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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Clarify the scheme of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”: it will bypass the EU ban

“Turkish stream”, according to head “Gazprom” Alexey Miller, can start in 2018. By the end of 2019 it should be ready for use. The offshore section of the pipeline with a length of 910 km fully Fund the Russian side, and therefore it will remain the property of “Gazprom”.

The cost is only the first leg of the pipeline is estimated at 4.3 billion euros. But the main problem of the project not the size of financing and how to get around bans of the European Commission to supply gas to one monopolistic company.

photo: pixabay.com

Recall the background of the “Turkish stream”. On its construction was announced in December 2014.

The pipeline was to replace the “South stream”, which is planned to stretch from the Russian coast of the Black sea to the Bulgarian.

Initially agreed on a four pipe capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters per year, more than 62 billion overall. In principle, such power was enough to stop the transportation of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine.

At the time (Soviet) through the neighboring country in Europe was exported to 140 billion cubic meters per year. But it is all in the distant past. This year, the EU will send in the Ukrainian gas transport system just over 60 billion. the Reason of decline in the annual growth of “independence” of the tariffs for pumping gas, wear and tear of appropriate facilities in the neighboring country, as well as the desire of the European Commission to limit imports of Russian gas.

Agreement on gas transit with Ukraine end in December 2019. In Moscow to renew clearly does not want to, although official statements on this matter have not yet been. But it is clear that the meaning of their extension is not — expensive, and unreliable, and most importantly, too many geopolitical risks.

But the “South stream”, as you know, has died and is not the fault of the Russian side. To Sofia pressed Brussels. In the EU since 2010 applies the so-called third energy package, according to which the EU market is prohibited to work energiemonopolist like “Gazprom”.

Therefore, in December 2014, Moscow and Ankara have agreed, and redirected the “South stream” to “Turkish”. Tube Russia will emerge very close to the Bulgarian seaside, but on the Turkish Thrace.

However, and here then went wrong. After the Turks shot down a Russian su-24, all, apparently, and “Turkish stream” set point.

But the process went again. The intergovernmental agreement was signed in Istanbul on 10 October.

Read the report “Erdogan imposed on Putin’s gas discounts in the agreement on the Turkish stream

As explained then the head of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller, the construction of “Turkish stream” will begin in 2018 and be completed in late 2019. While agreed on two pipelines, each of which is designed for all those of 15.75 billion cubic meters per year, valued at 4.3 billion euros. Almost all will pay “Gazprom”. It is our gas company will build a 910 km underwater part of the pipeline. But the Turks will have to fork out on 180 km land section of the pipe on its territory. By the way, the pipes on the Russian land “Gazprom” has long been paved in preparation for another to the “South stream”. According to various sources, had to spend up to $5 billion.

But now it’s not possible, and no capital investment. Whether now the European Commission bypass Ukraine? Unlikely. Brussels has already managed to Express his concern about the “Turkish stream”.

But the redoubts of the EU you can legitimately break. Turkey according to the latest agreements becomes one of the largest gas hubs in the world. First of 15.75 billion cubic meters she needs the most. While they are supplied through Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria.

And 2019 — will be shipped directly from Russia under the Black sea. More of 15.75 billion cubic meters are meant Greece and Italy. There they will be shipped in the European pipeline Poseidon. But it will not be Russian gas (although, of course, our), officially the Turkish! And the third EU energy package can rest.

The same scheme will be used in the construction of “Nord stream-2”, where “Gazprom” and throws the pipe from the former “South stream”. The owner of Russian gas will not be “Gazprom” and a number of European companies, as raw materials will be sold to the Russian side, on land and in international waters of the Baltic sea.

It remains to wait for the response of the European Commission.


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