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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Paris walked deliberately to the aggravation of relations with Putin

A meeting of leaders “channel format” in Berlin on 19 October may be threatened. The reason is not only in the traditionally inadequate behavior of Kiev, but also in a sharp cooling of the Russian-French relations. It looks like Paris decided to disrupt the participation of Putin in a very important event – the opening of the Russian spiritual cultural center in Paris. This will have large consequences.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited the rest of the leaders of “Norman Quartet” at the dinner on October 19 in Berlin. But the question is, will there be an event at all, and if so, in what kind of environment and how a productive pass remains open.

“In the most difficult situation is now, oddly enough, Angela Merkel

The developments around this, albeit a significant, but still local, international developments clearly shows the crisis of the modern world political system.

Initially, it appeared that the main threats to meeting traditionally come from the Ukrainian partners. Recently the Kyiv authorities have reached a new level of activity of questionable adequacy. There is another initiative to introduce a visa regime with Russia and to withdraw from the CIS. Against this background, placing of conditions for Ukraine’s participation in the Berlin dinner is not something supernatural.

The more that Ukraine is subjected to increasingly intense pressure, and it is from Western countries in relation to implementation of the Minsk agreements. So it is unlikely the meeting with Merkel and Hollande, Ukrainian President promises a good time.

Unexpectedly, however, became public, the current serious disagreements between Russia and France, which also can affect the Berlin event in the evening of the 19th.

On October 19, that and dinner in Berlin, set for the opening of the Russian spiritual cultural center in Paris.

This is an ambitious and large-scale project, which took Russia almost 10 years. The idea of a new large Orthodox Cathedral in Paris was announced by the Patriarch Alexy II in 2007. In the end, the project was supplemented by the exhibition center, school, Park and other elements to be embodied in the form of the Russian center under the jurisdiction of Russia.

It is the part in the solemn opening of the center was the purpose of the planned visit of Russian President to France. Meeting with President of France Francois Hollande in the program the future trip occupied a secondary place and eventually became the reason for the strange movements of the French leader, who expressed doubts as to its feasibility, then regained it in the agenda.

What exactly became the reason of such behavior of the French, we can only guess, but their position in relation to Russia’s actions in Syria, and indeed in recent weeks smacks of hysteria.

Anyway, the visit to Paris was suddenly cancelled completely by the Russian side.

The reason for the cancellation charge explained the press-Secretary of the Russian President:

The President decided to cancel the visit. The fact that it was planned some activities related to the opening of the Russian cultural and spiritual centre, holding one of the exhibitions. Unfortunately, these events are dropped from the program, and therefore, the President decided until the visit to the Republic of France to cancel”.

Russian centre in Paris is a Russian structure, but it is clear that without the assistance of the French authorities, the President of Russia can not take part in the event in France.

Apparently, for whatever their reasons, Paris has decided to disrupt the participation of Putin in the opening ceremony of the center.

As a result, the Kremlin did not remain in debt and canceled the trip entirely, showing that the meeting with the French President is quite a serious reason for Vladimir Putin to fly to Paris.

In this situation, the aggravation of Russian-French relations suddenly become precarious and the prospects for the meeting “channel four” in Berlin.

While only Hollande expressed readiness for her. Kyiv, as mentioned above, they Balk. And the plans of Putin’s involvement in the Berlin dinner announced, but not yet confirmed officially.

Most interesting in this situation is the question: consider whether Putin needed to fly to Europe solely for the sake of supper in the format “channel four”? Given the cooling of relations with France and the current behavior of Kiev, we can hardly count on any serious and productive communication. In addition, the topic of Ukrainian acts of sabotage in the Crimea, though Moscow and postponed, but obviously not forgotten.

Well, in the most difficult situation is now, oddly enough, Angela Merkel. In the background is not too happy news with inner-electoral “front” it can be in an embarrassing situation of the host whose event was disrupted because of ignoring invitations.


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