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Sunday, October 23, 2016

“The village is flooded”: the head of the Vladimir region told about the benefits of sanctions

Governor of Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova called on Western politicians not to lift sanctions against Moscow. According to her, the government’s restrictions on production increased by 25%.

photo: youtube.com

His observations Vladimir region Governor shared in his speech at the forum “Russia — country of sports”, reports the edition “Твойгород24”.

“I the Germans said, when was the “Petersburg dialogue”: you don’t understand our nature. The worse you make us, the stronger we become. We are a nation. Sanctions hold it longer. The village is flooded. Everywhere, in all areas,” — said Orlov.

Earlier, the President Trading-industrial chamber of Russia Sergey Katyrin said that the regime of the food embargo will be extended until 2017.

“Now our farmers are generally praying to God that sanctions never canceled, every morning. They are for the period increased. It was therefore decided to leave counter-sanctions until the end of next year. So people working in rural areas, had a future”, – quotes Katyrin “Politnavigator”.

The Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev also sure that the contractee has helped the development of agriculture in Russia. “If it were not for the sanctions, it would be necessary to invent them. There was happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped” — said the Minister.

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