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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The law Mizulina about baby boxes were shelved

The resonance project is a state Duma Deputy Yelena Mizulina to ban the baby boxes is not yet approved by Cabinet (as previously stated by the Deputy). The bill was sent back for revision. The Cabinet considered that the legal part of the document requires clarification, “the Proposed administrative fine for legal entities, which typically are budget institutions appears to be excessive, because the amount of money it is comparable to the size of the wage Fund maternity hospitals average power from one to three months.”

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

We will remind that the Deputy acted against baby boxes as against the tool of anonymous abandonment of children. “In fact, as a woman, getting rid in such a way from the child, does not get rid of difficult life circumstances that led her to this, and most of all, the situation is aggravated, giving rise including remote negative consequences for the child and for the mother.” it was stated in the explanatory note to the bill. There was also mentioned that the child involved in the baby boks “forever violated the right to identity, i.e., the right of the child to know who his biological parents, what is its origin. May be violated and the right of the father in the upbringing of their child.” According to criminologists to solve foundlings need is to create comfortable conditions for child abandonment is to shift the focus on increasing support for women in difficult life situations.

However, even among women who believe that a child they do not need is always right to abandon him in the hospital. Because the opt-out procedure worked long and legally enforceable, then the baby is much more legal rights than, those nameless foundling.- lawyers believe.

The child’s parents (both, if there father) are deprived of parental rights, but not obligations in respect of the child. The child in this situation is entitled to alimony and inheritance of property of parents (if it has not been adopted). Personal rights of a child whose parents were deprived of parental rights, should also include the right to receive pensions for loss of breadwinner. Such a situation may arise when the noncustodial parent, paid his have not been adopted child alimony and died during this period.

Additionally, after failure in the hospital about this fact gets reported to the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship, which will prepare for submission to the court the documents on deprivation of parental rights. This procedure takes six months. This period of time is given by the woman in order to think she took the decision to allow life circumstances that contributed to its adoption, and may change his mind and take the baby home.

– Abandonment actually occurs when a woman gave birth to him, it happens much earlier, when she realizes what happened and thinks how to live. To get rid of the baby want most women who have problems in life. She probably wants a baby but can’t afford it.- says Natalia Gorodiskaâ, the Chairman of the Council of families raising orphans and children left without parental care, with the Ministry of education of Russia, head of the project “the Family”. – And here’s how they work protivoavarijnye when a woman comes into counseling with a psychologist, finds out the reason she can get rid of the child and very often, if you are connecting the appropriate NGO, such programmes in different regions, they help her and she is keeping the baby. I think the prevention of abandonment of newborns should not be engaged at the stage of baby-boxes when she refuses from the unborn child, and when she got pregnant. A woman already knows she is from this baby certainly refuse and so she goes to have an abortion. There are families in crisis that need help. But if the baby box will save the life of at least one child is good. You need it. Of course I will go if antisocial mom had a lot of problems in life, will do it this child in the baby box and whether she would prefer to throw away? There certainly can not be argued. Is it good or bad. Mother and abandon the child in the hospital still are psychologists and are connected to her can help community organizations. On the other hand, you can say “Let’s ban the baby boxes, and the money spent on their development would be directed to the prevention of abandonment of babies,let’s support these women.” But on the other hand there is indeed a very difficult situation. When mom very much drinking gives birth to 5-6 children and you not supporting her, she will refuse him. I know the whole these dynasties in orphanages. Here if the question is where it will leave him in a trash can or a baby-the box. It is better in the baby box. Of course such a child is very difficult to give up for adoption from a legal point of view. But that child will fall into the hands of doctors and his life is saved and this is important. If there are statistics and good practice, so really this baby box helped to save the lives of children. So they need. Although I still believe that if you stimulate support to mothers in crisis situations, the objectors will be much less.

The statistics however there. In just five years of operation of the program for the installation of baby-boxes in Russia, managed to save 51 children. As told Elena Kotova, the head of the Foundation “Cradle of hope”, which was the initiator of the installation of baby-boxes in Russia, 8 children returned to their biological families, and to all mothers who subsequently changed his mind, the organization helped to pass a DNA study, to establish through the courts the relationship and return the baby.


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