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Thursday, August 24, 2017

The deputies of the new Duma buy tables for 100 thousand rubles

At that time, the population tighter and tighter belt-tightening, the servants of the people to save is clearly not going to. For the new convocation of the state Duma will purchase furniture at 160 million rubles, reported on the website of public procurement. Among the orders tables, cabinets, cabinets. Prices on the latter, for example, range from 32 thousand to 110 thousand roubles apiece. Purchase of furniture for parliamentarians on this substantial amount experts call the gross case, but alas, not unique.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

MPs of course are people too and they want to sit at work behind a beautiful Desk. However, when the wallets of their constituents “lose weight” every day, such costs are at least puzzling.

“Over the past year has seen an increase in the number of poor Russians, that is, those whose incomes are below the subsistence level. In addition, continue to shrink the real income of the population. Over the last 22 months this percentage decreases. At the end of August in annual terms it fell by 8.3% against the gradual reduction of inflationary pressure. Naturally, in such circumstances people are forced to reduce their costs,” — says “MK” analyst GK Forex Club Irina Rogova.

However, this statistic parliamentarians apparently prefer to ignore. For example, office wooden cabinets will be purchased in the amount of 521 pieces. They will spend about 28 million 789 thousand rubles. Moreover, the prices of this furniture are very different: 32 548 thousand rubles to 110 639 thousand rubles apiece.

“Cabinets over 110 thousand really should be special, at least the furniture for the mass market similar to the ordinary consumer, to find cabinets in this price range is possible only on the designer furniture. I do not exclude that we are talking about some high-tech tables, having certain unique properties, but it is hard to imagine what, it is possible that a purely aesthetic” — the analyst of IFC Markets Dmitry Lukashov.

In addition, according to experts, purchase of furniture to 160,5 million roubles during the crisis and acute shortage of funds even to perform the simplest of social obligations – in this case, of course, outrageous, but unfortunately not unique. “The system of public procurement have been built so that the principle of necessity and sufficiency does not work. First, we do not have rationing, that is, any official can get anything, would be money. So take a gilded bed, silver daggers, and many other things that there is no need. And secondly, we have terms of reference is formed after the allocation of funds. So why not spend the money if they are still allocated? Now you can criticize officials for these tables, but it will not change anything. It is necessary to change the very system of public procurement. Assessment of Rosfinmonitoring corruption component is about 1 trillion rubles (and how much more is unknown to the Federal financial monitoring service?). But such cases may be within the law, if truly unique purchased very expensive furniture. Just in the reduction of such inefficient spending was the cure of a protracted crisis – in the form of a release of funds to compensate for budget deficit. The main thing is not to dwell on the specific spending, and look at the problem wider. In this case, so necessary for the Russian economy money not hidden in the bedside table, and in the poorly functioning system of public procurement”, — believes Director of the Institute of contemporary Economics Nikita Isaev.


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