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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Psychologists have told in what date between people fall in love

People can’t really fall in love with each other at first sight, especially in pictures. True love between them could occur only after the fourth date, reports a number of media with reference to representatives of the Institute of applied biology of Washington .

photo: pixabay.com

According to scientists, on the first date human consciousness only generates a “mental portrait” of the interlocutor, and then analyses and “re-checking” the results obtained. After this man gradually begins to better understand the behavior of a friend or acquaintance. Only after that, that is already on the fourth or fifth date, when people have time to sufficiently understand each other, and also to accumulate a number of joint experiences between them may begin to form a sense that psychologists think it is possible to call love.

Experts also are of the opinion that for the formation of the true feelings of the people enough to see pictures of each other and correspond — in this situation the brain does not receive sufficient information on the source, scientists say. Therefore, according to psychologists, familiarity using the Internet in itself cannot lead to the fact that people really will love each other until at least a few times meet.

Earlier, another group of researchers from Rutgers University, came to the rather cynical conclusion that people are choosing love and food at the supermarket on the same principles. Experts cited two main proofs of this idea: first, as shown by their study, on average people brings joy to the couple or the food before that didn’t have to choose “list” (on a Dating site or in a supermarket, respectively). In addition, people, childhood spoiled a variety of food, often grow up to be gourmets, and those who have not been deprived by attention of the opposite sex are more likely to be more selective in choosing a partner.


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