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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

“The simpsons” is once again a prophecy: the animated series predicted the names of Nobel laureates

The names of two Nobel prize laureates of the current year was mentioned in the cartoon series “the Simpsons” in the distant 2016. Recently it drew the attention, in particular, specialists of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. It should be noted that this is not the first “prediction” that flashed in series, and years later incarnated in real life.

photo: youtube.com

In the series of the first series of the 22nd season of “the Simpsons” characters in anticipation of the announcement of the Nobel prize winners are placing bets on who will become the winner. The number of choices (not so many to consider such a coincidence is not surprising) are mentioned in the current year recipients of the prestigious awards. One of them was a Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of technology Bengt Holstrom who shared the prize in economic Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel with the British economist Oliver HART. The awards they won “for their contributions to the theory of contract.” The second man, whose name was six years ago, was mentioned in the animated series, was Feringe Bernard, who received the Nobel prize in chemistry “for the design and synthesis of molecular machines”, along with his colleagues Jean-Pierre, Sovam and Fraser Stoddart.

Fun fact: @TheSimpsons’ Milhouse once predicted MIT Prof. Holmström would win a #NobelPrize. Today, he was right! https://t.co/CC0LRk1avy pic.twitter.com/syhMiJBK2A

— MIT (@MIT) 10 Oct 2016

One of the most “sensational” cases where the authors of “the Simpsons” unexpectedly accurately reflect some of the events of the future became a series, aired March 19, 2000, in which a candidate for President of the United States was presented to Donald trump. Moreover, it was shown as the main competitor of the first woman, claiming to be the first chair (however, she was depicted not Hillary Clinton, and one of the main heroines of the series, Lisa Simpson).

Against this background, the predictions of many fans of the series began to actively seek — and find — other such coincidences, even if some of them can seem a bit “far-fetched”. In particular, “the Simpsons” predicted the economic crises in Russia and in Greece. In the series, released in April 1999, portrayed a meeting of the Olympic Committee on which the representative of Russia proposes to hold the next Olympics in Moscow, Recalling the good course of the dollar against the ruble, but in the next few seconds get the message that it increased from 7 to 12, and then to 60 and up to 1000. And in 2013, one of the series contained a news release, during which a running line reported that Europe is selling Greece on eBay. Also in different years of the series predicted the Ebola epidemic, the appearance has not existed since the advent of a series of technological devices and so on.


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