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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Goodbye to actress Lyudmila Ivanova came five priests

Moscow said goodbye to one of my favorite Actresses — Lyudmila Ivanova. Her last journey accompanied two theatres, the founder of which it was “Contemporary” children’s theatre “Expromt”, just around the corner from the “Contemporary”. But the coffin was exhibited in the “contemporary” on the Other stage, since the primary is closed — it began repairs.

Half an hour before the farewell. Black hall is empty, the plinth with a grey coarse cloth for the coffin ready, waiting. And next to a large photo portrait of Lyudmila Ivanovna.

It’s like in life: reddish, slightly tousled hair, the same gas the scarf on the neck, in the eyes smeshinka slyly. A simple Russian face of a simple Russian woman, who can think of something. Not simple, not complicated, and big, powerful personality that was Lyudmila Ivanovna.

In the hall still no one, even no relatives, but the first came two men, and the parish symbolic. First in the theater hall, turned into the day in mourning, appears Leonid Erman, former Director of the “Contemporary” and the first husband of the actress. He says that some days ago, I spoke with her, she complained of a sore leg, but made plans. In General, we talked as usual, but somehow it seemed like she was saying goodbye to him, although no words of farewell, a summing up was not. So he killed that abolished its own anniversary, 90th birthday, which should celebrate the 12th of October — the anniversary without Mila will not.

And here is the second important person — Galina Volchek… quietly entered and sat down on the right pedestal. She will sit without saying a word. She doesn’t feel well, but found the strength to come, otherwise he could not, but the artists of the “Contemporary” appear very late.

Coffin, set on a pedestal, the walls are arranged wreaths with mourning ribbons from the address of the Moscow theaters. There is a small fuss over Another little scene by itself and can not accommodate all wishing to say goodbye to Lyudmila Ivanovna. 200 seats do quickly, everyone else who was late, firmly standing on the walls and through this density is rather difficult. The coffin was showered with flowers.

But, it seems, begins the memorial service, her son lead actress Ivan Milyaev (he is a theater artist and Director of the children’s art school, worked with his mother in the theatre) and the leading actor of “Sovremennik” Sergei Garmash. The son begins to speak, his voice quivering.

Here are five priests, one of them a few years ago, married my mother and father…

Moving away from the microphone, crying, not hiding tears. Garmash recalls the moment when he just with his wife, enrolled in “Contemporary”.

— We were caught, Lyudmila Ivanovna and said: come on come on to me (she lived in the house standing in the yard of the theatre). And we went, and she gave us a story that we then won at the national competition. She was — supported and helped.

Each funeral has its own character, and, oddly enough, they Express the character of a person. Here’s a farewell with Lyudmila Ivanovna resembled her nature is spontaneous, chaotic, open, ready at any moment to jump, to catch, to support. People come to the microphone without a solemn invitation because I want to say. Here Vsevolod Shilovsky, a well-known artist.

— I am a student of Ludmila Ivanovna. She is five years older than me, I’ll never forget how she came into our audience: we all flinched because the light is broke. Pedagogy is a complex thing, you students either accept or say, “Thank you, without us.” So we immediately went for Lyudmila Ivanovna. Honey, I love you very much and will always remember.

People arrive, but get nowhere. Through the crowd, barely breaks with a large bouquet of Yevgeny Mironov: put the bouquet, stood at the tomb, went away. So quietly entered Naina Yeltsin. Sat next to Galina Volchek — they’re friends. When she Ivan Milyaev give the word, she will remember the meetings with Lyudmila Ivanovna. Her voice is quiet but firm, strong character woman. She really helped at the time, the actress, when the required complex and expensive operation.

Sadalsky, stepping back from the microphone to the head of the coffin, very loud — especially loud seems sound after Naina Yeltsin — reads poetry of Okudzhava. Victor Friedman, a composer and frequent collaborator Ludmila Ivanovna, together they made a lot of plays.

— You know, all Lyudmila Ivanovna perceived as Sascha from “Office romance” and don’t understand how tragic role she played. The role of a woman who lives other people’s passions and other people’s lives, because its not hosted.

And the life of Lyudmila Ivanova, took place because she was very much: “Sovremennik” theatre, which she built together with Oleg Efremov, Galina Volchek, Igor Kvasha, Oleg Tabakov; left young “Impromptu” with wonderful performances for children, children’s Studio, young dancers, who were lucky that they had a meeting with this amazing person; left a huge number of people and organizations that Lyudmila Ivanovna helped to the last. To her asked for help, not thinking that she needs help. Especially after the loss of his youngest son, beloved husband. How she was able to survive it? No one knows except her, but of power, she was extraordinary — she could get up to go to work, do plays, to raise children, their grandchildren, other people’s… that’s what remains from a man who lived not for himself.

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