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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

As the controversy trump Clinton sounds the Syrian issue

In the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald trump, full of overwhelming everything else with sex, flashed, finally, the “asexual” word “Syria”. Unfortunately, not houris and not the gardens of Babylon. It was about real, contemporary Syria that is tearing apart by civil war. Don’t need to be a prophet in order to predict burning in the fire of a five-year civil war in Syria will inherit the new President of America, whoever they are did not.

photo: youtube.com

During the second collision last Sunday the participants of the debate made an attempt to explain their position on this issue. The position of Hillary Clinton is to continue in the main line of the current President Barack Obama, non-interference in the Syrian humanitarian tragedy. This line, in short, sounds like “no boot GI on the Syrian land.” Although an American GI had trampled the Syrian land.

Donald trump has taken in the Syrian issue hawkish than the one that laid out the Republican candidate for Vice-President Mike Pence. It should be noted that Hillary is also not the dove. As US Secretary of state, she was forced to obey the orders of their President. However, going for the presidency, it deepens the gap between itself and Obama, trying to disguise her diplomatic straw.

Trump does not tolerate straw litter, said he is against bombing the government forces of President Assad of Syria. Clinton said that it favoured a no-fly zone in the skies over Syria. This step was rejected by Obama and his military assistants. But, according to Clinton, “on-fly zones” will put pressure on Russia. (Secretary Kerry’s been trying for seven months to achieve a ceasefire in Syria and not on any “no-fly zones” did not stutter).

Essentially, Clinton proposes the introduction of “on-fly zones” without cooperation with Moscow. This would be a major break with Obama’s position, which would lead to air strikes of the US targets Assad and would increase the risk of collisions between American and Russian aircraft. “This is a very frontal collision,” says about the offer of Clinton Andrew Tabler, an expert on Syria at the Washington Institute for near East policy.

The battle for Syria between trump and Clinton, not fragmentary, and more or less solid, happened during the second debate for the first time during the presidential campaign, which is not surprising, given that the Syrian crisis is the most profound geopolitical crisis between Russia and the West. The debate Clinton-trump has revealed the complexity of this crisis with ever decreasing opportunities for its peaceful resolution. “Before the elections in America a quarter of a million Syrians will continue to starve and be at risk of delivery of Aleppo, Assad’s troops,” says Tabler and adds: “our Next President will have to deal with this conflict almost immediately.”

By the time of the inauguration of Clinton or trump Eastern Aleppo could fall. Thus, no now Washington has no options to defend the city without the direct intervention. But trump claims that Aleppo “almost fell.” According to Philip Gordon, a former coordinator for the middle East policy of the Obama administration, “none of the presidential candidates is no easy answer to the difficult issue of Syria”. Yes, Syria is not sex in the Washington corridors of power!

On Syria are tied and many of the political problems of the country. Hillary realized how important to her to support Obama and first lady Michelle. This requires a not very away from them. When Clinton was Secretary of state, she differed with Obama on the issue of arming the rebels. According to the same Gordon, who now works as an adviser to Clinton, she has “good reason” to conceal the details of its strategy on Syria.

Gordon further claims that trump has no experience of sitting in the Situation room of the White house – and not just seats, but also decision-making. He describes the Syrian strategy trump as a “poorly prepared and stuffed with incorrect statements”, — writes the newspaper “new York times”.

Trump for the sole purpose of American troops in the Syrian conflict are focused on ISIS (“Islamic state” is banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group) which brings it strategy with the strategy Obama instructed the Pentagon to monitor ISIL, as it, and not the Assad government poses a direct threat to American interests in the region.

“Now Syria is at war with ISIL. And we have people who want us at war with both at the same time. We have yet to deal with ISIS before even more deeply bogged down,” says trump. He is consistent in his position. He confirmed it in his two interview to the newspaper “new York times” in March and July of this year. He said that it makes no sense to overthrow Assad, if he fights the same enemies that America.

The candidate in Vice-presidents from Republicans Pence, who for ten years sat in the house of representatives Committee of Congress on foreign policy and had the opportunity to see many documents on the Syrian conflict, has a more traditional policy of his party: don’t let Russia dominate this “war for order” in Syria.

The strategy of the Republicans against Syria as follows: should the US intervene in the humanitarian crisis in Syria? How to deal with Russia? (However, the second question covers the first one).

In the issue of humanitarian assistance to the Republican candidate proposes to use American armed forces to stop the human tragedy in Syria. However, trump does not provide any examples of violations in this area. On the second issue, trump is trying to reduce Russia’s influence in the region. He talks about the need “to begin a new relationship with Mr. Putin” and to avoid all discussions about the need to “push Putin in Syria.” Last Sunday, trump again said that there is no sign of hacking is against the Russian National Committee of the Democratic party. It is curious that he made such a statement 48 hours after the official statement of the Director of National intelligence and the Department of homeland security that Russia and its leadership involved in this hacking.

“I don’t know Putin, — told the trump. But I noticed that every time something does not happen as it should, they like to say that the guilty Russian. (They are the Democratic party leadership — M. S.) So Hillary Clinton does not know if Russian hacking. Can be no hacking? But they always blaming Russia. And they do it because they want to spot me ties with Russia.”

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis

Watch the video on “the”trump unleashed”: the fly sat on the face of Clinton during the debate”


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