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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dolls Andras Lenart has escaped the microscope

…Guest of the VIII international festival of puppet theatre Obraztsov, Director of the Hungarian Andras Lenart mastered and sculpture, the theatre, and the puppet genre and not at all tried everything at the end microfigure, the performance of which cannot last more than 20 minutes, and the atmosphere is meant only chamber. During the show they were shown two mini-play: a tiny version of the creation of the world “Coyaima” and a sketch of the life of dolls with a display of virtuoso movements Stop. So, Lenart lights candles in complete darkness…

Photo: puppet.ru

— Andras as you from the variety of dolls came to thumbnails? — Ask at the end of the amazing action.

Very long time became involved in this business of making dolls, because I’m trained as a sculptor. So I care two processes — play and creation. Curiously, his sculptures — in his youth (and this in 1970-e years) — I didn’t have, but I actively sought for restoration of sculptures within the churches. First we drew the images and then restored them from the tree…

Is later helped in the puppet genre?

— Of course: it’s the ability to work with the material, the feel of it. Moreover, throughout life I have used different puppet techniques; in 1990, he moved to Budapest to lead a workshop puppet theatre of Hungary. But then still did not designed. And there, in Budapest I met a very elderly master, we often talked and played with his figures, and at some point just from the parts of the dolls began to make some layouts — fantasy. So my profession of a sculptor and a child’s desire for the game (you had Parsley, but we have a knight Laszlo) United in one. And for 20 years I have taught a “Foundation” in Budapest…

— I personally first saw this genre — macropodium…

— Not so many people involved, it requires a huge energy cost from the actor. Not everyone is ready. And a large number of public by definition does not attract. Macropodium is one of the filigree techniques is perhaps the most difficult genre to which come, already having mastered the other. You are required to prepare the shapes for themselves, the other person simply will not learn how to act with them: a million tricks regarding motion, plastic, shadow… Another difficulty of this theater, the silent game, without words and text…

— You said that your puppet growth contributed to a special environment

— You know, in the 60-70-ies of the last century in Hungary many wonderful actors, writers on economic and political reasons could not find work, to realize themselves, and were forced to go to state puppet theater, which flourished thanks to these people who came from different creative professions. Certainly not, what kind of music were set then the performances — that “the Firebird” by Stravinsky, and many works of Hungarian composers. The bar has been incredibly high. This period for me-a teenager was decisive: I just fell in love with theater.

— You said about the height, but is there any problem with this genre?

— And here is the contradiction: today is the heyday of theater for children, where dolls are used, but not the heyday of the puppet genre. Now on stage more actors than puppets, and I still love it when the participation of the artist is minimized. Well, imagine the children watch the show with lots of characters and live performers, in the end they bow out a woman, bows… and the woman was a squirrel. But children then in disbelief: their squirrel need, and who is this lady — they have no idea! Hence the problem.

How do you decide?

— I’m such a direction: give children figurines, which played a thousand years ago. Namely: every child to the foot rope, tied the other end to the table, pulls it as a string, and plays like a musical instrument. And then this string gives the figure and she begins to move to the beat, dance. So we are creating together. This is the most effective way to enchant the child in the puppet genre, to detach from the Internet, because in this moment his eyes is a miracle… and this is only the beginning of his interest, and then have to transfer to a new level — story puppet theater…

Photo: puppet.ru

— So, the puppet genre is still more for children?

— So is considered to be. I think it’s a step to the perception of dramatic theatre. After all, when you turn off the light, opened the curtain, is embarking on an incredible mystery, and the child must be ready… besides, it was a puppet theater promotes the incredible explosion of imagination, when children are imagining things myself. There is a secret: some psychological aspects are very difficult to put the game, and the doll comes to the rescue, it is a condition to pass easier. Example: a child sees in a children’s theater woman with dyed red hair and make-up cat. He says: the actress, disguised as a cat. But if he sees in the puppet theater wooden spoon, which depicts a cheerful cat muzzle and a tail, he would never say that it is a spoon. And I say kitten, Yes, kitten! Alas, adults have lost the childish perception, see the spoon just a spoon…

— How do you feel about the performances of “one day”? For example, your colleague is preparing a work about refugees…

— It is necessary to remember that farcical theatre with the same Parsley and its variations were initially the most relevant: artists coming to the city, before learning how does the mayor or the Governor, produced his doll, and then on the square ridiculed all the vices and shortcomings, knowing that at any moment they dispersed the police… so fair, market theaters from time immemorial, been doing these brave actors have expressed the opinion of people who dubasa the doll is a policeman, talking about politics in one way or another veiled degree. And today?.. I calmly refer to actual manifestations in the modern puppet theatre, we repeat, it always has been. And in may of this year he went to a refugee camp in Turkey and played performances in front of children. Should be good, especially where it almost does not reach.


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