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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ufologists found on Mars the Scorpion and shrimp

Looking at the photos sent to Earth by the American Mars Rover Opportunity, ufologist Scott Waring saw the outline of two mysterious beings similar to krevetok, Scorpions or even any animals whose bodies are covered with exoskeleton. According to Waring, the two creatures look at each other and exchanged some information.

According to the ufologist, the similarity of the alleged representative of Martian fauna with Scorpio can be considered logical — Scorpions live in the deserts of the earth, that is, in conditions not too suitable for life of other animals. Also Waring draws attention to the fact that the “tail” of the Martian resident casts a shadow, from which we can conclude that he is on weight.

Reports of unusual objects or beings on Mars appear on the Internet very often, and in many cases, the author of “sensations” of this kind is Scott Waring. Although such findings are likely to represent nothing more than rocks and shadows of a slightly unusual shape, messages about them, despite some of the monotony that very often attract the attention of a rather large audience. However, official comment from the space agencies of news of this kind is seldom rewarded. In the past NASA astronaut drew Postel explained by the fact that such comments merely attracted additional attention to the already unfairly “bloated” theme.

The recent “mysterious findings” on Mars can be called, including an ancient tomb, cave paintings, the remains of fish, dinosaurs and Bigfoot, a huge gorilla, a camel, a robot arm, a landing area for UFOs and even of a human astronaut. In all these cases, most likely, is a phenomenon that is related to psychology, not astronomy pareidolia, that is, optic illusion, makes you see familiar images in an unfamiliar shape.


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