cancellation of Putin’s visit to France really has caused a wide wave of criticism in French society, said in comments the newspaper VIEW senior fellow at the Center for social problems, Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Fedorov.

“Now I am in France and watching local TV channels. It is dominated by criticism of Hollande and foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, – the interlocutor told. – Some experts believe that their actions against Russia as counterproductive and wrong, is not conducive to solving the world’s problems. Although, of course, distinctly heard and also the voice Russophobic properties. On French television some time cancel Putin’s visit to Paris was the number one news actively broadcast on all channels. On the first channel of French television a famous impressionist Nicolas canteloup, the Hollande ridiculed in enough rigid form.”

However, says Fedorov, one should not exaggerate the negative impact of this episode on the relations between the two countries. The expert believes that the French authorities themselves realized that came not there, and trying to smooth things aggravated the situation. “The same Francois Hollande had stated in Strasbourg that he was ready for dialogue with Russia. The parties are interested in dialogue, and France does not want to lose the role of chief mediator in the talks between the West and Russia”, – he explained.

“Fighting for the voters”

The behavior of Hollande may be caused by domestic political considerations.

“Hollande needs support at the December primaries of the socialist party. In particular, he is struggling for votes, under the influence russophobian print, – said in comments the newspaper VIEW Chairman of the coordination Council of Russian compatriots in France Dmitry koshko. – I note that, unfortunately, in many French editions of the anti-Russian line has recently become dominant,” he explained.

Cat suggests that in reality the chief initiator of cancellation of Putin’s visit was just Hollande.

After the cancellation of Putin’s visit to Paris for Hollande really was bombarded with criticism on both the right and left, said the cat. And it’s not just about the President created the problems in Franco-Russian relations.

“Although many people try to explain that now is not the most convenient time for friendly negotiations with Russia, at the same time, for many it becomes apparent the disappearance of the Autonomous French diplomacy, setting it at the service of a certain part of the American elites. France is squandering all the inheritance left by Charles de Gaulle,” – said the source.

Denis Bouchard, a former senior official of French foreign Ministry adviser on the Middle East French Institute of international relations (IFRI) in an article published yesterday in the newspaper Le Monde, wrote: “given the prospects of a return the right to power in 2017, you may be wondering, what is the possibility (some think likely) change the direction of our foreign policy, especially towards Syria and Russia. The fact that most of the candidates in the first round of the presidential elections from the right, such as françois Fillon and Nicolas Sarkozy seems committed to that line.”


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