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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Trump has laid on Clinton responsible for the wealth and power of Russia

In the framework of the second meeting on the debate, trump and Clinton talked a lot about Russia, and Clinton called out to revenge for supporting Assad and the tramp laid on the competitor responsible for the power of the Russian Federation. The most striking moment was the counterattack of the trump call put Clinton in jail. But “Oscar” for the best role of the second plan would cost to hand fly and the face of bill Clinton.

Small by American standards, the city of St. Louis for one night has turned into a political capital of the United States – there was the second debate between the two main contenders for the presidency. The preceding discussion can be divided into three blocks. The first – a friendly court for “personal dirt”, mainly on Donald trump. The second is the domestic policy, mainly taxes, jobs, health insurance. The third – foreign policy. It included Syria, refugees, immigrants and the bad influence of Russia on all and Sundry. The format that was selected by the moderators questions from “undecided voters”. Some of the constituents were present in the room and could speak for themselves, other issues were voiced by leading. Candidates had 120 seconds to respond, the debate lasted an hour and a half.

On the eve of battle

“The Director of the broadcast showed himself to be a secret Republican: trump shows by disgruntled women, all looking at them and the Director gives a closeup of suffering face bill Clinton”

Shortly before the meeting in St. Louis, both candidates appeared in the centre of loud scandals. On Friday evening the Washington Post published on its website a recording of a conversation in 2005. In a private conversation with producer Billy Bush in a rather vulgar and rough form trump expressed the idea that when you’re a star, you can do women anything, including and stick to them. Portal Wikileaks in turn published 2000 letters of John Podestà – chief of staff to Hillary Clinton. This is the first part of the abundant correspondence, in front of the world is waiting for more revelations.

Most of the attention of American observers was attracted by the speeches of Mrs. Clinton at various events with the participation of bankers. It turned out that the position Clinton expressed in closed meetings, is somewhat different from that which she declares to voters.

In particular, Clinton spoke positively about the idea of reducing taxes on corporations (officially it adheres to the opposite position) and raise the retirement age. Noted that it is not much concerned about the state of the middle class because of “the impressive condition of her family.” Stressed that personal policy position may be very different from public. The victim of hacking Podesta traditionally were quick to blame Russia, and on this topic before the debate was closed.

We must admit that Donald Trump scandal with sexist statements cost much more than Clinton her testimony before the bankers. Despite the fact that the Republican candidate quickly apologized for his vulgarity 11-year-old, a prominent “elephants” such as former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former presidential candidate John McCain, were quick to withdraw their support for Trump. In fact, the Republican establishment, who are deathly afraid of finally losing control over native party, took advantage of the occasion to strike an eccentric billionaire stabbed in the back. Aside trump showered with calls to abandon the extension and withdraw his candidacy in favor of the candidate in Vice-presidents Michael Pence. The logic of establishment is very simple: it is better to let Clinton win, but we will keep control of the party (officially not going to allow Trump to destroy it). However, most Americans another opinion: according to opinion polls, they suggest to Trump to stay in the race, although the electorate Democrats care billionaire from the stage wished about 70% of the respondents.

Act one is about the disparity between the high morals

Certainly, on this background, Clinton was nominated for a debate in high spirits, intending to turn a political dispute in a friendly trial of immoral behavior trump. He the Republican candidate was quick to make an impact ahead of the curve: two hours before the debate, he held a public meeting with women who in various years have accused bill Clinton of sexual harassment. In particular, the meeting was attended by Juanita Broadrick. According to her, made in 1999, for 20 years before that – in 1978 – it, a young student, was raped by the attorney General of Arkansas bill Clinton, as a young lawyer Hillary Clinton threatened her and did everything to hush up this story. Also present at the meeting were Kathy Shelton – she became the victim of a rape at 11 years old, and the offender in court defended still the same Hillary Clinton. The offender only received 10 months in prison.

The main theme of this meeting was the phrase spoken by Bodrick: “actions speak louder than words.” Yes, trump allows himself to sexist remarks, but unlike Clinton he didn’t rape anybody and unlike Clinton did not defend and did not cover rapists. In the end, this became the main line of defense trump during the first part of the debate. Women, the victims and alleged victims of the actions surrounding the Clintons, trump brought to the debate as his guests in the Studio. Also the hall was attended by the former President of the United States. Judging by his sad expression, the idea of the trump to gather in the same room his wife and the three former mistresses he didn’t like. The Director of the broadcast showed himself to be a secret Republican: trump shows by disgruntled women, all looking at them and the Director gives a closeup of suffering Billy’s face.

But in General the first round went more for Clinton. The reason is not so much oratorical ability of the candidates as the format of the discussion. All the wording of the questions was extremely beneficial for Clinton, gave her the opportunity to attack trump also had to hold the Fort. If Clinton does not fit in the allotted time, leading treated it leniently, trump always started to interrupt with 121 seconds.

Act two – the parasite on the taxpayers

“It’s damn good that a man with such a temperament as Donald trump will not be able to make laws in our country,” said Hillary Clinton. “Otherwise you’ll go to jail,” retorted Donald trump.

In the second part of the debate, the candidates discussed domestic policy – and at this point, Republicans have managed to push. It effectively began with the promise to seek criminal prosecution against Clinton for corruption and use of personal email for work purposes. Several times said that the former first lady should be in prison. And easily moved the arrow in the scandal over nonpayment of Federal taxes on the Clinton. Yes, trump has used the loopholes in the tax code to avoid paying mandatory fees, writing off their losses or depreciation (“I really like the word “depreciation,” I love depreciation”). But these loopholes have not invented it, and people like Hillary Clinton, to her friends – people like Warren Buffett or George Soros – could evade taxes. Trump used the law granted him the right, but not he himself is given the right, and the Washington establishment. Trump pays for his campaign himself, and Clinton is spending hundreds of millions received from business leaders. And she will inevitably have to pay for this assistance in case of victory.

While every five minutes the tramp with all due respect remembered Bernie Sanders. Billionaire abundantly quoted Vermont Senator against Clinton, which he did during the primaries of the democratic party. He has said that Sanders was right about everything, and Hillary won the primary elections unfair. Went to Clinton for her speech to the bankers. Democratic nominee insisted that statements about the difference between public and personal position was taken out of context: that at the time discussed the film Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and its statements were based on policies of the 16th President of the United States. “Between you and Abraham Lincoln is a huge difference,” quipped is Donald trump.

If Clinton was trying to “knock out” from under the tramp remains of the female electorate, the tramp tried to get to him (or at least to persuade to stay at home) supporters of Bernie Sanders. According to the billionaire, Clinton will work exclusively in the interests of their friends on wall Street. The whole current situation is a consequence of the fact that she is already 30 years in power and stratification between the rich and the poor when it will continue. And he will be the President of all Americans.

Act III – on the Russian aggression in Syria

Transition question for the third part of the discussion, asked a voter, a Muslim, he was concerned with Islamophobia in the United States and migration from Muslim countries. Position Clinton: Americans need to fight vigorously against all forms of intolerance and to shelter more migrants from Syria, as the Syrian children are suffering from the “Russian aggression”. According to trump, Islamophobia is a thing, of course, bad, but it did not come out of nowhere, and as a result of numerous attacks suffered by the U.S. citizens. So, the Islamic community needs to more actively identify criminals in their ranks, passing them into the hands of law enforcement. America can not afford to give shelter to terrorists and murderers, broadcast trump. If this policy continue, the Islamophobia in society will only intensify, and suffer from this are law-abiding Muslims.

So the candidates went smoothly on the subject of international politics. The issue of Syria, again, was formulated extremely beneficial to Clinton and addressed the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo. The former Secretary once again accused Russia of aggression in Syria and let the mother’s tear for the suffering from Russian bombs Syrian children. “Russia is not interested in the fight against ISIS*, they only want to preserve the Assad regime. War crimes in Syria must be investigated,” urged Clinton, adding that trump supports the Russian, as he had in Moscow there are business interests.

At this point, the billionaire counterattacked. According to him, in Syria and Assad, Russia and Iran fighting against ISIS, and America must join in this common struggle. As for his sympathy for Russia, not he gave Russia and Iran to gain strength. “Thanks to you, Secretary of state, Russia has become a rich and powerful country. Thanks to you virtually destroyed Iran once again gaining momentum. That you gave weapons to the Syrian rebels, who passed these weapons on the side of the jihadists. The entire foreign policy of Clinton is a nightmare and a disaster,” he chaffed. Went to Clinton and Libya, and Iraq. The attack on Clinton was so powerful that in the debate with trump joined leading openly violating the principle of impartiality.

Reminded trump and Russian hackers. Said that attempts to “fasten” to it Putin groundless, and accusations of some support from the Russian side about. And that Mrs. Clinton did everything to strengthen Russia, signing a bunch disadvantageous for U.S. transactions, which he never made.

A fly will not disappoint

To the question “who won?” to give a definite answer is impossible. At the moment only available quick polls conducted by various media outlets on their websites. But without any debate the audience of Pro-democracy media sympathizes with Clinton, and the audience prorepublican – Trump. A poll of CNN viewers give the win to Clinton, Fox, in turn, insists that “trump has hit Clinton with a hammer and was able to compensate for his nasty remarks.” The parties themselves, of course, warn about the complete defeat of the opponent. Who won the reality show fresh national polls, which will register changes in the ratings of candidates. From a purely oratorical point of view in this debate was stronger trump, however, presidents still choose not for speaking skills.

However, we can already assume that he won the fly that, fly a bit around the billionaire, still afraid to meet him face to face – and sat on the forehead of Hillary Clinton. Because of the intensity of the debate and layer of makeup, the former Secretary of state didn’t even feel it. This curious episode was among the most talked about moments of the debate, and Mucha became an overnight world celebrity and got his account in “Twitter”. Is this not a victory?

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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