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Friday, February 16, 2018

The US has become complicit in war crimes in Yemen

On the eve of the USS “Mason” came under rocket attack off the coast of Yemen. The ship received no damage, but it was suspicious at the time. Culprits previously announced Houthi rebels continued, a war with whom are Saudis, with US support. And for some time Washington has been complicit in war crimes.

In that time, while the world’s attention is drawn to what is happening in Syria, Saudi Arabia solves the problem in Yemen. The civil war in this country with the active participation of the Saudis is now in its third year, and no prerequisites for its completion is not visible. In fact, the US gave its Arab allies carte Blanche for military actions against neighbors, and traditionally refuse to ignore the examples of flagrant violations of human rights in this absolute monarchy.

“During the bombing of Yugoslavia, NATO mistakenly hit a column of Albanian refugees killing 75 people”

However, some events still have to react. Recall, October 8, was dealt an airstrike on a funeral procession in the Yemeni capital Sanaa. Initially it was reported about 45 victims, the final number of dead was many times more – more than two hundred people, and their number can grow – all suffered more than 700 people. No doubt that the strike was led by Saudi Arabia coalition, no more simply no, the Sunnis opposing the Huthis no combat aircraft. But Riyadh is in no hurry to take responsibility for what happened.

We emphasize that in contrast to the events in Syria, where to confuse the peace convoy and militants it is not so difficult, and parties to the conflict, at least four (supported by Russia’s official authorities with the allies – from the militia to Iran, terrorists from LIH* “dzhebhat an-Nusra” and other so-called “moderate” opposition and the very Western coalition with fuzzy contours, which includes the Turks and the Kurds), in Yemen only two sides – the Houthis and the government forces, supported by Saudi Arabia. And since Saudi Arabia is the main ally and friend of the United States in the Persian Gulf, statements by Americans are very like the movement caught on a hot griddle and snake.

“We are gravely concerned by reports of today’s airstrike on funeral procession in Yemen, which, if confirmed, will add a dangerous series of attacks on the strikers Yemenis. The U.S. cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the field of security – not an empty phrase. Even when we are helping the coalition, headed by Saudi Arabia in the defense of the territorial integrity (of Yemen), we will Express our concern about the ways to achieve it”, – reads the statement of the representative of the national security Council, USA (NSC) ned price.

Secretary of state John Kerry, on the one hand, called upon Saudi Arabia for a thorough investigation of the “incident” and expressed the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Ibn Salman al Saud, with the full support of his position against the Houthis. What Prince believe the architect of this war, and – more broadly – the entire updated policy of Riyadh.

According to Agency Reuters, last year the Obama administration sold Saudi Arabia weapons for $ 1.3 billion. This is despite the fact that some officials directly warned – in this case, the United States will become complicit in war crimes.

State Department officials have repeatedly expressed skepticism about the ability of Saudi Arabia to cause pinpoint strikes on the Houthis, without hurting civilians, according to a published on the Agency’s website article. Despite this, the arms deal and other measures support the operation of the Saudis in Yemen from the US continued. Saudi aircraft have regularly strikes on markets, hospitals and schools, killing more than 3,800 people. USA duty call on Riyadh to try to avoid casualties among civilians, then the bombing, using U.S. weapons continues.

According to a former military Prosecutor, Congressman from California Ted Lew, “under military law, they can be guilty of supporting and abetting war crimes, and there are signs… the amount of evidence increases, I believe that the administration (Obama – ed. OPINION) is in a difficult situation.”

Thus, it is possible to state once again that for US there can not be a unified position on what is happening in the world of political conflicts. When the revolutionaries trying to overthrow the evil ruler Washington, they are called the rebels and they are given support, financial and military – in Syria, with the authorities accused of humanitarian crimes.

When under attack are allies of the United States – as in Yemen, the revolutionaries declared the devil incarnate, and humanitarian crimes are ignored. At least on the part of the opposition or direct threats, so frequent with regard to Syria. “Expression of concern” is the maximum of the state Department.

When the allies applied the deliberate attack on a civilian known procession, Washington, unobtrusive calls for a “thorough investigation”, not making any accusations and expressing its full support for the “trunk” of Riyadh. And when the Syrian authorities and Russia bombs the terrorists, raised the cry of “crimes against humanity”.

Probably, it should be recalled that the decision to start the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO forces in 1999 was taken after Serbian police charged with the murder of 45 civilians in the village of Racak (according to Belgrade, it was militants of the Kosovars).

During the NATO bombing by mistake struck blow to the column of Albanian refugees killing 75 people. It is hardly necessary to clarify that no responsibility for this no one suffered. And when under the blows of the bombers of Belgrade agreed to withdraw troops from Kosovo in favor of NATO military, the militants then massacred in Old-Grace. 14 people were killed, the perpetrators are not found.

That is the Yugoslav conflict led to the current situation, when Western politicians and media to arbitrarily designate the “bad guys”, ignoring the real war crimes of its allies, not to mention their own “mistakes” such as bombed-out hospitals, schools and even embassies.

Example Congressman Ted Lew shows that in the US there are people who understand what a war crime is an objective concept, no matter what kind of relationship the offender is on an official Washington. But, unfortunately, their voice is almost inaudible against the background of the American belief that “our sons of a bitch” everything is possible, and the slightest suspicion of the violation of human rights by the leader of the undesirables of the country – a reason for bombing or revolution.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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