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Friday, March 23, 2018

The Ukrainians promised to overthrow Poroshenko because of the visa regime with Russia

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk proposed to ban the entry to Ukraine to those of its citizens who work in the “aggressor state”. And then the foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin supported the visa regime with Russia and said that his country will leave the CIS as soon as found an alternative for prisoners in the Commonwealth treaties, for example, recognition of diplomas and payment of pensions. We learned the General opinion of Ukrainians in Russia and their relatives about these perspectives.

photo: president.gov.ua

In 2014, Ukraine has been trying to withdraw from the CIS, and 2015 were going to stop joint members of the Commonwealth wanted criminals, but each time at the last moment refused from his intention. In addition, on October 6, the Verkhovna Rada had to vote in favor of the visa regime with Russia, but “Block of Petro Poroshenko” has declared, that will not do, and in the end the deputies do not have to consider the scandalous resolution.

However, the Ukrainian radicals continue to demand the severance of diplomatic relations with Moscow, and Kiev does not hesitate to flirt with them. The correspondent of “MK” asked to come to Moscow on earnings of Ukrainians what they think about the initiatives of their politicians.

Alexey, 30 years, sales Manager:

– I don’t care what I think about the Parasyuk and the like. Until 2014 I lived in Lugansk. When the war started, I knew what to do, there is nothing else and need to escape. Variants was only two: in the Ukraine, where I had no friends, no relatives, or in Moscow, where my mother lives. So the choice was obvious, hardly anyone may voluntarily agree to live in a camp for displaced people. A couple of weeks ago I was in Lugansk, came to visit the few remaining relatives and friends. Within a couple days was convinced of the correctness of his decision to leave…

Now I only have one problem: over the passport, I hope the Consulate will give me a new one, I really want to go to warmer climes. From the Ukrainian citizenship, I will not refuse it for me. No refugee I become too not going, I don’t want to be dependent. I’m not an invalid, unable to provide for themselves, let the government spend money on the ones they really need.

Ilya, 73, retired:

Poroshenko and his entourage are the enemies of Ukraine. Every decision is aimed against its own people. Men come to Russia to find work and feed their families. It is difficult, of course, but it is at least some way. Are they to blame that in Ukraine they have no place?

If Ukraine leaves the CIS and introduce a visa regime with Russia, Poroshenko will have to answer for it before the people, to endure it would be impossible. I want to abandon the Ukrainian citizenship, I no longer need. In recent years, I increasingly came to see their relatives in Moscow and now I want to stay here forever. It is very difficult, officials from both Russian and Ukrainian, having a lot of problems on an empty place, but I hope that I will succeed. In Ukraine I have a son, really want to and he too moved to Russia, but I don’t know if it will work. Because it is necessary to move the whole family, find a job, housing…

Vladimir, 54, taxi driver:

– I’m Russian, but it so happened that two of my siblings, aunts and uncles Ukrainians that live in Pervomaisk the Nikolaev area. If you introduce a visa, it will be very bad… We are Slavs, between us there should not be borders. And it turns out that now we can enter Ukraine by invitation only, and men up to 60 years may not be allowed on suspicion of working for the FSB… Recently there was a case: my classmate and her husband went to Ukraine, it started up, but it is not. While there’s nowhere to run, even the stores are closing because no one buys it. The pension is 1,5 thousand hryvnias, and the communal 2.2 thousand. Of course all go to Russia.

Natalia, 23, a student:

My husband is a Ukrainian from Donetsk, if you introduce a visa, we will think how to move to Russia his family… But in General, Ukrainian politicians have no moral right to do such things. If Kiev is unable to provide its citizens with jobs, why it prevents them to look for a job yourself? They just come here, they have families to feed. It would be nice if Ukraine became part of Russia, I think many Ukrainians would like this.

Alex, 27, a handyman:

Now go home to Nikolaev. I hope all the talks on the visa regime with Russia will be another nonsense of our government. We were very tired from all of this. No job, no prospects, only the oligarchs are divided between the country and blame everything on Moscow. I think that if as a result of their policy we will have to get permission to enter Russia, Poroshenko will not be able to sit at the head of the state, even one year. Rise of the rebellion, and it just swept away.

Watch the video on “Citizens of Ukraine and Russia spoke about the possible introduction of visas”

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