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Sunday, March 18, 2018

American planetary scientist expressed confidence that Mars is inhabited

During the Seventh Moscow international Symposium on Solar system research, held at the Institute of space research, experts announced the discovery phase on the surface of Mars, perfect for a first manned expedition. The area called Deuteronilus Mensae, located on the Northern hemisphere of the planet and compares favorably with other regions a large number of water ice.

photo: pixabay.com

One of the authors of that project, an American expert James head of brown University, said that in the region under a thin layer of Martian dust lies pure water ice, and expressed confidence that in this region the explorers of Mars will have the first opportunity to find extraterrestrial life. The specialist stressed that we are talking about simple life forms, but reiterated that he is convinced of the habitability of Mars.

Region with a diameter of about 100 kilometers is located on the Northern hemisphere of the red planet, its exact coordinates 39.1 degrees North latitude and 23.1 degrees East longitude.

Recently the U.S. Congress approved a bill under which the American space Agency NASA is obliged to organize the landing of astronauts on Mars within the next 25 years. The same bill determines the funding of this expedition — it will amount to 19.5 billion dollars. At the same time representatives of space agencies of other countries — in particular Russia — often take the position that predict interplanetary flight at such a distant future somewhat reckless.

Anyway, it is worth Recalling that a very significant danger can lie in wait for the first explorers of the red planet long before they reach Mars. As shown by recent experiments in laboratory animals conducted by experts from the University of California, outside the Earth’s magnetosphere, space explorers would be exposed to cosmic radiation, and this may have a material adverse effect on their brains.


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