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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ophthalmologists proved that short-sighted people are actually smarter than other

The fact that “bespectacled” on average, smarter than other people, is perceived by many as a myth or just a common misconception. However, a recent study conducted by experts from Germany, suggests that people with myopia, wearing glasses, on average do have a higher level of intelligence than those who has perfect vision.

photo: pixabay.com

Scientists invited to participate in the study 3 452 people. The specialists tested the vision of volunteers, and with the help of special tests determined the level of their intelligence. In addition, the experts asked about the education of the participants. The study revealed that on average, volunteers who needed glasses, showed higher results in tests.

However, comparing the results obtained with data about education of study participants, the researchers came to a rather expected conclusion that a direct link between bad eyesight and intelligence does not exist in the sense that the glasses do not make you magically smarter. People, more time devoted to acquiring new knowledge, often had poor eyesight (apparently, spoiled active reading), and they are, of course, often demonstrating high cognitive ability, and between education and intelligence was observed much more pronounced dependence than between vision and intelligence.

Thus, scientists tend to see my research not as a very specific way to please people with glasses or to upset those who do not complain about their vision. According to experts, the main conclusion that can be drawn from their work — people who devote a lot of time reading, remember that it could be harmful for their eyesight, and therefore, it is possible to choose books with easy to read font and quality monitors.


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