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Friday, March 23, 2018

The evil truth machine

Shortly before the Duma of the Russian Federation-elections in 2016, and soon after them we have in civil society intensified debate on “the Internet in Russia has become more important than television.”

For example, last summer, big meter and all sorts of ratings company TNS conducted a thorough analysis of the use of certain resources for information our General population. And came to the conclusion that the channels leading position in this business and the meaning lost. For example, the omnipotent, the First channel is not supported by the TNS, and it takes only the sixth place.

First place — the search engine Google, which is actively used every month more than 88% of the audience. Then there is our Russian “Yandex” with the coverage of 87.2%. Third place — a social network “Vkontakte”, it is used 86% of the population. The fourth was won by YouTube (82,7%), and Mail.ru with their 81,8% was at the end of five.

And finally, a leading Federal channel was forced to settle for sixth place in the ranking with a figure of 81.5%.

However, TNS were mainly evaluated by audience in the age of 12-45 years. But this is the most active, tranthursday audience, the tail should trail a passive, unpromising old men.

The conclusion which was made on the basis of these and other similar measurements progressive analytical public: television is no longer the Lord of the Russians. Magical effect of the idiot left in the historical behind. So, the Kremlin’s system of total propaganda, closed on (forgive me it’s not quite politically correct in our times, the adjective) blue screen, no exclusive emotional impact on the people already has. Conquer online will be king, and there, and then head to Queens.

And if the Russian opposition, especially the non-systemic, so grievously failed in the Federal elections in 2016, not because of lack of access to the means of mass destruction of the minds, and because of the catastrophic inability to use them.

These considerations need to dispel quickly before they all captured the same restless RF-minds.

Because they do not take into account one very important concept: the legitimacy of the information.

That’s a small example.

A very well-known oppositionist Alexei Navalny in 2012 started the project “Good machine of truth” (DMP). It was originally called “Good propaganda machine”, but then the word “p” decided it was perfectly reasonable to mitigate.

The purpose of the project was to create a system of distribution sensitive information about swindlers, thieves and other permanent participants of Russian life. With a daily audience of, like, 50 million people.

To sow reasonable, good and eternal information was assumed thus:

— constant posting of leaflets in the porches of houses, and at the same time and in the elevators,

— writing the texts and drawing graffiti on the fences;

— prints on money — cash money.

The basic idea is spelled out clearly: beat for the audience of the Federal TV, and then “go not the music alone, we will dance the forest and mountains”. Cast a spell scope and scale infotake on the rotten core of the ruling elite, and at the same time learning about her new — well, about all sorts of palaces, yachts, and offshore accounts — loyal our people will see the light. And lose their loyalty, the election in favor of opponents of the existing order. And if the system is not ready to recognize only the results of fair elections — will be one big street where it is still neither dead nor alive the old Russian asphalt, to defend the results of their voting. Inflict our national independence, in other words.

But the project DMP something not really gone. And 2014 was officially collapsed, as if it had never existed.

And, I think, not only because of the shortage of funds and other institutional capacities. I am quite ready to believe that Alexei Navalny and Co. were able to create a nationwide network of fans, which can seal the leaflets all lifts, to paint all the fences and beautify the unnecessary ornamentation of the last small money of the country.

But because it became clear conceptual pointlessness “Good truth machine”.

A regular citizen can do every day or even several times a day to read on the door the heartbreaking opus about the bloody chef Vladimir Putin or provincial megabace Dmitry Medvedev. But hardly he will be too seriously. Yes there is that’s hanging beside the leaflet “evil eye, privorot, lapel, guessing on RAM’s shoulder”. From the same Opera. But the spell and lapel even understand why you need to make, say, the husband urgently to renounce the abuse of cheap vodka. (Dear still have no money.) And the Palace of the Prime Minister — well, God be with him.

Quite another thing — the TV, especially the First channel. He is blessed by the sacred authority of the Russian state, which was, is and always will be. Regardless of the quantity and quality of corrupt officials and other ghouls in power. There will not lie. And if you will — for our own good, we believed. For a man who completely lost faith in the Federal television, will lose the last moral compass, instilled in us in childhood under the Soviet regime.

In this sense, Phil, piggy, and Stepashko Karkusha (I correctly called the names of these colleagues?) from the point of view of propaganda is obviously more effective than the millions of Russian depressive fences and distirubtion with purple stamps on the theme of criticism of the President.

Here still remember an old story. In 1999, more precisely, the high median days of that very strange year, it seemed that then-Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov and Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, who made the electoral bloc “Fatherland — all Russia”, the powerful will win the elections and come to power. They are, in fact, already largely and was the national authority, is actively recruiting governors and carrying with them a conference call about the near future of the country.

But then came the “hot autumn”-1999. On the screen of the First channel (then called Public Russian television, ORT) appeared well-known Sergei Dorenko and Primakov with Luzhkov once ruthlessly gouging. IDW didn’t win. Especially since on the background rather big, but triumphantly (as it seemed) of the Second Chechen war Vladimir Putin’s rating indecent quickly rose to unprecedented heights.

That all changed literally in a matter of weeks. And the question was not only “telecallers” the talents of Mr. Dorenko. But the fact that the appreciative audience saw idols wet on the main state television. Therefore, it is possible. And Fatherland-all Russia leaders are not the real masters of Russia and of life, as they themselves represented, and others were submitted and a temporary phenomenon on the political horizon, the Russian chaos.

Why vote for the temporary when there is a constant? The type of the first channel, as if he neither formally called.

Because it is not always completely thorough deliberate arguments about the attendance of certain sites. Say, as we used to listen to, if one online resource looking at a million people a day, and another hundred thousand, ten times more influential than the second.

Holy simplicity! Yes any pornohub (or as it there correctly is called?) always attract a lot more viewers than a respectable political publication. Does this mean that the policy in the minds of the human determines pornohub? No, it doesn’t.

So after all our life is that digested only information that we consider legitimate. That is worthy of unquestionable trust the source.

We know that the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius, the acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/S2, and Muscovy (i.e., we) finally got rid of the Mongol yoke in 1480, because we are the school teacher said. We are never just that in practice, the experiment is not checked, right? It was just recognized us, when the authority of a source — the teacher — was not put under any doubt. And if all the same we were told by the homeless people from the Kursk station before getting some RUB at the sober — not the fact that we would believe. No matter how many times repeated bums your persuasive thesis.

In our atheistic school we have recorded on the subcortex that there is no God, and science and religion are polar opposites. And why Russia can not become truly Orthodox country, and is godless and pagan at the same time. No matter where we were baptized and not remembered in vain no one posypanny “spiritual bonds”.

To tell a person something and make him in this is something to believe — not the same thing. Trust structures are born in early childhood, and fixed in adolescence. Change, especially to break these structures in his own, and especially someone else’s mind — Oh how difficult. Evidence-based research on this topic still waiting for their Nobel prizes.

So the big question of our political existence — not only with the distribution channels of the word. But the authority of the word. Which is to pronounce not a loathsome creature, and not a wooden fence, but someone else with the right.

Who is he, this live — that is the question.

Where is our national credibility?

The first channel in this case does not offer.


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