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Friday, March 16, 2018

To rewrite the history of Russia. Cheap

Mr. President, in Moscow (it’s our capital) young people put Solzhenitsyn. Hung on the gates of the Gulag Museum.

They would like to hang a living, but since he died, hung an effigy with an unmistakably recognizable face. That was no doubt on the chest stuffed a sign: “Hanged the traitor here Solzhenitsyn, shameless us browse about the GULAG. He homeland his first enemy! Standing, the two friends embraced tightly, a traitor, and treacherous!”

They did it on October 9. Should this occur two days early, one would think that this is a gift for you birthday. However, it is believed that to congratulate in advance is impossible, and late — may.

Capable young people (likely all) call themselves the “Revolutionary Communist Union of youth” (RKSM). To the case they are approached creatively, a sign written in verse. The Museum is not yet burned, but the verses clearly read the intention. What else remains to do with the treacherous Museum?

Solzhenitsyn is known worldwide as the writer and Nobel laureate. However, we are not about literature (it does not concern you). “One day of Ivan Denisovich” — a masterpiece, “the Gulag Archipelago” — a feat; plays weak, “the Red wheel” boring, controversial essays, biography complex.

But he was hanged as a writer and as a traitor. And you, of course, true. Well you said yourself: “In Russia the President is responsible for everything.”

You, as President of Russia, personally visited Solzhenitsyn in 2007 and congratulated him with the State prize of the Russian Federation “For outstanding achievements in humanitarian activities.”

He after this award betrayed their Homeland or before? If “the Gulag Archipelago” — a betrayal, it turns out, you have rewarded the traitor.

In the message of the Komsomol about the punishment of a traitor says:

“The theme of political repression of the past today bought our government some painful popularity. The Museum of the Gulag, Solzhenitsyn monuments, the memorials to the victims of Stalinism. At the initiative of the bourgeois Russian authorities in 2018 called the “year of creativity” this writer”.

You see, Mr. President: “our authorities”, “on the initiative of the Russian bourgeois authorities.”

They write in the abstract about the power of the bourgeoisie. But power in Russia is you. (In any case specify: not Russia, and the government in Russia.) And against your will no year no call no movies, no literature, no Solzhenitsyn, and even more so 2018 is the year of your upcoming presidential election.

…Solzhenitsyn is rewards more important than a national award. August 15, 1943, he was awarded the order of Patriotic war II degree. July 12, 1944 order of the red Star.

The punks that hung an effigy of Solzhenitsyn, mocked the ashes of a man who earned awards during the great Patriotic war at the front. These awards agree that it is much more expensive than the ones you generously spilling all the years of your presidency.

It is not the bourgeois and the Soviet government gave Solzhenitsyn the order and rank. On 15 September 1943 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, may 7, 1944 — captain.

It’s not bourgeois, and the Soviet government published “One day of Ivan Denisovich” with the personal approval of Soviet leader.

It is not bourgeois and traitors, and the Soviet government said on repression, the Gulag. And not the words of the prisoner, and from the podium of the twentieth party Congress.

And Stalin got kicked out of the Mausoleum is not the bourgeoisie, and the Communists — grandfathers or great-grandfathers punks that still hang effigies, and smashing the museums.

Mr. President, advise the heroes, hang Solzhenitsyn: “Boys, try to learn from grandfathers-great-grandfathers, why none of them took to the streets of Moscow, did not protect from desecration the mummy of Stalin, which was thrown out of the Mausoleum, and hung at least an effigy of Khrushchev?”

But there could be no question.

1. Or Stalin had fans in the 1950-ies.

2. Or they chickened out.

First — incredibly. Second — obviously.

The signs of our time are clear: put a monument to Stalin, want to restore the monument to Dzerzhinsky, circle the word on the enemies of the people, the traitors (1963) song Galic about the walking statue of the leader becomes more and more relevant:

The clock stops the pendulum,
Hands eager to run back:
Walks a lonely monument,
Repeated a thousandfold.
He is in bronze, and the marble,
It with tube and without tube
And behind him, like lambs to the sea,
Scratch plaster stumps.

…Today the kids (which the Museum Gromit, the writer hangs) believes that he pleased, and that you don’t decide to punish them because they are “in trend” fashion trends, and in Russian saying — do you hear how the wind blows.

They will not stop. They never stop themselves. Bullies do not know how to stop the thieves do not know, thugs, rapists, serial killers. Their only stops a prison, only the fear of punishment.

You, Mr. President, know it well. Give “dvushechku” — no one else is trying to sing in the churches you offensive ditties. Given a number of “bog” unjust, illegal, but the real deadlines, and willing to hold a meeting diminished.

To hang the effigy of the famous writer, which forever entered the history of Russia, this is very similar to extremism. In a statement about Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag Museum on the site of the Komsomol says: “the True reaction to thoughtful, progressive youth on lies and hypocrisy should be expressed in such direct actions”. This is not a call?

All sorts of young and not-so-young types in clothing similar to military or Cossack uniform, attacked people, insulted, beaten, sometimes killed. Looks like they want blood. And it’s not like you have them straightened.

The morning of our Motherland — pink,
Call sign flying, squeaking.
Takes home bronze
But lying, hiding, gypsum.
Even before the time crippled,
But in the dust of the store appearance.
They would, of plaster, of human flesh —
They will regain the greatness!

To close the Museum, to burn the library, burn “Archipelago”, to carry a camp, traces of which still remain on the Kolyma, to demolish the cemetery — that in our history, nobody died. And to start it, the history of Russia, since 2000. Write completely (best — edited of the Minister of culture — whether doctor, or medic historical Sciences), deleting, of course, “Kursk”, “Nord-OST”, Beslan.


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