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Monday, March 19, 2018

Before the cancellation of the Paris visit of Putin, Hollande discussed the “war with Russia”

Russian President Vladimir Putin canceled a visit to Paris, where on 19 October was planned his meeting with his French counterpart Francois Hollande to discuss, including the situation in Syria. Dmitry Peskov explained the cancellation of the visit “loss of program” number of cultural activities. Although the Kremlin says the connection between the cancelled visit and a sharp interview of the French President on Syria, Russia and Putin, it’s still probably in it. We publish the full text of the sensational interview of Hollande.

a screenshot of the site tf1.fr

Today Hollande during his speech in PACE said he was ready to meet with Vladimir Putin “at any time” and urged Russia to conduct an open dialogue. However, a few days ago the French President was not expressed so clearly — he even discussed the possibility of war with Russia.

8 Oct Francois Hollande spoke to reporters French TV. That’s what he told the TF1 channel. The story entitled “Francois Hollande is thinking whether to take him to Vladimir Putin during his visit to Paris.”

– Mr President, as we all can see footage from Aleppo — where dozens are killed, hundreds of civilians. We spoke with living in the East of Aleppo people and asked them what he would like to tell you what to ask. Most often, they said, “Why the French President is not doing anything to stop the bombing?”. You can say that the act, undertake diplomatic efforts — but in Aleppo, nothing changes. What would you say to these people?

In a few hours, France will submit to the UN security Council resolution on Syria. Tonight it will be put to the vote (Russia has put her veto – the “MK”) . It implies a complete cessation of bombing, fire, a truce. And if one of the permanent members of the security Council will use the veto — as you perfectly understand, I’m talking about…

– About Russia.

– … Then this country will fall a heavy responsibility. This would indicate the support and Commission of war crimes. We are talking about it.

Frames (from Syria – “MK”) is very small. We don’t have enough evidence about things happening in Aleppo. But what is happening is appalling: bombs kill civilians. Mark not terrorists. Completely destroyed the hospital, suffering children, families, elderly. You need to stop the escalation of the conflict.

– What would you like to tell the civilians in East Aleppo?

– First of all — we don’t forget about them, not close our eyes to what is happening. France with them. France cannot act alone, to participate in a foreign war. But France will use all diplomatic and political efforts to establish a truce. The civilian population suffers from war crimes and those who commit them will be held liable, up to the International criminal court.

– Every night I talk with a young man named Ishmael. He is 29 years old, he works as a lifeguard at the “White helmets” (Syrian civil defense – MK). And every night he says he does not know whether alive tomorrow. I see it on the screen of the computer can talk to him, but I can’t help you. Nothing I can do. We are doomed to impotence? Doomed to watch the slaughter, not being able to do something?

– We do not see, as I said, all the details of the massacre, there is not enough staff. It is the goal of those who commit crimes to prevent the spread of the shooting (from Syria – “MK”), which would cause international reactions, emotions. But these shots are. Tell Ishmael that we have not forgotten about them, we want to put an end to the massacre and slaughter.

– Soon you are to meet in Paris with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it seems that the Russians and Assad will not succumb to pressure and, despite everything, will continue to operate in Aleppo. Do you not say nothing?

– Whether I will meet with Vladimir Putin, asking yourself.

– That’s not accurate?

I have been asking myself a question. Is that necessary? Useful? Could we also make sure that he stopped doing what makes along with the Syrian regime to support their air force, bombing the people of Aleppo? If I take of Vladimir Putin, I will tell him that this is unacceptable, this is a serious problem for Russia’s image. Russia — the friendly country of France. But how can you accept that Russian planes, Russian items support air force Bashar al-Assad for the destruction of Aleppo?

– Do you really think that Vladimir Putin listens to you?

– If we assume that leverage does not exist, shouldn’t speak, shouldn’t make a resolution in the UN security Council, how we do it. Or have to fight.

– War with Russia is impossible.

I think we haven’t reached that point, and we do not want. We want peace. So, we need to exert pressure. You can declare sanctions you can take new actions. No one should think that he is unpunished. I mentioned the international criminal court taking place in Aleppo — war crimes in the jurisdiction of the court. Criminals will have to answer for their actions.

Can say that again, it is about diplomacy. Yeah, but the diplomacy needed to stop the killing. When Angela Merkel contributed to the ceasefire in Ukraine, this took a really long time, but we succeeded. Even if now there are any violations, the overall situation has changed. We want to achieve the same result, and Aleppo.


To understand the situation in Aleppo is useful and look with the other “bell” – the media quoted the speech of the Senator from Virginia Richard black, who was in Syria. According to black, the impression that in Aleppo the Russian-Syrian forces fight civilians, it is not true — the Western press says nothing about the militants, which actually is a war. In one of the last attacks of extremists, who were trying to break out of the boiler, according to black, there were 40 000 people, tanks and heavy weapons, “But nothing about it spoke, all that showed us is some kind of shell-shocked boy.”


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