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Friday, March 23, 2018

New York city are predicting catastrophic flooding and superstorm

Floods of comparable magnitude that was caused by hurricane sandy in 2012, will take place in new York more often, says a group of researchers from Rutgers and Princeton universities, as well as the Oceanographic Institute in woods hole. According to the forecast of specialists, by the following century the water in the city will rise by two meters is at least three, and maybe in 17 times more often than in the past.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts analyzed existing historical weather data and created on the basis of a computer model is theoretically able to predict future climate change. As it turned out, the sea level rise suggests that large floods will be inevitable, to happen in new York more often, and the question is only how obvious is this trend, the researchers said. However, as the authors of a new scientific work, the “optimistic” scenario, according to them, do not exist as such.

Still superstorm like sandy, occurred only once in several centuries, but the year 2100, according to the data obtained, they will be celebrated every century, and in the most pessimistic scenarios — and every few decades. And superstorms will follow and floods during which the water level will rise to two meters.

Now experts are working to clarify your prediction. The scientists also noted that a significant role in the rise in sea level plays global warming, provoked, in particular, to human activity. However, some tendency to an increase in the number of floods on the territory of present-day new York city existed in a time when the climate people virtually no influence — according to scientists for the Millennium from 850 to 1850, massive flooding began to occur here in 20 times more often than before.

The research of scientists published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


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